5 Stocks That Are Bucking The Trend

Yesterday, I shared with you a video that showed five stocks that met the criteria of our "Trade Triangle" technology as a strong uptrend.

Most of you would have watched this video after the close of business on Wednesday, February 11th. So, I took the opening prices on Thursday, February 12th, as these are the price that you could have bought them at the following levels.

Here are the five buys:

AKAM-AKAMAI Technologies, Inc. -Purchased at $16.90
CI-Cigna Corp.-Purchased at $20.57
HUM-Humana, Inc.-Purchased at $43.20
WLP-Wellpoint, Inc.-Purchased at $43.14
EMC-EMC Corp.-Purchased at $11.89

Watch video here:

All of these stocks could have been hypothetically executed on Thursday morning at the opening. We will track these five stocks and see exactly how they pan out. Some I suspect will be winners while others may not... only time will tell.

At the close of business on Thursday all five stocks that we are tracking closed in higher from our purchase points.

AKAM AKAMAI Technologies, Inc. -Closed at $17.84 +.94
CI-Cigna Corp.-Closed at $21.49 +.92
HUM-Humana, Inc.-Closed at $43.80 +.60
WLP-Wellpoint, Inc.-Closed at $43.59 +.45
EMC-EMC Corp.-Closed at $11.94 +.05

So far so good ...

Let's see how this tracks out in the weeks and months to come.

Adam Hewison
President , INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub

12 thoughts on “5 Stocks That Are Bucking The Trend

  1. Bill,

    That's an excellent idea about covering stocks just in the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ 100. We will a put the idea on the idea board as something we'd like to get to with our programmers in the not too distant future.

    We do have some awesome new features coming to MarketClub in the very near future. I think you'll find them very useful and very powerful.

    All the best,

  2. I am confused as well. My question is on using the stock screeners. To find trades I have been reviewing the weekly and monthly "Recent Trade Triangles", trying to find setups as you explained monthly for trend and weekly for timing. Also is there a way of just screening say the stock in the S&P 500 or Stocks in the Nasdaq 100 instead of wading through all of the thousands that Market Club covers?

  3. David,

    Thank you for your comment. If you're referring to stocks we use the monthly triangles for the trend and the weekly triangles for entry and exit points.

    If you need more clarification please give our customer support team a call at 1-800-538-7424.

    All the best,

  4. Am glad i am not the only one who seems to need clarification on how best to trade this system. Seems to me that the MC recognises when a major resistance has been breeched/ confirmed/ break out occured. That the trend does then continue for a short while but then soon reverses - and the get out signal is not given untill major resistance fully breeched/ confirmed in the opoosite directon. -
    On the shorter time frames, (daily/weekly) this often seems to generate more losses than gains - unless i am missing something?

  5. As a new member of Market Club I am watching your 5 stocks with interest.
    If I understand correctly your buy and sell signals are generated by the weekly triangles.
    Do you also have a stoploss at which you would sell the position?
    The stop is also necessary to calculate the position size.


    1. Jim,

      Welcome to MarketClub, and thanks for making a comment on our blog.

      The buy we have on the 5 stocks were generated by the monthly Trade Triangles. Once a trend is established we use the weekly Triangles to protect capital and to re-enter a position should we get stopped out. In stocks we always trade in the direction of the main trend based on the direction of the monthly Triangles.

      If you need more clarification call our customer support line at 1-800-538-7424.

      All the best.

  6. Thanks Adam. AS a member of Marketclub....i can't tell you how much i enjoy it. Mostly Forex, but now going into equities. my question is Do u use the + 100 and -100 tool in smart scan to determine the stocks that are coming close to an actionable trade based on trade triangles? Is this the best way to identify these stocks? Often i see these stocks already out of the gate, and i have been one never to chase a trade. I think it would be great if you held a mini seminar for your members on how you you scan stocks that are close to a trade triangle trade action. This video is as close as i could see along with the previsou one on smart scanning.

    My best,


    1. Jim,

      Thanks for your feedback. That's a good idea ... let me see what I can do to make that happen sometime in the future.

      All the best.

  7. Nicholas,

    We use the monthy Trade triangles for the big trends. We use the weekly charts for timing when a big trend is in place. On the five stocks that we featured in our blog posting all the buys were based on our monthly trade triangles. We do not use the daily charts on stocks for buy or sell signals.

    What works best in stocks in our opinion is to use the monthly Trade Triangles with the trend and then used the weekly triangles for getting in and out of that trend.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Adam,

    regarding the 5 stocks video, the monthly green trade triangles trigger a buy and then you look at the weekly to buy. my question is do you then follow the daily chart for a signal to sell or would you continue to use the weekly charts?


    1. Nicholas,

      In its purest form you would use the weekly triangles to exit a position. If our monthly trade triangles are green which means the trend is higher, we would not trade against that trend. If we were to get stopped out on a red weekly triangle we would not go short but would move to the sidelines.

      We would only reenter a long position if and when a green weekly trade triangle corresponded with a green monthly trade triangle.

      Thank you for your feedback and comment.


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