We can do better ...

Can't we do better than this ...

Liars and tax cheats supposedly running the country. Come on, with over 300 million folks in the US, we have to settle for these tax cheats and liars?

Here's the question, are there any ethics left in Washington?

What do you say ... your comments are welcome.

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  1. The problem is us. Few of us do more than vote. Even then many voters cannot state in a coherent sentence why they are for their candidate and against his or her apponent. A little thing each of us can do is send E-mails with our thoughts to our elected officials, join and work with local and state political orginizations and most of all, set a proper example in our own life.

    We had little to choose from in the last Pres. election and Pres. Obama inheirited a bag of worms. But gentlemen, this is real opportunity times. This is the best of times for one willing to use their head and rise to a standing position.

    Happy days. John

  2. In response to the many opinions listed above I have just
    witnessed in my own community how we breed liars and cheats
    from a local level. On my local news, (Milwaukee), the
    news report shows how a principal of our public college
    was caught drunk driving with an alcohol level well beyond
    acceptable, and the students of the college are protesting
    he should be able to keep his job, due to fact they find
    him a great principal. Ultimately, he has been fired,
    but my point is, "everyone" regardless, should be held
    responsible or they're actions. So here we have a perfect
    example of how this all starts. Hurry for our local community
    for upholding some standards! Its apparent we need this to
    happen in all levels, including Washington! Come on people
    lets join the Chicago Tea Party...

  3. The strongest country financially and military...lets it's economy go into the toilet!!!!


    I keep hearing about China as a military threat, but we just gave them the money the last 15 years by supporting their economy.

    Something is very wrong and If I say all the American people are getting hosed and scammed royally.....they may not get it still.

    Fascism comes along slowly...fear, threat, more fear, economic collapse...and Hey we got the solution.

    Like the stock market. The gurus tell you to buy...sell. They say sell buy. The politicians say protectionism is no good...it is good and nothing will happen ( Depression...etc...you are ruled by fear believing this hocus pocus).

    Whatever the politicians say ask for the opposite. The republicans and Dems are both crooks....along with the Fed.

    HOw do you get rid of crooks.....revolution. But nobody is rising up in the streets with millions of homes in foreclosure, banks broke and more people out of work since 1982 or is it 1973 or maybe 1939?? Bunch of suckers.

    Funny how the same folks out there fighting the Vietnam war...went on to become the biggest Fraudsters and crooks ( WAll street is a whore house) and destroyed the economy.

    Was it Roosevelt who said "Nothing happens by chance. If it does happen, it was meant to happen, because if it happened by chance the state is not in control." You can check the quote out.

    Anyone getting the picture.

  4. seems to be a fair amount of partisan bashing here.

    It seems to me that we Americans have had decades of elected loose cannons. They line their pockets and the pockets of their friends. Occasionally, they do something worthwhile.

    Congress, on both sides, needs to be re-educated; dumped.
    We elected them, we are responsible for their repeated carelessness and greed.

    Two term limit for all elected/appointed US gov't officials. 4 year terms. Even the "Supreme Court".
    No multi-millionaires can be elected and, if becoming one while in ones first term, no second term.

    Last I remember, the Leg branch is called the US Congress, yet most of them treat it as their state Leg with porking. Now, more then ever in recent history, US Congress men & woman, need to do what's best for the whole country first & their local constituents 2nd.

    We can discuss all we want Friedman, Keynes, von Mises, Paulson, Geitner and a cast of others thru history. No one idea is going to fix the mess we face now.

    In addition to this sort of public discussion, I hope that many are emailing their and other Congressman on a regular basis.
    We must show Congress we are watching them.

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      Once again, thank you all for contributing so much to this blog with your thoughts and your passion for the country.

      All the best,

  5. Start with Nixon and the abolishment of the gold standard.This breach of the constitution by creating fiat money is the basis of our uncontrolled spending. We cannot return to a metal based ecomomy--at this time. To summarize the situation, I recall a saying from my army days,1942-1946, SNAfu--Situation Normal, All F--Up. I am sure we agree on who the F---ers are and who the F---ees are. Herach.

