89 thoughts on “ALERT: Exit all long Gold postions

  1. BM,

    The recent signal of Spot gold was an exit long position signal. It did not mean go short it just meant to stand aside until the market finds itself. Now this could be a matter of days, a matter of weeks or if we see a complete reversal a matter of months.

    If you're not using our trade triangle technology you may be missing out on some big moves we expect to see in the future. If you look at HUI which is an ETF I believe, you want to look at our monthly trade triangles for the trend and our weekly trade triangles for the entry and exit points.

    I hope you find this post helpful.

    All the best,

  2. (my comment from before 2 hours is not show yet here so I assume it was not accepted and I'm writing another one. Sorry if it's twice here)


    I'm not sure if I understand this alert on gold. Is this kind of "sell now", but maybe a "buy now" alert comes within couple of hours or days? Or is this the tzpe of signal "sell now for couple of weeks"?

    I have ETFs positions in gold and silver and also a HUI position. Should I take care of this signal if I am counting on the expected rally of gold to 1300-1500 USD? Another words does this alert mean the gold price is expected to fall for next weeks or isn't this alarm relevant for me at all as it concerns something completelly different from what I have (ETF, HUI)??


  3. Hi,

    I guess I don't fully understand the alarm. I am holding silver and gold positions in ETFs and one position in HUI index. Now should I sell something (gold ETF or the HUI) or not? Does this signal mean SPOT gold might/will fall (i.e. ETF on gold will fall as well) but shares for gold companies not necessarilly?

    And second question: it might/will fall for like 2-3 days and the might rise again so in this 2-3 days there will be a chance to buy cheaper or rather 2-3 months?

    Or is this alarm completelly out of my scope and I should not care about it as it is only about some future positions which I don't hold when I have ETFs and HUI???

    Thanks for your help,

  4. this is a short term move that is about to happen. why would you sell off and not get insurance against the short term move since we all know the long term trend. lets just capture some insurance on da cheap for say a month or few to protect the downside while leaving the upside exposure (have you noticed the chinese are moving into the short end of the Bond curve? - they're making their move).

  5. Adam:

    Have you modified your "exit all long gold positions" alert from yesterday?

    I'm only reading your alert today, June 4th and gold is back up $14 at $979.60.

    I am long in AUY and while it did experience a downturn yesterday, it has come back quite a bit today.



    1. Jimbo,

      No we have not altered our "exit all long gold positions" that we published on 3 June.

      This signal was an exit only signal, it was not a signal to go short. The signal was generated using our trade triangle technology which has been so successful in the past in the this market.

      Hope this helps you.

      All the best,

  6. Adam, all you need to do is put an administrator in the live chat room and if the flame throwing starts, ban people for a given "time out" (same psychology when you discipline a child without spanking first). for example, say for the 1st ban, 1 hour, 2nd ban, 1 day, 3rd ban 1 week, 4th ban, 1 month, then the hated perm ban, or 1 year and then perm ban.

    but then again if you do not want to deal with babysitting people who can not control themselves, or stick to business that is understandable too.

    other services I have looked into did not have problems with live chat but then again, they will kick you out of the chat if you are out of line, and quickly too so people learn not to flame each other.


    keep up the good work Adam!

    1. Ignore them, it's there loss.

      Great call on exiting Gold Adam.

      Hey Adam, what do you think of Natural Gas at these levels? I can't help but think that Natural Gas is an easy 100-200% gainer in the long term. I'm slowly accumulating.

      1. Tom,

        Thank you for your feedback. Today's action in gold somehow vindicates our signal. It is not always this way and sometimes signals with our trade triangles will be wrong, it is just the way the markets are.

        The key to success in using our trade triangles is to get the right timeframe and to filter your trades. Once you have accomplished this you'll be well on your way to successful trading for life.

        In regards to natural gas I suggest you look at the weekly and daily triangles and come to a conclusion as to what's going to happen to this market. I don't want to seem evasive on this but it's the best way to learn how our trade triangles work.

        All the best,

    2. Raphael,

      Thank you for your feedback once again. We have thousands and thousands of MarketClub members that spend money with us for our service. They did not join because we didn't have a live chat room and we would not have the authority to basically ban members for a service they are paying for. This may work well with free services but not with MarketClub.

