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The MarketClub Team

Free Webinar at 4pm today ...

As a Trader's Blog reader, we would like to invite you to a live webinar presentation on MarketClub's Global Strategy Portfolio. This model portfolio that proves that diversification can work when it's done the right way.

Using the Wall Street method of diversification you would have lost close to 30% of your money, but with MarketClub's strategy you would have made a 23% return on your money during the exact same time-frame. That's an over 50 percentage point swing in just 30 short months.

We also invite you to download this complimentary report that shows you not only how to achieve these results, but also shares the rules that you need to follow in order to get the exact same results in half the time, with less risk. The blueprint for our model Global Strategy Portfolio is fully explained in this report in clear, everyday, non Wall Street language.

Once you've taken a look at how this remarkable strategy works, be sure to watch as MarketClub co-founder Adam Hewison and MarketClub expert Susan Jackson will help you understand the Global Strategy Portfolio Wednesday at 4pm EDT (8pm GMT).

Whether you're on a trial, already a member, or interested in learning more about our premium advisory service and our "Trade Triangle" buy and sell signals, we encourage you to join and sign-up today.

Click here to register for the Diversification Doesn't Work Anymore/Global Strategy Portfolio Webinar at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT

We look forward to seeing you there,

The MarketClub Team

Share your MarketClub Strategy

Trader's Blog readers and viewers of Adam's trading videos are well aware of MarketClub's suggested strategy, but in March, I wrote a blog post asking members to tell us about their strategy and possibly share it via a MarketClub webinar. Since then, we've produced two popular webinars with two very different member strategies, but we need more - especially if you're a forex or long-term trader.

The concept is to have members who have established their own MarketClub approach and would be comfortable sharing, to participate in a webinar attended by other members and participants. Ideally, you would take us through a typical day of using the service. This is a very simple example, but an idea of what we're looking for: Continue reading "Share your MarketClub Strategy"

How I trade futures with MarketClub

In March, I asked members how they used MarketClub and among the responses was a strategy from Loic, a futures trader out of Marseille, France. Loic was already trading futures before MarketClub came along and had developed a portfolio using our parent site,, along with a technical strategy that he had already developed. A couple years ago, Loic decided to give MarketClub a try and has been a member ever since.

This Friday, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself how Loic uses MarketClub to trade markets such as coffee, cattle, Japanese yen, and soybeans, among many others, as well as ask questions about his strategy. At MarketClub we try to provide trading knowledge from as many viewpoints as possible, so even if you're not a futures trader, you may learn a new trick or two to add to your trading arsenal.

Space is limited so we encourage you to register and reserve a seat for this webinar today:

Click to register - Friday, April 30th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "MarketClub Member Strategies with Loic"


Susan Jackson
Director of MarketClub Education & MarketClub

Strategies, Tips, and Tools - Reserve your spot today

We've been working on some exciting new webinar topics here at MarketClub, as well as working to provide the basics for new members, trial members, and those who are just interested in learning how MarketClub works.

Read more below to find out more and register for one of these upcoming web seminars:

Today, April 16th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "Intro to MarketClub"

Watch and learn as MarketClub experts Susan Jackson & Jeremy Lutz  help you understand the basics of MarketClub such as: navigating the charts, "Trade Triangle" strategies, email alerts, and scanning capabilities.

Friday, April 30th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "MarketClub Member Strategies with Loic"

In our first MarketClub Member Strategy webinar, Loic, an active futures trader in Marseille, France, will share how he uses the system to complement his trading strategy. He will show everything from how he uses MarketClub alerts to stay aware of markets on his watch-list to determining when to enter trade using our signals and below-chart studies.

Monday, May 10th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "Broker FAQ"

MarketClub has invited panelists from several major brokerages to help you learn more about the people and companies who help you manage your money. This webinar is your opportunity to ask and have answered all of the questions that you've always wanted to know about brokers and brokerages - from common FAQ to setting up an account from overseas.

To reserve your spot, all you need to do is select one or all of the links above and register today. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming presentations.

Susan Jackson
Director of MarketClub Education & MarketClub