Benefit from the mistakes of others ...

First we showed you the theory ...then we showed you a real world example using this theory. The example we show, is not on some obscure stock but on one of the biggest companies in the investment world.

Click on the "Traders Whiteboard" image to learn the theory.

Click the image below and see this theory put into practice

There's nothing new in the markets. Cycles repeat, new traders tend to make the same mistakes as their forefathers did. Boom and bust cycles occur with every new generation of traders.

When you learn how the markets really work you will automatically benefit from the mistakes of others.

Adam Hewison

One thought on “Benefit from the mistakes of others ...

  1. Greetings, I am curious to know when you all trade futures are you more apt to use the electronic contracts, if they are available. For example if considering a position in Wheat, would you have a preferrence using the WK8 or ZWK8 contract? And if you do have a preferrence, would you mind explaining why. Thanks, Mike


    Thanks for commenting today! With regard to the electronic or pit contracts it really depends from person to person. Some prefer the electronic as they are traded around the clock, while others like the pit for the authentic and more stable trading. We personally don't have a preference either way as our Trade Triangles provide buy, sell, and trend signals to both.


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