9 thoughts on “Dow... Dead? Adam's Appearance on CNBC - Video

  1. Post industrial America is a truth that hurts. Why doesn't any
    newscast report the 'Russell' or the 'Wilshire' indexes??

  2. Yes Adam......it is probably not worth your time to appear on CNBC or any of these programs. I spent 18 years in the media and the media is a sad joke..... While I could argue that the publicity makes it worth it....it was VERY obvious to me that you were not really appreciated...ignored might be an appropriate word! I mean the host did her best to give your "other half" more opportunity to speak....not that he said anything really important! Thanks for yet another proof of how the media is totally distorted and why they continue to distort every subject they cover......

  3. 1st comment was right,mr.Hewison,don't lose effect of your extraordinary experience sharring t.v. interviews with others,
    your fun and virtual st. in Israel, Jay Bynaar.

  4. Why have this other (know nothing) on with Adam? It was a waste of Adam's time. She kept asking questions of the other guy who stuttered and stammered pathetic answers. She ask Adam very few questions. These people that run CNBC are pathetic. I congadulate Adam for having the patience to put up with these people who are obviously inferior when it comes to knowledge of the markets.

  5. Adam,

    Go baby go!!! You looked awesome, sounded great and made far more sense than the other guy!!!

    By the way...great job on touching up the website.


  6. The very short appearance was a waste of Adam's time. Why get into such confused ill-focused discussions? Were the 2 participating guests in the same space, it would be possible to make sense of it or at least keep it orderly and consecutive. As it is, separate talking over-one-another heads, impossible.
    CNBC appears to be getting worse as the indexes plummet. Frequently they now present eight separate heads speaking like patients sharing a shrink and little else. The topic for which they assembled is lost in egoism and the zeitgeist.

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