  6. Don't blame the politicians. How many of them have been reelected with the knowledge of their constituants that they are crooks, liars and cheats. Clinton, Kennedy, Frank, Dodd. Politicians are only a refection of the voter.

  7. Adam,

    Can you please transform this question into one of your quick polls - the "Vote yes or no" box in the right sidebar? More people would put in their two cents worth and the numbers tilt will be illuminating.


  8. The post by Irishpitbull quoting Abraham Lincoln (America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves) tells us if we are to prevent disaster we must help ourselves, each and every one of us. We cannot look to others for salvation from the current economic crisis. Neither can we blame others for the catastrophe.
    I read the blogs, the news, and watch the TV commentators. There is a common theme for all of them. It is simply that we place the blame on others. We hear businessmen, politicians, reporters, average citizens, immigrants, and foreign authorities blaming everyone from: the lobbyist, the millionaire politicians, the opportunist politicians, all politicians, the unpatriotic Americans, the shadow people (the ones that pull the strings), the Federal Reserve, the rich, the poor, the immigrants, the liberals, the conservatives, the congress, the house, the senate, the administration, the bureaucrats, the blue collar unionist, the white collar paper pushers, the educators, big government, small government, big business, small business, and so on. I rarely hear that the blame is ours.
    We need to look very closely at the four pictures Adam posted, because they are us. We are a nation that elects our peers to govern. With that in mind, why is it acceptable for a mechanic, a carpenter, an electrician, an accountant, or a police officer to do “side jobs” and not declare the income for taxes, yet it is not acceptable for our “peer” politicians to do the same? Just like the carpenter, many experienced “peer” politicians have skills we need and we should not discard them because they act like many of us. We should not think of these “peer” politicians as leaders, but instead, as servants, servants of the people. I am not suggesting that we do not hold them accountable for their mistakes and demand retribution just as we should expect society to do for ours. I am suggesting that perhaps we do not want “to through the baby out with the bath water.”
    We all say, “How can that person continue to be reelected to office?” And when we say it we are usually talking about a politician representing another area of the country. We elect and reelect politicians that bring resources to our community. The “other” politicians bring “pork barrel” spending to their communities; our politicians bring “needed federal assistance.” We do not elect congressional politicians based on their potential to strengthen the national government. We elect them to champion our very specific interest. Until we change our priorities we should not criticize our elected officials for following our orders.
    I believe that “We the people” are responsible for this mess and if we do not stop pointing the finger at others and work together for our common “national” good then we are doomed to failure. To answer the statement turned question that Adam posted, “Can we do better?”; only if “We the people” do better ourselves.

  9. Wow...you sure hit the nail on the head. Let's not forget that the media has totally failed us too. It is time to throw most of these idiots in jail. Our politicians have looted our treasury. It sure is a nice cushy little club there in D.C. We pay them very well, with heathcare that is unmatched and amazing retirement benefits that none of us will ever see...and all we have got to show for it is debt beyond our imagination. They have run us into the ground. If any of us did this in business we would be in jail. But in government, if you fail, you just get more money. It is time we take back our country.

  10. The late Malcolm Muggeridge used to say that in any election he always voted against the incumbent. He reasoned that the only actual power possessed by ordinary citizens is the power to sack politicians. We might as well exert that power every chance we get. When I first heard that, I thought it frivolous. Now I'm not so sure.


    Crime does not pay ... as well as politics. (Alfred E. Neuman)

    Stop repeat offenders ... don't reelect them.


  11. After I got over my anger at how badly we are being taken by our "elected" Leaders, I find my heart broken over what has happened to the American People. Apparently, a majority of us have become blind, lazy and greedy. We have been told the Big Lie for so long it has become the Truth. This me, me generation is feeding on itself and we will be gone soon if more of us don't wake up. There is a revolution comming and I pray there are enough good people left to fight it.

