How to find low risk entry points in any market.

In this short video, I will show you how to use intra-day charts to time low-risk entry points in any market that has an established trend. In this example, I am looking at a 30-minute chart of July crude oil (CL.N09). With all of my indicators in a positive trend for crude oil, I am looking for low risk entry levels where we can add to, or institute new positions.

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This video will demonstrate how to move into a market even if you have missed the initial buy/sell signal.

You can view this new video with my compliments. There are no registration requirements. Please enjoy and give your feedback on our blog. Thank you.

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Adam Hewison
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7 thoughts on “How to find low risk entry points in any market.

  1. Thanks Adam...
    Very interesting and thanks for the candlestick pdf, also great!

    I've been looking at the 3yr charts for a number of major stocks and just since March 9th, I am beginning to see what is looking very much like a head and shoulders pattern (probably everybody else has been looking at it for a while)....but is there any way of making a prediction about the angle of the neck line? perhaps using the Fibonachi tool?


    1. Pete,

      Thank you for your feedback. I would need more details to be able to comment on your comment.


  2. Adam,

    Thanks for this great video. Never thought to use intraday chart to get the best possible entry point. Very interesting point.

    Those little short videos are great. They enable me to keep learning new things.

    Thanks again.


  3. Adam,
    Simply love the 'keep it simple' approach.

    My motto in any time frame of trading is the 4T's method
    (I created a free 69 min video on my 4T's method), which is:


    and really, all a trader needs to do is determine a simple indicator/signal for each, and allow the market to do the rest.

    I will say though, that the terminate section is where traders should really assess their personal goals/ambitions to determine the best way to terminate (i.e. exit) a trade

    Thanks Adam

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