Chairman Bernanke let's go shopping

Open invitation to the FED Chairman Bernanke and to all Fed governors to go shopping

Dear Chairman Bernanke,

Let's go shopping.

I invite you and your entire committee to come shopping with me for groceries in any local supermarket you like. Oh, before we do that let's stop at a filling station and buy some gas.

You know what gas is, right? Well that's the stuff the goes in your car's gas tank, that's what gets most Americans to work.

I am not sure if you, or any of your committee have at anytime in the past year purchased a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas, or any groceries to put on the table. But, if you haven't, then its time we went shopping together.

You see Mr. Bernanke, I along with three hundred million other hard working Americans are having a hard time understanding why you keep saying that inflation is under control.

We just don't understand where you get your numbers from? You see we are the regular folks who get paychecks, shop at the local stores and supermarkets and fill up our tanks at the local filling station.

We just don't understand where you go to get your groceries or buy your gas. That is why I want to invite you and your entire committee to come shopping.

I know you are busy, so if my invitation doesn't work for you, perhaps you could let me in on the secret store and filling station where you and the Fed governors shop and buy gas.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Adam Hewison

One thought on “Chairman Bernanke let's go shopping

  1. Adam,
    Why don't you (your group) find out Mr. Bernanke's (and the rest of his Federal Govenors') e-mail addresses; as well as the e-mail address directories of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives: and 'set it up' so that all of us can send your "shopping invitation" to all of our "oblivious to the real world, HIGHLY PAID" government officials?
    Maybe someone might actually listen to the people whom they are suppose to be representing and do as the PEOPLE say! [Although I highly doubt that that will ever happen!]

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