  12. Transparency? Looks a lot more like gaming the system. There are (were) about 30 court cases seeking documentation showing that Barak Obama is a "natural born" US citizen as required by the Constitution. One in Pennsylvania by a Clinton backer (from primary days), One in California by Alan Keyes (3rd party candidate) and many others.

    Rather than spend $10 for a copy of a Hawaiian Birth Certificate, the Obama folks have spent nearly (or is it now over) a million dollars stalling and fighting this process. I believe the Keyes case was the most recently turned down for review by the US Supreme Court. It appears the Supreme Court does not want to touch it.

    The only hard copy documentation that has come to light so far is in the form of school records from Indonesia listing Barry Soweto as an Indonesian national with Moslem religion. So is Barry aka Barak an illegal alien as some bloggers suggest. If so gaming the system is an understatement indeed. And it would explain why checking the cabinet's credentials was not at the top of the "to do" list.

    We may never get an official answer to this. But it will probably be a source of rumor and speculation in the blogs for years. Where were the reporters and Congressional staffers and Electoral College and party operatives who should have put this to bed long ago?

  13. You've got it right fellow americans. They've finally got most of the puplic dumbed down and broken. Thats why they let this crises come about. greenspan lowers interest rates so the lenders could really turn on the greed and fraud. B frank said that fannie and freddie were doing okey. Then two weeks later they collaspe. There were many honest economists throwing out warnings of another bubble was being created. Then the banks with all their leverage started to back fire. what perfect timeing for the Gov. The slicker than clinton talker makes it into office and the masses are following. Hello congress!not everyones jumping up and down over more socialism, you've got a much bigger fight on your hands than you realize. It's obvious you've been bought off. The borders are still open. I wounder if any of those people Hate us and know how to make a bomb. WHat are we going to here next, you can't stop the drug traffic,make it legal collect taxes .Certainly wouldn't suprise me. You can't hide anymore. We know who created this mess....

  14. 1. The best comment IMO is by Teodor Muntean.
    2. Dan: the "quote" by Cicero is NOT correct. Close but no cigar. Do your research.
    3. I wish we had such an exchange on Triangles or Stock Market as we have on politics.

  15. Power doesn't corrupt.
    The corrupt are drawn to power.
    And that's pretty much all we an expect from those who lust after it.

  16. It looks like Ethics has truly flown out the window when reviewing the reputation and records of all the ones now on Capitol Hill all the way to Obama , Biden, and Emmanuel.
    Even the newest Appointees and their track record including the liars and tax evaders, it just does'nt seem possible that straight thinking Americans would even approve, but it just seems to not be that important to some.
    The democrats have gotten it so messed up that nobody walking on this earth can straithten it out.
    I don't even hear of anybody calling out to the only hope and help I know of.
    GOD is his name, and when he started with this country he put it together right but he knew all along there would be people like we have today come along and make a real mess.
    Thank you Adam for asking all the right questions
    Roger Jones

  17. I think the most realistic comment came from TEODOR from Romania.
    my opinion also, is that this a problem of the whole world today not only U.S
    but in my opinion also, if we get deeper into the problem to diagnose it,we will find PEOPLE themselves ARE THE SAME AS POLITICIANS.
    why we keep looking to ourselves as pure angles!!
    ploliticians are part from us , from our societis.
    they did not come from MARS.

  18. This country was founded by a group of men who willingly gave up their money, homes and even their lives for the ideal of personal freedom and responsiblity. "Give me liberty or give me death" wasn't just a slogan to them. Today we have a large number of people who believe "gaming the system" is ok because they believe everyone is doing it and that makes it alright. I for one, know that everyone is not doing it. Freedom is not free. Every generation must pay the price for their individual freedoms. Unfortunately the price this generation is about to pay is with compound interest.

  19. when you get scoundrels like this running the government......the result is introduction of bills invoking sovereignty under the 10th Amendment all over the country.

  20. I left Washington D. C. 29 years ago because I couldn't stand the corruption then. I can't even imagine what it's like now, but the news gives you some idea. We need a grass roots revolution in this country to clean up and take out the trash.


