New insights on Crude Oil (video), interest rates and stocks

Hi Adam Hewison here.

I have just finished a new video on crude oil.

This market has been flying under the radar and out of the news lately, but our indicators are showing that it could become front and center again.

The new video is about four minutes long but it shows in detail what's going on right now with the insiders.

I think that this market could become the tail that wags the dog.

Anyway, check it out and let us have your feedback on the blog. We have just put up a new poll on crude so gives us your vote.

Currently a whopping two thirds of you think that interest rates are headed higher.

What do you think about oil?

Will interest rates and oil prices be the one, two, punch that K.O.s the stock market???

I will let you decide that one.

Enjoy the video here.