Is it all over for the S&P500?

The S&P500 market, along with the other equity markets, rallied sharply and created a massive gain of 20% in a matter of weeks. This is the biggest and fastest gain that these indices have seen since the 1930s.

So the question is: Is the move over, or is this the pause that refreshes?

In my new video I go into detail as to what I think is happening in the equity markets right now and in particular in the S&P500 market.

I think you will find these observations which use MarketClub's new Fibonacci tool and charts to be quite revealing.

Please feel free to comment on our blog. Regardless if you agree or disagree with my analysis, your input is always welcome.

As always, the video is with our compliments and there is no registration requirements.

Enjoy the video.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

7 thoughts on “Is it all over for the S&P500?

  1. Looks like the market wants to push up to test the recent highs. Many shorts covered yesterday including the Great Atilla. Possible double-top in play.

  2. thanks Adam,
    I understand the signals and appreciate your technology. However, a few fundamental data can corroborate them.


  3. Nav,

    Looks to me like today's rally ran out of gas Right around the key Fibonacci levels.

    I'm expecting to see this market to be under pressure for the rest of the week.

  4. Hi Adam, just wanted to know whether your analysis means the top of this rally is in? or could it go higher then turn?

    Many thanks


  5. you talk about going down further this year. could you please let me know what are your expectations in terms of: PER and BPE? and what are the current levels? that can give us another view of the long term levels vs the current ones


    1. Zanti,

      Thank you for your feedback. Providing the monthly trade triangle is still in a negative mode we would view the trend in the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, and the NASDAQ to be negative.

      The same is true for any stock. If the monthly triangle is red then we consider the longer-term trend to be down.

      Hope this helps you.

  6. Great video, I knew it would be the Fibonacci stuff. My (optimistic)numbers for the pull back are 765-750, so we're right in there. I was surprised to hear your long term target is 500, wow! How do you get to that number?

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