  21. This is NOT the country I gre up in. It is not a contry where hard working people were rewarded with a good wage. We now live in a nation of carpet baggers. A nation where we think we can violate rules and principles that God handed down to Moses. What in the world is going on? This nation is in HUGE trouble. God help us because we are not even helping ourselves. 30% of Americans have snuggled up to the bosom of the goverment for their nourishment! (or is it more than that? If not, it soon will be.) Our nation has been taken from us but worse than that,

  22. Every election we want to the new administration the benefit of the doubt.... and each time we find that the trust must be in the system that the founding fathers set up, not the people taking the position. I don't like that its now costing my children and grandchildren to bail out the bad loans and the tech crashes, the bailouts and manufacturer closings, all things that have happened under our watch. It is now a reality, as much as the problems facing the nation that are still on the increase but there has been one constant that I draw my own peace from. The constant, never changing, is the only true God that the US and world would like to kick out of schools and gov't and make like He isn't there. But He is, and I know I will weather any of these issues because my faith is not in our president, government, or monitary policy. There is no stability in these things and as long as the masses think there is, fear will be constant.

  23. We could do better, but the typical American voter is an ignorant voter.

    When I went to vote for president I asked 10 people in line the question:
    "what are the 3 branches of the US governement?"

    To preface, I voted in an upper middle class, suburban neighborhood, whose populace consists of of predominantly college educated adults.

    Guess how many of the 10 people knew the answer to my question...


  24. We have been dealing with eight years of liars, thieves, and plain criminals In DC. We are in a depression and its the feds fault too. All anybody wants to do is blame and hate. Several of my relatives have been laid off. They need this stimulus and the hope to boot. The taxes on the rich have to return to what they were and the political Fed Reserve has to be eliminated. The goverment should be printing and governing their own money not the banking and sec family that has caused this depression. This country has never seen the like not even in 29 were on the edge and it could get a whole lot worse if the negative Harassin media doesn't turn positive.

  25. The money masters (international banking) have had control for a long time. Their game is to control all....a one world order.

    1. Follow the Constitution vs don't follow the Constitution.
    2. Decentralized Government vs centralized Government.
    3. Noninterventionist Government vs interventionist Government.
    4. Austrian theory of economics vs Keynesian theory.
    5. Sound monetary policy (gold) vs fiat monetary policy(paper).
    6. Jefferson vs Hamilton.

    We quote Jefferson, but we have lived Hamilton for years. All empires end when they bankrupt themselves by spending beyond their means. The current Kondratieff winter will not be pleasant for the entire world.
    My hope is that the first part of 1-6 gains strength over the next few years.

  26. The people Obama submitted for approval for his cabinet are a reflection of him and his Chicago politics which has been the poster boy of corruption. Obama himself cannot help but lie to us. First he tells us "transparency" will be the hallmark of his presidency. He gives Nancy Pelosi a free hand to come up with a stimulus package. They basically shut the Republicans out, pass a boondoggle, send it to the Senate which wants to pad it more. The Senate passes it, send it back to the joint committee for revision, then want to pass the whole thing before anyone read it or the public can know what is in it. This is transparency?
    Secondly he goes for a photo op to Peoria and distorts the words of Caterpillars top man by telling us Cat will hire people if the stimulus package is approved. Third, he tells us in a speech that this will be the first time a bill is passed that has no pork or earmarks in it. I'll tell you something, we are STUPID! In the next ten years will will kiss America as we have know it goodby. Remember Rome? We are all Nero's watching Rome burn.

  27. To answer your question,"NO". There was a time a long long time ago that the answer would be different.

    Also, there have been a few exceptions.

    1. If one saw the movie, International, there is a line that says..."one who controls the debt, controls the banks!" Who do you think we pay the most of our interest? The big C.... I see it, you see it, and I am sure the politicians see it. Now, the question being is why are they putting us trillions in debt? God help us!

