We alerted you on Monday's blog ... did you buy gold?

Gold is once again front and center as yesterday's inflation worries from the Federal Reserve pushed gold up dramatically.

Readers of this blog will know that we issued a buy signal on gold at $905 basis the spot market on 5/19/08. Since that time, gold has moved up dramatically to its best levels in several weeks. We expect that this trend will continue as our "Trade Triangle" is still pointing in the positive direction.

Can we see a pullback in gold? Yes it is possible, but the trend is clearly set to go higher.

After a losing trade, SEE THIS POST, it is sometimes very difficult for a trader to pull the trigger on a new signal. This is precisely the time to trade after a bad signal. The odds are in your favor. Our last losing trade in gold is being more than made up for with our last "Trade Triangle" buy signal on gold. To make money in the market you must be consistent and disciplined; two of the golden rules of trading. Every success in life and in trading, Adam Hewison Co-founder of MarketClub.com Be Our Guest We welcome syndication of our content in your blog or on your trading website. Please feel free to use our content with attribution - more details here to syndicate our content

9 thoughts on “We alerted you on Monday's blog ... did you buy gold?

  1. hello guys.....

    i would like to know if someone had listen to me . to my post i added about 4 days ago on the gold market ....and if you did loads of people would have keep there shirts on specially Mark Dolecki 🙂 .......because i told you the gold will go down and specify certain target .....i would like to have any feed back from you.....and if you need some tips maybe i can help

    take care and speak to u soon

  2. It seems to be rising again Mark if you are still holding onto it... I've been reading around and the word it that it may double again in the next year or two...
    Best of luck!

  3. I sold my gold GLD, but did not get back.
    I want to let you know, that I sold my JRCC with
    more than 50% profit.
    Adam, thank you so much

  4. I'm still holding the gold that you told me to buy at $960! Now it's on its way down. Help! I'm losing my shirt here!

  5. I did not pull the trigger.

    I have to admit I was a bit gun shy since the last red triangle.

    But, I did get a winning trade under my belt yesterday by applying some of the lessons I've learned from you. :0)

    Best regards,


  6. hello how are you?
    my name is/ SYED RASHID

    Hi Syed,

    I removed your personal phone numbers as I wouldn't want anyone to obtain your personal information. Is there a question you had regarding MarketClub or any information we have provided?


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development
    INO.com & MarketClub.com

  7. Adam, I trade spot XAU/USD at 10-1 on OANDA's
    FXTrade platform. I used to trade at 50-1 but hogs get slaughtered. Yes, I did pull the trigger on your blog announcement and I haven't even signed up for MC, but I will. A friend of mine runs a stock fund
    with OPM and I'm going to turn him onto MC also. It's cool how I can trade off your blogs but I want to go
    big-time with whole enchilada. Thx Adam!

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