Understanding Momentum

Listen to MP3 and Follow Along in PDF Workbook as Gary Smith Discusses Momentum

Seminar Topic: Gary's presentation details his favorite momentum patterns from past actual trades, V-bottom upside reversals, late day upside price surges, extreme momentum days, Friday-To-Monday momentum and momentum break patterns, 1% true selling days and (his favorite), divergence patterns in the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq 100 and the Russell 2000.

He also shows you how he uses various sentiment indicators to determine how aggressively to trade these patterns. He discusses the mental and financial realities of trading for a living. Lastly, he details some of the tape reading techniques he uses for intraday trading and how he believes that the real money in trading comes from the trends that extend beyond intraday. Although this session is older, the techniques can still be applied to current practices.



  • Technical Indicators
  • Pure Price Action
  • Momentum Patterns
  • Trading Weapons
  • Mutual Fund Trading Strategies
  • Trading Stock Index Futures
  • Realizing a Realistic Return                     


Gary Smith is a trading maverick who, in his thirty-three year trading career, has learned to shun much of conventional trading analysis, including chart analysis, oscillators, moving averages, waves, cycles, and even computers, as pure fiction. He trades in reaction to market changes as they occur, not after the fact when they can be measured by traditional analytical tools.

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    We have plans on further expanding our covered markets. Right now we track over 230,000 symbols. We have been talking to companies regarding European and Australian quotes, but from what I know we do not have plans to add Indian markets.



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    No plans at the moment to cover the Indian equities.


  3. I was interested in hearing Gary Smith's seminar, but when I clicked on the link for him, I got a message that said my login wasn't recognized. ( ?? ) I've listened to Adam Hewison's recorded messages, what is the difference with the Smith tape? Thanks PS...who do you people give the nod to for brokerages. I'm located in Western Canada and trade equities on most of the major N. American markets.

    Dear Nicholas,

    I don't know why you are having trouble listening to Mr. Smith's seminar. These two links below are different than Adam's recording.


    These seminars are part of our InvestorFlix program. This service allows you to rent  over 500+ DVD/MP3 titled seminars from various trading gurus on a variety of topics. However INO.com is allowing us to place a select few of these seminars up on our blog for the public. If you are interested in renting trading education movies, check out the information or click the InvestorFlix link on our BlogRoll.

    Also, in regards to a brokerage firm... the best I can do is direct you to the home page of INO.com. There on the left hand side, under the quote box, you will find a preferred brokerage box. They are legit and you can receive special deals by clicking on their links from our homepage. See below for the location.

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