  28. All of our elected officials upon their inauguration swear to uphold the dictates of the Constitution and its ammendments and then upon taking office forget everything they have said in the previous 2-3 years. All of the promises they make to the American public to get elected and the fact that they swore to serve by the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

    We, the citizens (you and me) need to return our country to the principles set down by the framers of the Constitution, which continues to be the ultimate law and has not yet been legally recinded. All of us need to become involved to return our wonderful country to the land of the free.

  29. Our Constitution was meant to work only if the people participated.The Constitution is not hard to understand. To believe in the Constitution means, like Washington and the others said, is to keep a balanced budget, keep out of foreign wars, and keep communications open. All this was thoroughly violated by our last scumbag President, with his Patriot Act(illegal as a 3 dollar bill), secret spying on all of us, and wars based on lies and fear, which have run up at least a trillion dollar debt.

    The worst thing was that the Congress supported all this, because they were being well paid by the Defense Corporations, who make record profits in wartime. These corporations want to keep an endless supply of military equipment and bombs going into wars they hope never ehd.

    Corruption and lack of morals can end by getting morally sound people into government. and/or getting the people to be more active in monitoring government. This works better on local levels. However, as long as the average person can sit home, drink his beer, and go about his life thinking he is free from government restrictions, he will not raise a finger to protest corruption, much less secret spying and wars based on lies.

  30. These politicians we vote into office should be part of the solution not part of the problem.
    They forget who put them in office and just continue to do what they want and forget to do what is good for the country.
    This stupid stimulus bill that was just passed by Obama and his bunch doesn't solve anything regarding Job creation or tax relief.
    Where did these non thinkers come from who just don't get it and probably could'nt make it right if they tried.
    I hate to even think what it will look like in 4 years probably not even close to the America we once knew.
    Wake up People for it is only Hope that we have left
    Roger Jones

  31. The President is just a puppet. It's all the people behind in the shadows. This was started 40years ago, to take down the USA. Slow and easy was their model, but came to realize how easy the American people were to manipulate. Their control of media/public schools/colleges, has corrupted our youth, this was there plan all along. POWER/CONTROL of the masses. They have turned love one another into hate one another. Hate is such a money maker for the people on top. Look how they told you to hate Bush, and guess what, you jumped right on the ban wagon..no thought, just hate. They are laughing all the way to their banks full of money-not in the United Sates, so they don't have to pay taxes.

    1. Kathy's comment is substantiated in the book:
      The U.N. Exposed. I agree with her comments
      completely. This has been in the works via
      the very rich/elite for many years. But in
      they're plan it is referred to as "baby steps".
      This includes Al Gore and his global warming,
      dumbing down the students of our society on
      purpose, (which seems to be working), gun
      control, creating the ICC, International
      Criminal Court, regulating how parents raise
      their children, control of our media, etc.
      Clinton actually signed the ICC documents,
      and fortunately, congress never ratified the
      instrument, and Bush, 2002, nullified it.
      Yes, we definitely are guinea pigs for the
      rich. But we still can do something about
      it, via educating ourselves and banning together
      for the good of our American freedoms.
      (The U.N. Exposed book can be found on
      the John Birch website, very interesting
      read, which tons of factual resources.)

  32. "Here’s the question, are there any ethics left in Washington?"

    This implies that it was once otherwise. When, exactly, was this?

    I think what you are implying, though, is that things are getting worse. You're right: As government gets bigger it gets (almost by definition) more intrusive (in many ways - economically, culturally, etc.) and, therefore, imperils our economic and social health and freedoms.

  33. Hello Adam,
    It seems to me once your foot is in the gov't
    door, anything apparently goes. I would expect
    anyone that is appointed as an authoritative figure
    in the United States to uphold and display a much
    higher moral standard. And you wonder why the
    public has gone down the crapper. If those
    newly administered politicians can disregard the
    fact they have unpaid taxes, what does that say
    to the American public? Interesting how it's just
    a mistake to them and jail time for us. I guess
    now a days, there's no need to waste any money
    or time doing background checks because it doesn't
    seem to have any bearing anyway. We definitely
    need change, but not the kind we are currently
    subjected to. It's a complete sham!

