How Is A Great Trader Made? Nature vs. Nurture

I have often talked to our TradersBlog visitors about one of my favorite authors, Linda Raschke. However, I just finished watching a seminar by a gentleman that was in an experimental trading group. I was so interested in the idea of this experiment that I had to watch the whole thing.

In the early 80s, two men were in a debate about how great traders are made. Is it nature or nurture? Are great traders born with a natural intuition for economics, human psychology and self-discipline, or are great traders a product of intense education and practice? Out of this question emerged an experimental trading group called the "Turtles". These people, with little to no trading experience were put through a vigorous training in trend following and then were provided funded accounts.

Out of this experimental group, Russell Sands was one of the first trainees. In this INO TV presentation, "I Am A Turtle," Sands shares the lessons and methodologies that his professional trainers taught him. Sands was just one of the trainees that within a four year period aggregated a sum of over $100 million dollars.

It's a great seminar and I hope you check it out. Send me any feedback you may have and stay tuned to INO TV for our next set of complimentary videos.


Lindsay Thompson
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3 thoughts on “How Is A Great Trader Made? Nature vs. Nurture

  1. The turtle rules are clear, mechanical, and therefore they should allow for credible backtesting. Certainly someone has done this, but I haven't found the site. Any help anyone?

  2. One of the things that stands out to me regarding the way the Turtles approached the markets was the longer term approach.

    Their results month by month mattered little, but how they were on a yearly basis did, and the system they used was adequate to do provide profits on a yearly basis.

    I think this is one of the big reasons most simply can't trade their system, even if using it on other markets.

  3. doesn't play - can't get link to it adv for GFT comes up???


    Once the page pulls up an ad for GFT will play. The reason we can offer free seminars is through the wonderful funding of GFT. After this plays click the "sign-up" link if you have not registered or click the "log-in" and enter your email and password. I have looked up your account John and will be emailing you your password if you have forgotten it. Let me know if you have any further troubles. That goes for you and anyone else reading your comment.


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