2:30 (EST) CNBC - Adam Analyzes The Markets - LIVE

Don't miss Adam today on CNBC. He will be talking about the outlook of the general market. Tune in at 2:30 (EST) where he will be interviewed by CNBC's Melissa Francis.

If you can't make it in front of your TV today, check back after the show to see a video of Adam's appearance and don't forget to leave us a comment with you own market analysis.

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3 thoughts on “2:30 (EST) CNBC - Adam Analyzes The Markets - LIVE

  1. Adam, i hope your interview is shown in the
    evening hours when the uninformed can view

    If you don't understand technical analysis you
    are goinng to learn some very hard lessons
    in this market.How about you are about to be
    slaughtered once again with a new leg down.

    I am glad you did not mince words on your
    view of the markets...

  2. Somehow Wall Street is trying to convince us it is a reflection of Obama's work. Watch the TV spinners (like Kudlow). Funny how the market is the opposite of his actual approval rating.

  3. Agree with your very direct comments re DJIA and its questionable relevance. While the other speaker made the point that the DJIA does track very well with the S&P500 , I very much prefer the latter. I am particularly concerned with the alleged potential large institutions have to drive the DJIA upwards to hide liquidation on broader indexes. That is why I look at the DJIA,S&P 500 and a third indicator stacked on top of each other .

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