Looking at the S&P 500 Index ... again

Today we're going to be looking at the S&P 500 market. We last reviewed this market back on May 12th when it was trading at 908. Here we are two weeks later and the market is at 914.

That doesn't seem like a big move, but we've had some pretty big moves in the interim both on the upside and downside.

I think you'll find this new video interesting and informative. In addition to the two trend lines that I graphically illustrate in the May 12th video, I'll share with you today two other tech indicators that I've been watching.

You can view this new video with my compliments. There are no registration requirements. Please enjoy and give your feedback on our blog. Thank you.

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Adam Hewison
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11 thoughts on “Looking at the S&P 500 Index ... again

  1. Nice post. Next week we should see a small rally to 907 before going down to 800. I still believe we are in a down wave and will not see the S&P touch the 200 dSMA until after we crash. There is no panic, only thoughtful processes and the quickest one's make the money. I feel like in a game of musical chairs.

  2. To all,

    I concur with above comments. I have a certain % of my funds short the S&P for a large leg down, and have taken profit three times in one month on another % of funds. I usually don't scalp daily, but did dollar cost on Wednesday and sold today. I still have a target of 800 on the S&P for my longer plays.
    This site has been extremely helpful in giving me confidence. When my analysis matches Adams and a couple other resources, I seem to make money. If there is contradiction I watch from the sidelines. I also greatly appreciate the member's comments.
    There are many moving averages converging at this time, and if we close below 860 I think this market will fall quickly. If it is choppy to that point, then that leaves more opportunity for the shorter term trades.

    Good Trading Everybody!!!!!

  3. Hi all.. S&P to be or not to be.. that is the question...

    As a general rule I scalp the S&P on a daily basis... so I don't like to trade long term... usually.... except gold contracts ....

    Today was a down day... and I am in agreement with the double top Adam has pointed out.. and today it did touch below the 880 mark for a little while before going and closing back up....

    Lots of bearish news today... triple A rating on the dollar in question, inflation fears, massive debt fears, lots of fear in the market today...

    So what did I do... I had some short setups that I did not pull the trigger on today.. they were nice setups indeed. Should I have pulled the trigger YES! Why sir you may ask? Didn't I? ... today I had what we traders call "hesitation cramp". Well at least I call it that. I'm still not completely convinced about the S&P. It's been far to resilient. So like a patient tiger hiding in the woods I'll wait, I'll stalk and POUNCE when I see it live below 880 for more than an hour... lol... have an awesome day... Adam I really enjoy this site...


    1. Roland,

      Thank you for the positive feedback. I always enjoy when folks have something positive to say about website. We have a whole team here at MarketClub that work very hard to get things right for our members.

      All the best,

  4. Hello; I have been watching, and listening to you for some time now, like January '09. I bought Vantage Point software for over $17,000, got into bed with FOREX. So far, following those two, I cannot connect just yet, but due to the nature of my business and investment brain, I am down an additional $5,500.00 in FOREX and another $35 K with my stocks in general. I bought and sold silver with MONEX, and for he few weeks I trades with them, [with me calling the shots most of the time] I was up 859% annualized. I sold silver at 14.40 back after its top of the 14.60 range due to a double top forming then while I was crazy loony mad raging bull over silver. So I got lucky and followed a technical sign for the first time in my life. (been trading for over 30 yers, and was a broker for 11 of them (stocks, insurance, bonds commodities)and I still have no clue, [obviously]. This mkt is no help at all.

    I watched your previous video on the 12th of the S&P and it fell right in with my thinking, & broke the trendline[to the downside]. I Bought FAZ and am still holding it with average buy in of $5.45 and as of this writing I am in profit about .71% as the mkt is moving down at 886 down 16 points (S&P).

    I was waiting for your comment on your May 12th video, was roaring to buy into your schemes, then the mkt reversed and went up just as I was falling into your trap. Then you said, "I have been wrong." Gee, first time I ever had a 'guru' say that. Are you okay, need a doctor? This honesty thing can get you in trouble.

    I concur, this mkt will make fools out of gods and astrologers too.

    I feel that we are walking the edge of a deep chasam blindfolded with our hands tied, in the middle of a hurricane. And yet, everyone is happy and buying stocks. (except me)

    PLEASE keep being honest, and PLEASE let me know your best thinking on what the hell is holding things from falling down to new lows.

    Thanx for letting me rant.
    Capt Brian

    1. "PLEASE keep being honest, and PLEASE let me know your best thinking on what the hell is holding things from falling down to new lows."

      My opinion is that the (temporary) measure holding the markets up is a weekly injection of Presidential Printed Money & a weekly guarantee of government guarantee for the next institution. Eventually the pixie dust (snake oil?) will run out. Look at the dollar losing value as I write this.

      Take care,


      1. Mark,

        Thank you for your feedback. We are not right all the time in the market but we are honest all the time.

        It's all about integrity.

        All the best,

  5. A very interesting and informative analysis of the S&P 500 market.
    Seeing the same possible rollover I am already long the (SDS) as I look at the retracement as an unexpected "throwback" to resistance.

  6. let's see if fear arrive to the market, then let's see about panic again. I hope we only get into the first phase.

    thanks Adam

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