7 thoughts on “Traders Whiteboard = the fundamental lessons for trading success.

  1. Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I hate winter! I want summer!

  2. Hi Adam, What do you use to tell you that a market is out of it's sideways move? Do you look for any breakout of the range, or a certain number of closes outside the range, something entirely different? Thanks, Andy


    I think you will find this posting VERY helpful when answering your questions. Please give us a call or shoot us a email <[email protected]> if you need further help.




  3. no visual on the video. can you help. all your other emails worked fine, thanks rich p.



    To view it's recommended that you use Mozilla FireFox as your web browser, and have high speed internet to get the most out of the videos.


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