Taking the Dollar out of FOREX

Hi this is Adam,

Some of you may know already that for many years I traded forex both in Chicago where I was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and in Europe where I traded for a private hedge fund in the Inter bank market.

I have just finished a new video on trading in the forex markets. In this 17 minute video we are discussing not the U.S. Dollar, but rather the Australian Dollar and its relationship to the Japanese Yen and the Euro dollar.

O.K. I did checkout and compare the U.S. Dollar to the Aussie Dollar just for fun and to see how it had fared.

So there you have it, we look at three different cross rates with the Australian Dollar been front and center.

I just finished the movie on Tuesday 6/12 so it is literally right up to date.

Our new "Triangle IT" tool that's what I call it. It's formal name is "Trade Triangle" easily spots forex activity outside of the normal dollar crosses which can be enormously valuable to any forex trader.

Sometimes it just pays to think and trade outside of the Dollar box.

See what you think, and see what dollar cross you would rather trade.

Anyway, enjoy the video with my complements.


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  1. Hey, would be nice if you added an update to the post on how it worked out for you several months later 🙂

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