      But thanks for the positive ending.

      All the best,

  7. I really like fast and furious "short" sell offs in bull markets, that being gold in this case which I believe is in the greatest bull market in recorded history. it is very healthy for the long term trend. things will get a lot more volatile when fresh new highs in precious metals are posted. the conspirators can only keep the lid on things for so long. there is a breaking point where the pressure cooker lid blows "up".

    Adam, I would like to know more about the trade triangles. if it is not based on any conventional indicators, and is designed from the ground up from scratch, what is the theory behind it? how is it, they are so accurate? this may be a question you do not want to answer since it is a proprietary indicator.

    here is another idea. what if you automated your trade triangle technology? now that would be something really neat to see!

  8. Raphael,

    I think I answered your question in my previous post to you.

    All the best to you and thanks for using MarketClub.


  9. Adam, can you get a live chat room opened (hopefully with little or no lag to internet connection like other chat rooms I have used)? I am a new member and do not understand why there is no live chat room already. I think a live chat room would be a boon to any active trader since you can cross reference ideas with other members and work together and learn from each other to become a better trader.

    for your earlier response to my question!

  10. I've been sitting on the fence post about joining MC. One point of interest to me is after watching some of your videos I see that for some trades monthly triangle is used for trend and weekly triangle is used for action then other trades use weekly for trend and daily is used for action. How does MC differentiate between the two?

    Thank you,


    1. Brad,

      Thank you for posting this question. It's a very important one and I want to answer exactly how you should be using our trade triangle technology.

      For stocks: use the monthly triangles for trend and the weekly triangles for entry and exit points.

      For futures: use the weekly triangles for trend and the daily triangles for entry and exit points.

      On the dollar index: use the monthly triangles for trend and the weekly triangles for entry and exit points.

      For gold: use the weekly triangles for trend in the daily triangles for entry and exit points.

      I hope this answers your question as a trade triangle technology is easy to use and easy to follow. You should also diversify yourself into several different markets. This will reduce your risk and improve your profitability.

      I hope to walking you soon to market club. Thank you for your feedback.

      All the best,

    1. Jeff,

      With the market being higher so far today I am reminded of one of my favorite market sayings that legendary speculator Bernard Baruch gets credited for. It goes like this: “The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.”

      You can substitute the word stock market for any market you wish.

      Gold has to make new highs now to get us back in on the long side.

      Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  11. Thanks Adam you saved me some grief & $s, I was going to go into gold & silver in a large position.


  12. Gold and Oil seem to be up today (6/4). When I looked at my charts before market opened I decided I would put stops in on my oil stocks and will trail them adjusting each day. There may be some upward bias still I guess, but I can see we are way overbought.

    1. Joseph,

      We never did have a sell signal in our gold stocks only in the physical gold and futures market. That signal was to exit long positions not to go short.

      With the market being higher so far today I am reminded of one of my favorite market sayings that legendary speculator Bernard Baruch gets credited for. It goes like this: “The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.”

      You can substitute the word stock market for any market you wish.

      Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  13. Hi Adam,
    I closed my long positions in ABX, AUY and KGC on June 2nd because, luckily, I read an article about a spike in PUTS volume on KGC. Your blog comments have been most confirming. I would like to trade on more than luck alone. How can I receive an alert based on your system to buy back the Gold Mining Stocks?
    Thanks, Mike

    1. Michael,

      You may want to check out this video that will show you how to set up alerts for any market that we track. As you may know we track over 280,000 symbols during the trading day.

      The alert(s) is very easy to set up and it will be e-mailed to you directly. It is one of the many cool features that MarketClub has and we recommend all members to use MarketClub to its fullest extent.


      This new video will show you many of the features that you can use as a MarketClub member.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      All the best,

  14. Adam,

    Thanks so much for your dedication. You could very well be using your time doing other things than answering questions from the MC community.

    I'm not sure who to ask, but like John I hold positions in gold stocks. I feel optimistic about the long trend so is it a wise decision to hang on to my current positions and buy more on the pullback (next daily green triangle)?


