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  1. hi,my name is farhan.i am interested in spot gold trading& your triangle tec so please u give me tips & daily triangle trade for forecast.



    If you want to track a specific market, use this link: http://quotes.ino.com/analysis/trend/
    Enter the symbol you want to track and you will receive a daily email showing the movement of the market.


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  2. This is a comment to Mr. (or Dr.?) Phil's post on 5/19. Can you provide specific examples of your method including how you used different indicators and oscillators? May be Adam and the MC team can have you present your examples on a video and post it on the blog. Same goes for Mr. Roger - post on 5/20. These types of education with examples using the videos is what will make MC the most valuable tool.

  3. I use Avatrader and am based in Cyprus, is there another platform that I could use that allows me to trade US stocks, so that I can fully appreciate your TTs?

  4. Greetings to all,

    From reading the blogs on the subject of the value of MC Trade Triangles, there seems to be some confusion about the signals given by MC T Triangles; and how to use them to make profitable trading decisions.

    I have suffered the same confusion in the past, but seldom have this problem now.

    It seems to me that any one MC Triangle on any chart can give two diametrically opposite signals; and one needs to choose the correct one.

    An upward pointing T Triangle can be a signal a buy, to enter a long position; or it can mean to buy to cover an existing short position.

    Downward pointing T Triangles give the opposite signals.

    My rule of thumb used to decide the meaning of each MC T Triangle is very simple, and works on charts of any time frame.

    If the moving average (appropriate for the timeframe of the chart) is rising, and the triangle is green and pointing upwards, then the signal is buy and go long.

    If the moving average is declining, and the Triangle is green and pointing upwards, the signal is to buy, but ONLY to exit an existing short position, and is not a signal to go long.

    The opposite is the case with red, downward pointing Triangles.

    I would be grateful for opinions, especially from Mr Hewison, as to whether my I am interpreting Triangle signals correctly.

    The only time there still exists some confusion in my mind, is when it is difficult to judge the slope of the moving averages in sideways markets, and at these times I stand aside.



  5. I really appreciate that very few analyst accept the truth like accepting the reverse trend immediately and discuss openly like many good and bad opinions discuss openly as above. Any other analyst may censor bad thigs about hom . Hats are off.Best of Luck.

  6. Chris I am new to TT and like your idea as well, re trend and action.


  7. Does TTT's method work? Yes!

    Will it be perfect? No

    I can tell you that in the last 4 weeks, I have randomly selected 4 stocks, and 3 made money, and 1 lost. Thanks to a stop loss, I got out of the losing position with a small loss. The other 3 positions? Up an average of 14%.

    Markets change. If you want to make money in this market, you have to be willing to change. Just because Adam says its a buy or a sell doesnt mean you should throw away every trading rule out the window. Place your stops.

    And trade the triangles.

    I betcha the majority of people saying that it doesnt work, are probably using it wrong! I know it took me a bit of time to finally feel comfortable and fully understand it.

    Perhaps Adam you can make a video that outlines what markets you use the weekly/daily combo, and which ones you use the monthly/weekly combo. I know that when you first mentioned trading ETF's, I was using monthly/weekly instead of weekly/daily.


    Chris, Thanks for the feedback. Good idea for new videos.

  8. The key to trading volitile markets like gold or oil is using a managable amount of capital to trade with, then if you use the triangles you can exit with less pain and hold the winning position longer because you won't be tempted to take profits until it's time to do so, on balance you will win.


  9. Trade Triangles do work very well. However each trader must learn how they can be best used to match their trading style. I have found a useful way to buy pullbacks using Trade Triangles.

    After all TT indicators have turned up and prices have advanced to over bought territory prices need to rest or pullback before resuming their uptrend. I use the MC fib tool to help find areas of support. Once these levels have been reached I look at the longer term MC trends to see if they are still positive. Many times the monthly trend is still intact but the weekly has turned down. If prices find support at Fib retracement levels and a daily MC TT buy signal is given and it is accompanied with a stochastic cross over near oversold I will take that buy signal. The rewards have been great and I can use the daily TT sell signal as a stop. In fact this has become my favorite way to trade using Trade Triangles. It works just as well in down trending markets too

    I hope other MC users find this helpful.

    All the best.



    Congratulations on your success using Trade Triangles. Thanks for taking the time to share how you successfully use MarketClub. Every success in the future.


  10. A prerequisite for optimally using a precise system like TT is to understand the methodology necessary for success. I would be money that anyone losing while trading XAU/USD on MC TT is not finding the trend on the weekly chart and using the daily chart for buy and sell signals. They're probably doing it all wrong and saying TT don't work. Actually, it does work if done right. Nothing in the world works right if operated wrong.


    You got it!!!
    Thanks for your feedback. You my friend are destined to make a great deal of money in the markets.


  11. Greetings,

    I am a long time member of Market Club; and I would like you to explain the differences between trading spot gold and the gold futures markets.

    Thank you,



    Thanks for your feedback.

    We use the spot gold maket for our Trade Triangle signals as it gives a non distorted flow of data. We trade the futures based on our signals in the spot market. We use the same approach in forex. We track the spot but trade the forwards or futures based on the spot market. With storage and carrying charges in the gold market it can distort the maket and produce false signal using our Trade Triangle approach. This is the reason we take signals based on the spot market.

    Hope this helps and explain how we approach the market.


  12. You said in a video gold might be headed to 800. Now you're advising to buy gold. I think your system might be vulnerable to situations on the market. Very risky to use your tool for gold.


    Thank you for your feedback.

    The one key thing for all traders to understand is not to get married to a position. As traders you need to listen to the market and move with the markets. When you do this you have the opportunity to avoid the big 16 to 17% pullback in gold. Our approach is not for everyone. Some traders say it is too fast, others say it it too slow. As a trader you need to discover your own trading personality and how it fits into the market.


  13. Adam & Co.,

    In the midst of "Gold Debacle" some readers and subscribers may have forgotten that there will be winning trades and losing ones as well. Diversification, capital preservation and the ability to learn from the lessons the market imparts are what distinguish experienced investors from the uninitiated. You provide a valuable service that gives users an edge.

    By the way...nice job on the blog's new look. Keep up the great work.


  14. indeed you have to re evaluate your trading system .what happened to your customers when you provide selll signals and today ....BUY signals

    .you know your system it seems you change your signals rules .from weekly to daily thats very harmful .

    sorry for my evaluation .but you know that timing for sell or buy is accurate .but i have been observing your system related to gold traingle technology for a month .your sell signals is a very good buy signals and visa versa

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We have been very consistent in our approach to Gold. We use a filter for both our buy and sell signals. This filter turned positive today(5/19) at 905 basis the spot. We expect to be trading gold from the long side for as long as our buy signal remains in tact.

  15. Your tts have not done me much good on gold. I started trading gold using this technique 4 days ago.

    Not every Trade Triangle is going to be a winning trade. Look over the longer term and see how the MarketClub Trade Triangles have performed. We also recommend diversifying your portfolio into several different asset classes.


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