  34. Hi Adam

    Ethics? "The dsciplined dealing with what is good or bad based on moral duty and obligation"

    Please remember, leaders are but a reflection of the state of the nation. Good leaders are found only among good citizens. The problem is that the ethics of the masses reflect the ethics of the leaders. Now, who is to blame? "The log in your eye"

    Greed... wanton overspending on credit... not thinking about tomorrow but living for today... "NINJA loans!!!" only in the USA... only the citizens of the USA...

    Its time for reflection and Im glad that the reflection is happening ... its a good sign.. a green trend triangle... its like the markets, just a pull back to support, to the golden retracement, before your great nation continues on the uptrend... hopefully.. if the reflection works... all the best...

  35. It will help to learn to spell Learning the English language is a test of individual character which we appear to bypass in today's business environment.

    As for the Republic of Iraq, we see 1/3 of the candidates just elected as female, women in Kuwait voting and holding significant public office, and Saudi Arabia placing a moderate government and education system after 5 years of preparation, which began with US and Allied entrance into Iraq. These changes are due to US and Allied presence in the Arabian Gulf, Iraq, and Kuwait.

    Afghanistan will soon begin to experience lasting and rational change.

    We required decades upon decades to free Rumania from its thousand year history of oppression and confusion. It is small wonder that an immigrant who is steeped in his own originating nation's tradition of exploitation of its own people should assume that our tradition and practice of civil service reform encounters problems along its courseline. We do not, however, abandon ship at every obstacle or transgression. America has never been an easy project and neither are the projects of our allies and friends in Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. At some point, Palestinians and Israelies will find common bonds in the advantages of not killing one another, not dumping garbage in one another's backyards, and in building superior health-care systems.

    Eric Hands

  36. Thomas Jefferson said: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Adam's piece illustrates why eternal vigilance is necessary. However, while things may look discouraging now, let me remind each of you of the Tenth Amendment. The Founding Fathers, in their great wisdom, also provided us with hope.

    1. "The Tenth Amendment restates the Constitution's principle of Federalism by providing that powers not granted to the National government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states"

      That doesn't help if you live in Jersey, believe me.

  37. Here is a quote someone recently gave me. It doesn't seem like things have changed much. " The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogace of officialdom should be tempered and controlled and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance". Cicero 55 B.C.

  38. Democracy is dead in Washington or peple who vote for those scumbags are blind. This is the money that rules there not principles.

  39. 2/16/09 12a.m. yr time.
    300 millions are yr problem ?,we're about 7.5 mil.in Israel and after
    2000 yrs of wandering all over the globe with all aquired accumulated
    experience and a new,renesance country,we popped up with a fornicating
    unscrupulous shameless president,a conman primeminister that you cannot
    deglue him from his chair,a former finance minister on the accussed
    bench on trial for embezlement and theft !and...a shaky unstable govt.
    facing ferrocious Islamic terror,so my dear tutor,take it easy,there
    are good man in every people,you see,you've choosen OBAMA as president
    evidentiating himself above so many,he'll find the right people for the
    job. I'm not joking,maybe yr triangle tech.which I try to figure out
    will help him too,the GANN tech. will take an eternity,GIVE HIM CREDIT,
    AS WE THE CHOOSEN,Ha,Ha,still believe and credit JEHOVAH,yrs.Jay

  40. The difference between 1776 and now is that we had Statesman running the country back then who put the good of the country and its citizen above their own needs. They were willing to die for their country and most lost everything and died broke. Now we have politicians who only worry about the next election and what it is in it for them. It doesn't help either when the country is run by folks that have more money then I could dream of and don't need to worry about putting food on the table, making the next months house payment or paying their real estate taxes. The size of the checkbook would put a different spin on their decisions. If I was King for a day, I would eliminate all PAC money and give those that lobby a one way ticket to some island in the Pacific and let them lobby their way out of that........

