5 Markets & 5 Ways To Improve Your Trading Profits In '09


Record high prices then a massive slide in crude? Watch this 90 second video on trading crude it will enlighten you to the possibilities that this market offers.


Record swings in Gold. Did you miss the move to new all time highs? Watch my 90 second video on trading gold. See how it is possible to dominate this precious metal.


Soaring commodity prices. We say that's inflationary, the government say's that inflation is under control. What does your pocketbook say? Watch this video on how you can protect yourself against inflationary commodity pressures in '09.


The dollar index hit a record lows in '08. Watch this 90 second video on forex trading right here. See how you can protect your dollar purchasing power in '09.


In 2008 some stocks soared, while others tanked. Find out how you can put these moves in your pocket and walk away a winner in the stock market.

My five videos show you how you can protect and grow your nest egg no matter what happens to the economy.

There is no registration required. Watch any or all of my videos.

Preserve and prosper in '09.

Enjoy the videos.

Adam Hewison

President, INO.com

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7 thoughts on “5 Markets & 5 Ways To Improve Your Trading Profits In '09

  1. Hi Adam,
    I've wondered for a long time about how to handle sideways markets. Currently TBonds are moving sideways, each trade will loose 2-3 thousand dollars, which really adds up if you just stick to trading the triangles.

    It seems that once it's recognized as being sideways, that we should stand aside and wait for a breakout, I think you've noted that previously in other postings. What, then, constitutes a breakout? Should we be looking for closes below the support (or above the resistance) or just a simple price breakout? If closes, is one enough?

    What do you look for in this very common situation?


  2. They have stop placement in the help section guys:


    If you are using this system you should note where the previous 3 week low was (if going long). If the risk is too great you should wait for a retracement before entering. More often than not after a large up move to generate a new monthly signal, there will be a few weeks of consolidating price action to allow you to get in at a better price. Feel free to message me if any of you have further questions as to how I place my stops using marketclub.

    1. Some people learn best by observing successful modelling. That is why these 90 second clips are so effective. Five 90 seconds clips showing stop placement based on various levels of risk avoidance and other factors could spark some interesting discussion on the blog about various techniques.

  3. I really like the way the primers are done and all but I have the same comment as everyone else. We would like to have a primer that shows how to set the stops.

    I know how to do it with options or stocks but would like to see how you would do it with Futures or oil something that moves fast.

  4. I agree with David - I like these simplified primers and reminders. Congratulations Adam & crew. But I would really like to see a presentation or two on how to set stops under different circumstances, particularly in today's volatile markets. It's so easy to get knocked out by the "noise" just before the market moves in the direction you want. Today, I set stops on the notion of "how much am I willing to lose?"

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