"Saturday Seminars" - Elliott Wave Theory for Short-Term & Intraday Trading

Elliott Wave Theory is often seen as a tool to determine long term cycles in the markets. However, the fractal nature of Elliott Wave makes it just as useful for short-term and intraday trading. In this session, Steven will explain why Elliott Wave is an excellent tool for daytrading. He will discuss how you can make money even when you have the wrong wave count and the wrong assumptions; how Elliott Wave is forward looking and a great money management tool. He will also focus on the weaknesses of wave-based trading and how to overcome them. Finally, he will describe how intermarket analysis, when used together with Elliott wave, can add confidence to your trading analysis and final actions.

Steven PoserSteven Poser is President and Founder of Poser Global Market Strategies Inc., and institutional and retail advisory services firm registered as a CTA with the CFTC which also offers training in technical analysis techniques for trading and analysis professionals. Prior to forming Poser Global Market Strategies Inc., Steven spent nearly eleven years as sole U.S. technical analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York City, sitting, at various times, on the U.S. Government Bond Primary Dealer Desk, the International Bond Desk, and the Currency Desk. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he was a computer analyst for Merrill Lynch Capital Markets and the Western Electric Company, where he helped create the Y2K consulting industry with his Y2K non-compliant coding techniques. He holds a post-graduate certificate in finance, an MBA with a concentration in economics and a BA in mathematics and computer science.

Steven has become a widely acclaimed technical analyst achieving recognition for his prescient calls on the U.S. bond, currency, and stock markets. He has appeared on CNBC, is a regular guest on Reuters Financial Television and articles have appeared in publications such as Forbes, Barrons, Futures, and The International Financing Review. He took the highest honors in the Knight Ridder Financial's trading game competition in 1996 and finished third in 1998 although he competed for only six months of the year.


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  2. Thank you so much... I need all the good info that I can get right now... lost big bucks in the last two big corrections and cannot afford to lose anymore or will be living in the street. Thanks so much!! P.S. do you know anything about the new Iraqi Dinar currency. A friend of mine has made a fortune trading this currency for the last two years but I don't see any information about trading it within a Forex trading platform. I've emailed several online brokers and they don't seem to know anything about it. Thanks again, Gail Crowley

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