How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

It is probably every traders dream to trade from their own personal tropical island and make money, but can it be done? Oh yes, and in this short video I show you how it can be achieved. What you will see can be done from any location... so if you are on your own private island or you are still saving up to make that big purchase, this technique can be applied.

The dollar index, which is receiving a lot of publicity lately, is featured in this educational video. This index has made a major push to the upside. The question is, do you know what catalyst pushed this market higher? The other question is how high can the dollar go?

Watch the video here.

If you think it all happened just by luck, that this index is headed higher, think again. In my video I explain and show you in detail why this index is gaining upward trajectory and give specific price targets on the upside.

Summer is over, and it's time to get serious about the markets. Watch this video and see how you can get a leg up on the market for the rest of the year.

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One thought on “How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

  1. Please just teach me how to set stops wide enough to make the most of a trend. I know through the triangles what the probable trend is, however because the market moves in jagged edges even knowing the trend doesn’t help if stops are garbage.

    What’s frustrating is that you know the direction of the train and that you want to be on it but you just keep missing it and losing money. Makes you feel so dumb giving money away yet you’re doing the right thing.

    Some course say go with tight stops and others set them real wide - somehow I’m missing the point, if the triangles are a reliable system that has a high probability of success then doesn’t it make sense to have faith in your system and set wide stops or is there a better way.

    That is - stops outside the trend line of the signal chart. I guess that would be the weekly chart if the trend is determined by the weekly.

    Also what are the short horizontal lines drawn on the daily charts. Are these Fibonacci lines?


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