How To "Measure" Your Trading Experience? (wow!)

He's a personal friend, great trader, exercise enthusiast, and today Norman Hallett from is going to bring you into his world a bit and show you exactly how you can measure your trading experience. Norman's the best in this business with regard to discipline and I know he'd want me to mention Norman's latest video and check out his report titled: A Traders Opportunity of a Generation. Big claims yes...but the report delivers trust me. He will be expecting comments, so please don't let him down!


Trading is a human sport.

You against the markets.

On your end... You "gear up" before you get started by having your morning coffee, and if your smart, maybe doing a little cardio.  Then you sit down and start looking at the charts, where you assess the markets you'll be dealing with.

On the market's end... well, it's been, in most cases, trading all night, tempting you to figure out where it will be going next, based on its last hour's movement, last day's, and last month's movements.

As the referee used to yell when I was on the 'mat' in high school facing my opponent...

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