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  1. No!Existing economic conditions, regardless as to how they came about, have to be corrected and other options at this time are of little help. We are spending a great deal of money and if to blame anyone we need to blame the previous government. The economic cure maybe expensive but this administration is approaching the matter with logical business like solutions. Can anyone do better? DK

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  3. Duh! The federal commitment so far is like $42,000 for every man woman and child. Can we even afford the interest on this???

  4. Its cold war out there .The U.S vs the Chinese the Japanese and the europeans ...The US started printing first ...looks like europe will have to follow....its a competition as to who has really come out with it all ...are there any more hidden surprises ? For Example ..Europe looks like it has not dealt with the Eastern European problem yet Will this eventually be a a team global effort as they have us believeto get out of this crisis faster ..or will it prove that one problematic continental issue will be pulling the band wagon down as a whole because of lack of a coordination on a global scale ..which will keep the crisis on going ...
    So in my view the Uk The U.S Look like they have decided to move ahead and deal with this ......by printing US -UK case. I just hope that soon enough all will have admited all and decided to do what has to be done to minimize the impact of their financial miscalculations on the people that now strive to make ends meet!
    So the answer is no one is printing enough ...till proven that they have printed and done enough to get the mess that few have allowed to be created and burden the many ! I dont see this as a US crisis but a global crisis ...and the question being is enough being done to bring this buble burst ...done and over with !

  5. One more Yes. No question that government spending is out of control, both in the US and my country of residence, Canada.

  6. Yes, but that always seems to be the case. I think that this administration gets the prize because they have spent as much as all previous administrations put together.

  7. Not only is government spending out of line! The new administration is doing all possible to make this country ineffectual in the world order.

  8. They are purssueing this from the angle that the federal
    reserve is a mastering in holding inflation to a minimum,
    they way they ususally dothat is higher interest rates.
    This will kill business and real estate, you can forget a
    quick recovery. What you will see is a prolonged recession,
    and astronomical taxes.

  9. Yes. We can see attitude change in buying attitude of our customers. Many are investing, more carefully then last year, in their home. NYC resturants, for the most part, are very busy. DC


    The government spends waaay too much! As a teacher in a public school, I can say with certainty that if my school is paying three grand for an Apple Ibook when they go for around fifteen hundred, the government is spending to much. War, bank welfare, foreign aid, etc... Give it back to the citizens. Our founding fathers would vomit if they were alive, vomit and declare a new revolution!

  11. Is there anyone who doesn't think Government spending is out of control? with out a doubt YES!.

  12. Government spending is very much out of control. When have we ever seen our government take over as much of the auto industry and the health care as they are attempting to do right now? We bail any company that we think is to large to fail...there is no company or industry in this world that is to big to fail, they must be allowed to go bankrupt if they can not run thier companys so as to make money.

  13. yes, when does the printer stop working or run out of ink. value of paper money will mean nothing

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