How To "Measure" Your Trading Experience? (wow!)

He's a personal friend, great trader, exercise enthusiast, and today Norman Hallett from is going to bring you into his world a bit and show you exactly how you can measure your trading experience. Norman's the best in this business with regard to discipline and I know he'd want me to mention Norman's latest video and check out his report titled: A Traders Opportunity of a Generation. Big claims yes...but the report delivers trust me. He will be expecting comments, so please don't let him down!


Trading is a human sport.

You against the markets.

On your end... You "gear up" before you get started by having your morning coffee, and if your smart, maybe doing a little cardio.  Then you sit down and start looking at the charts, where you assess the markets you'll be dealing with.

On the market's end... well, it's been, in most cases, trading all night, tempting you to figure out where it will be going next, based on its last hour's movement, last day's, and last month's movements.

As the referee used to yell when I was on the 'mat' in high school facing my opponent...

"Readyyyyyyyy.... WRESTLE!"

Maybe this fits your actual daily trading happening and maybe I'm off a little, but each day you go at it... applying your trading experience to the task at hand... trading to make money... the key phrase being applying your trading experience". Because I've trained thousands of traders worldwide to improve their trading disciplined, I can confidently say...When a trader comes to me and says, "I have 5 years of trading experience."... what the VAST majority really means is:

"I have one year of trading experience...5 times!"

This is EXACTLY why most traders struggle in their trading, leading mostly to high stress, blaming the markets, and even family tension, eventually resulting in failure.

Trading doesn't have to be a struggle.  It really doesn't.

If you actually continue to build REAL experience, by facing yourself, and not the markets, you CAN learn by your mistakes, improve performance and move from struggle to prosperity.

I urge you to take control of YOURSELF now! Why?  Because we are in a time in history that only comes around once in a generation (maybe even once in a century).

Here's some quick guidance for getting yourself ready to roll (by that I mean DISCIPLINED) when the recovery is upon us...

ONE: Learn how to keep a trading journal... the right way.

Make sure you're not only noting your trades and trad results, but also you MENTAL and EMOTIONAL responses to your getting in and out of trades... and during the trades.

TWO: Do something EVERY DAY to get your head straight.

Write down statements that affirm YOU as a disciplined trader and say that out loud before you start trading.

THREE:  Have a checklist to varify that each trade stays "on-plan"

Before you make a trade, make sure it meets ALL the criteria of your trading plan... otherwise, you WON'T be committing to taking only "A" trades.  Anything other than A trades will kill you.
I have about 20 more points you need to take into consideration,but please chew on the above three in the meantime.

You know how to read a chart.  You know how to place your orders.  You may even have a proven trading plan that you know that if you followed it, would make you money. You actually are VERY close to being ready to take advantage of an upcoming MEGA trading scenario... the recovery of the US and world  economies.

CAUTION: Most will fail at trading the recovery.

You won't.. because you'll arm yourself with facts and keep your trading discipline HIGH, because you've looked in the mirror (start NOW) and you'll be ready when the time comes.

Don't miss the opportunity of your generation.

Readyyyyyyyyy .... Wrestle!

Norman Hallett CEO and Head Trainer of The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program has written a terrific FREE report outlining "The MEGA-Trade" of Our Generation.  Get it here...

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  1. Hello Norman

    Thanks for your insight in becomeing a disciplined trader. Discipline is truely the secert to my success. All the best

  2. I do not trade frequently. I,m relatively new at this. Your writings have not only been educational but have also helped to build my confidence level. Thank you very much, Mike

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