30,000 feet above the markets

Hi Traders,

We are only two weeks into the new year and it's turning out to be one heck of a ride. There have been so many opportunities to make money, I hardly know where to begin.

First off, I think you should watch this video as it applies to all the market volatility we are seeing right now. I made the video several months ago and it's about the most important rule change I have ever seen in my 37 years of trading. Yes, I admit, I love the markets and trading in them, where else can you have this much fun?

This major Security Exchange Commission (SEC) rule change, is a shocker, and it's having exactly the effect I thought it would on the markets. It was put in place in 1938 to protect investors and to curb volatility.

Ask yourself this, is volatility higher or lower than it was 12 months ago?

If you answered higher, you are 100% correct. Anyway, I highly recommend that you take a couple of minutes and watch the video. There's no charge, and no need to register.

As I am writing this blog posting I am cruising at 30,000 feet thanks to Southwest Airlines on my way to San Francisco, California. The trip is partly for business, but mainly to spend some time with one of my daughters before she takes off to live in New Zealand. If you haven't guessed it already, she met a young man from that country and has decided to move there and make New Zealand her new home.

Life presents many opportunities, and I am proud of my daughter for taking this one.

As a dad and a trader I find life's opportunities fascinating, don't you?

Anyhow, my daughter's move to Kiwi Land got me thinking about a lot of things most of which are personal and I'm keeping to myself. But, it did get me thinking that I haven't written much on this blog about currencies lately.

How many of you have ever traded in the currency markets?

Now the currency markets often refereed to as the forex markets, are huge, highly liquid and offer a totally new set of great trading opportunities.

The reason I mentioned that my daughter was moving to New Zealand is the fact that the New Zealand dollar which is referred to as the Kiwi dollar, has had a remarkable run up against the US Dollar. One of the principal reasons for this strong upward move is interest rate differentials. Here in the US, chairman Ben Bernanke seems H--L bent on lowering rates, while in New Zealand they have been on a steady course of raising them.

Take a guess which country all the money is flowing into? It's going to the countries that have highest interest rates.

Here's a chart of the Kiwi dollar against the US dollar for the past few years. Doesn't it make sense that you would want to have you money in currency that is paying one of the highest rates of return on capital in the world and is appreciating? Of course it does, and that my friend is perhaps the most important fundamental reasons why trading in the forex markets make sense.

Did you know that MarketClub has real-time currency quotes on all the major currencies, including the Kiwi dollar? If you are already a member of MarketClub you might want to run our "Trade Triangle Technology" against the Kiwi dollar and some of the other major currencies. I think you'll be impressed at the numbers and sweet returns you'll find there.

If you are not a MarketClub member check out this forex video ... it's free and there is no need for registration. The video will give you a glimpse into MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" approach to the forex markets.

Right now I've got to wrap up this blog posting as the captain of flight 810 to San Francisco is informing us to switch off all electronic devices for landing.

So until next time, every success in life and in trading.


Adam Hewison