Cycles & Oscillators

Presenting: Walter Bressert's "Cycles and Oscillators"

Seminar Topic: Although this seminar is from years past, this is a great lesson on cycles and oscillators. 

CYCLES - In the first part of his workshop, Walt will explain the four dominant cycles and discuss techniques to find these cycles in the market. The development and use of timing bands and Fibonacci ratios will be examined to determine the timing of the cycles and specific techniques will be illustrated for determining the future price levels of cycle tops and bottoms. OSCILLATORS - Several techniques will be presented to improve the performance of oscillators, often turning a mediocre one into a powerhouse. Walter will explain how to combine oscillators with cycles to identify tops and bottoms as they are occurring, and will show specific oscillator cycle combinations to identify cycle tops and bottoms mechanically.


â–ºTime & Price Patterns                        â–ºTime & Price Objective
â–ºThe Weekly Primary Cycles               â–ºTiming Bands for Bull Markets
â–ºTime & Price Windows                       â–ºBuy/Sell Lines

Learn about the Four Steps to Indentifying Cycle Tops and Bottoms

â–ºPrices should be within the Time & Place Window (or at least within the Timing Bands)
â–ºOne or both oscillators should have risen above a sell line for a cycle top, or dropped below a buy line for a cycle bottom
â–ºAn oscillator should turn down at the cycle top, or turn up at the bottom
â–ºPlace a sell stop to go short below the price low of the downturn week, or a buy stop to go long above the high of the upturn week

Long acknowledged as the man who introduced cycles to futures trading in the early 70's, Walt Bressert's original ideas and innovations in timing and trading techniques are now part of mainstream technical analysis. For 30 years, Walt has been trading and educating traders on how to improve their timing and trading performance. And it is this long time commitment to the education and instruction of traders that has made his workshops TAG favorites.



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