Time to BUY or SELL APPLE???


But let's go back and hear and see what Chairman of APPLE, and
master salesman Steve Jobs had to say at this years MacWorld.

POW!!! Just like that the excitement started and hasn't stopped since.

Wall Street immediately took notice and pushed APPLE's stock up from $85.15 on January 9th, to a high so far this year of $127.61.

Now what?

If you are already a member of MarketClub you know that we are long APPLE from 95.91 on 4/24. You also know exactly where we are placing our stops to lock in profits.

If you are not a member of the MarketClub, watch this free video and find out where we are placing our stops.

Be sure to watch the market action for APPLE on Monday. It should quite a show.

Have a great weekend,