Is the move in crude oil over?

Crude oil plays such an integral part in our lives whether we care to admit it or not. This one source of energy drives the US economy and indeed the world's economy.

So what's ahead for the new black gold? After seeing this market move to its best levels in some time, we have seen a sharp pullback from the recent highs as the crude oil market appears to be mimicking the equity markets.

In my new video I go into detail as to what I think is happening in this market. I think we'll find the analysis interesting, revealing and above all educational.

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As always, the video is with our compliments and there is no registration requirements.

Enjoy the video.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

15 thoughts on “Is the move in crude oil over?

  1. Hy!

    It was a nice explanation, but unfortunately not true.

    Both oil and stock indexes are rising and the resisitance in DOW at 8340 and in S&P at 847. After this somewhere at 9000, and 900.

    How do you think this happen first?

  2. Adam, I'm interested in taking on a membership. I'm very impressed so far with your blogs. However, I have a Macintosh computer. Will I be able to run all of the platforms on it? thanks.

    1. Junior Jackson,

      Nice to see you are on a Mac. I do all my work on a MacBook Pro.

      MarketClub is a web app that runs on Macs, PCs and Linux.

      Thanks for the question and every success with MarketClub.


  3. Please please please would you leave comments in text also. Video is slow to watch - and I give and do something else. I can read at least 10 times quicker than I can watch a video on a pc screen. Life is short, and there are better things to do than watch pc video screens.
    I am a subscriber, but might go to e-signal if you insist on videos....
    many thanks
    mike lavin

    1. Michael,

      Thank you for your feedback. I don't disagree with you, we just didn't have the time to get text up on those videos. It takes a great deal of time to put the videos out and do the copy for the videos. I thought it was more important to get two videos out yesterday one on crude oil and another on the S&P 500 then get detailed copy out.

      In the future, hopefully we'll do better.


      1. I agree with your view Adam. The poster above does not speak for everyone.

    2. Michael, I also read the post, I read it first then watch the video lesson. If you are having trouble with the time it takes to load and view these video's?

      Then this is a warning.

      Before I would have streaming problems, even locking up, lucky not in a trade. The time it takes to view these videos is the least of your problems. Take it from me, it's not the service at "Market Club" you need to change.

      It maybe one of two things. Your connection or your RAM. Add RAM, it's cheap, or get a faster service. If you have an older black box? Get a new one. You don't want to risk being in a trade when it's possible your computer could freeze up.

      Locked out! I've seen it happen to others. Rebooting while in a trade or losing your connection is not fun and can put a lot of strain on your trading account.

      Oh Yeah, before I forget, the market's require patience...sounds like that's a lesson you may have missed.

  4. What do you use to show trend and timing for crude oil?

    Do you use the weekly for trend and the daily for buys and sells?

    If so, does the same apply to the SP500?


    1. Michael,

      Crude oil: weekly for trend. Daily for timing.

      S&P 500: monthly for trend. Weekly for timing.

      All the best to you.

  5. Dear Adam,

    I fully agree and stay out for now. I realy like your videos with great expalanation!

    Have a great day,

  6. thanks Adam,
    although i haven't subscribe to u r services but i regard u as u r doing a work which other can't.i don't use u r services because i have studied almost everything about chart & that i predict market my self but u r comments r remarkable.
    for just u r information i also suggested my clients to sell crude oil at 54.50 with stop loss 56.10.
    dheeraj bhoma

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