This stock looks lower based on a classical technical pattern

This is the first time I have looked at this particular stock and it appears to chart beautifully. The stock I am referring to and analyzing today is Akamai Technologies Inc. The symbol for this stock is AKAM and it is traded on the NASDAQ.

In this short video I share with you a classic chart pattern that I've seen thousands of times before in different markets. The pattern is very reliable and seems to work well most of the time. Some people believe in this type of technical analysis, however, some folks feel that it may as well be voodoo.

For myself, I believe that history and markets repeat themselves based on human nature, which has not changed in thousands of years.

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Beautiful Ladies Dancing On Tables

(Originally published one year ago on 2/25/09)

Imagine you're in your favorite restaurant enjoying a nice dinner. All of a sudden a beautiful young lady jumps up on the table and starts dancing even though there is no music.

Would that get your attention?

I know it would get my attention, not because it was a beautiful lady, but because it is out of the realm of normalcy for this restaurant to have anyone dancing on their tables.

The point I am making is this... sometimes markets act a little out of the ordinary despite what everyone is saying and thinking about them. When this happens you need to pay close attention to that market.

Why? Because that market maybe getting ready to do something totally contrary to prevailing sentiment.

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5 Stocks That Are Bucking The Trend

Yesterday, I shared with you a video that showed five stocks that met the criteria of our "Trade Triangle" technology as a strong uptrend.

Most of you would have watched this video after the close of business on Wednesday, February 11th. So, I took the opening prices on Thursday, February 12th, as these are the price that you could have bought them at the following levels.

Here are the five buys:

AKAM-AKAMAI Technologies, Inc. -Purchased at $16.90
CI-Cigna Corp.-Purchased at $20.57
HUM-Humana, Inc.-Purchased at $43.20
WLP-Wellpoint, Inc.-Purchased at $43.14
EMC-EMC Corp.-Purchased at $11.89

Watch video here:

All of these stocks could have been hypothetically executed on Thursday morning at the opening. We will track these five stocks and see exactly how they pan out. Some I suspect will be winners while others may not... only time will tell.

At the close of business on Thursday all five stocks that we are tracking closed in higher from our purchase points.

AKAM AKAMAI Technologies, Inc. -Closed at $17.84 +.94
CI-Cigna Corp.-Closed at $21.49 +.92
HUM-Humana, Inc.-Closed at $43.80 +.60
WLP-Wellpoint, Inc.-Closed at $43.59 +.45
EMC-EMC Corp.-Closed at $11.94 +.05

So far so good ...

Let's see how this tracks out in the weeks and months to come.

Adam Hewison
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Co-creator, MarketClub