  41. Yeah, we all thought this guy would be different running the country. I know I did, but to continue to endorse these scumbags who have double standards makes me sick.

    1. Read all the comments and I agree with most of them. But I believe that everybody is missing the point.

      "We The People" are the ones responsible for this fiasco.
      "We The People" elected and re-elected the cheaters and liars that seat in Congress today.
      "We The People" allowed the greedy to cheat us with easy credit, variable mortgage rates and falsifying our applications.
      "We The People" wanted it all TODAY, forgeting about working hard, saving your money so you can AFFORD the American Dream.

      And today I want to thank "We The People" for fifty years of saving for my American Dream being cut-in-half.

      "We The People" owe all the grand children a humble appology.

  42. These liars and cheats pale in comparison to the last group of liars and hyperaggressive thugs that occupied the American seat of power. At least these are personal transgressions, representing their own attempts to profit by gaming the corrupt system, as we all do on some level.

    The last group of political criminals destroyed the power, prestige and prosperity of America, perhaps for all time. We'd be far,better served, Adam, by shifting focius onto the true cause of America's current misery.

    1. "These liars and cheats pale in comparison to the last group of liars..."

      Oh, but of course! "Our" liars and thugs are infinitely better than "their" liars and thugs.

      "We’d be far,better served, Adam, by shifting focius onto the true cause of America’s current misery."

      In other words, "they" are to be held responsible. Not "us". Nothing to see here!

      My, this is one enlightened individual.

  43. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    ~Abraham Lincoln ~

  44. 99.99% politicians of all countries i this world are elected to help themselves not their people.
    According, not to statistics but to reality, most fo them are corrupt, some more visible (as I Romania) some less visible (as in your country).
    So what do you expect?
    The truth to be told, yes?
    By who? By them?
    I am afraid you look in the wrong place for finding the truth...
    Worst thing is that they all swear by putting their hand on the Holly Book, the only book in this world that really tells us the truth!
    Till now I just told you a very little part of a very big problem we have in this world, governments and politicians...
    Solutions? Is there any? What do you think?

  45. This is a clear case of the Fox guarding the hen house, why don't people start rising up, and vote these bums out of office, what was it that over 80% of congress and senate are millinairs, put those bums on ss that would be there pension, there rich anyhow so when they leave office they get there same pay as if they are still in office.

  46. Doesen't seem like it,I put most blame on lobbists giving gifts and monies to our elected polticians to sway their vote or pull strings for their gifters.They forget that they are suppose to be working for the citizens of this country instead of big business and interests of other countries. A big percentage of the retired politicians or ones who quit to become one for the bigger$$$$'s and work against we the people.There should be more laws to stop lobbist's gifts and no congressman or senator should be allowed to become one after they leave office,they have to much old influence in washington to work their crooked ways.

    1. What a wonderful gig for the President and Congress. They have created a one-party system that masquerades as a two-party system so anyone who votes is all-in. They then can pass whatever legislation they need to support the companies and lobbyists that backed them. It is the major corporations and bankers that really run things today as evidenced by who surrounds our President with little regard to the middle or lower classes that make up the majority of the 300 million Americans today. We are headed for even tougher times in the near future once all this money is spent and inflation begins to heat up!

    2. You are sadly mistaken, Sir, Lobbists by definition owe their aliegence to the cause, company, industry that provides them with a pay check. That is all there is to it. Can you imagine lobbists for PETA supporting supporting lobbists for the NRA because it was good for the country. Your logic would lead one to blame the icecream man for your kids cavities.

    3. We deserve what we got and are getting. We keep voting these losers into high office and they continue to scam us. It doesn't matter which party, they are all theives and liars. The lower and middle class in America my rise up in a revolution to take back America. We need term limits, we need politicans with youth and vigor who will to get things done and who don't want to make any friends in the process. We need accountability and honesty which is lacking in all levels of state, local and federal government. I, my father and grandfather served this country in the USMC and fought for freedom and justice sorely lacking in America today. I would not want my son or daugher to put their lives on the line to defend THIS America.

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