    1. Raphael,

      Several of our staff monitor this blog. It is up to that individual to approve or disapprove a comment.

      If something is deemed as offensive our using bad language and off subject we do not post it.


  15. well well well...

    very interesting chat indeed! I am a new member as are some of the others on this blog. I would prefer a real time stream lined, no lag chat room Adam! I called about this to the support team and they said you had it but got rid of it because there was only like 5 people who actually used it. times have changed however as you well know.

    I have been trying to short term trade/scalp forex only to get my little account cut in half last week! stinks but live and learn. every time I think its going higher and I enter, it goes lower (and visa versa), only to go yet higher after I get scared out or stopped out. I think it has something to do with my wireless connection and lag in connection because of wireless.

    other than that, on the gold and oil, of course there is a short term top. its right on the chart (double top on the hourly) so its a no brainer. sell out your positions and get ready to reenter at a cheeper price. any physical holdings, hang onto and just add to those.

    I own a decent amount of AEM (Agnico Eagle) and will prolly take half off today. and then decide to close out the rest later. if everything is in order we get a pullback to 900 to 850 and then its off to the races, new highs etc etc...

    I also own a large position in Hellix Ventures (HEL.V) on the TSX exchange. that one I completely bought wrong and got caught on the 1 kabillionaire naked shorting the stock. AGAIN, live and learn but its funny, in the face of a gold sell off, hellix is actually getting bought up for super cheep prices. looks like a nice base forming now.

    anyway, Adam, PLEASE get a real time chat room fired up again. it is one place we can all communicate real time and do some wonderful things together in the markets!

    thanks again!

    1. Raphael,

      We decided against having a totally open forum simply because it always turned into a flame throwing contest.

      We are above that as a company.

      On the surface it looks like a wonderful idea, but in reality it turns into a ugly situation that we don't want to get ourselves into.

      Thank you for your comments and your ideas. We always welcome ideas to make our service and MarketClub a better place to be.

      All the best,

  16. Look at it this way.

    It is risky to be invested in gold hovering below $1000 anyway. There will be many more (less risky) investment opportunities available to us in the next few months, so why not preserve your capital and exit now? Almost everyone must have made a profit over May. Take it, sit back, and wait.

  17. Once thing I have learnt is that some traders are argumentative and find it difficult to accept signals!

  18. Dacian,

    Not sure I received your email.

    To answer your question MarketClub's Trade Triangle technology does not use MACD, RSI or any other classical technical indicators. Having said the the Trade Triangle approach is technical.

    The application was developed from scratch based on my trading knowledge over the past three decades. There are probably variations out there, but for the most part I believe it to be original thought.


  19. Very nice "chat" here, thanks Adam for all the answers. I have a little question (I sent you an email actually asking the same thing but no answer), is this triangle technology some custom technology you developed from scratch or is it a combination of classical oscilators (MACD, RSI, etc.) which you gather and spot red/green signals based on that? Or a combination of both (custom + classical oscilators)? thx

  20. My gold stocks (Eldorado, Goldcorp etc) are still showing +85 uptrend with the only red triangle being the 3-day low. I am looking to add more if these get cheaper. Gold has shown the ability to be very volatile in both directions on a daily basis.

    1. John,

      We trade spot gold or gold futures using a different filtering system than we use for gold stocks.

      I believe that the two markets futures and stocks have different players and therefore trade in a slightly different way. That is why we filter our trades. Your gold stocks are in an uptrend as is gold. We are just taking money off the table in futures because that is what our program is telling us what to do.



  21. Strange - when I click on portfolio, the Score column is showing +100 for silver and gold still, but when I go to the charts, gold and silver are both +85 - why is there a lag between the portfolio analysis and the actual charts?

    1. Al.

      You need to refresh your portfolio page. It looks like you were caching the page.

      The charts are dynamic and change automatically the portfolio does not do that at this time. We are currently working on a major MarketClub upgrade for all member portfolio pages. We are very excited about this project and look forward to sharing it with you.

      All the best ,

    2. Al.

      You need to refresh your portfolio page. It looks like you were caching the page.

      The charts are dynamic and change automatically the portfolio does not do that at this time. We are currently working on a major MarketClub upgrade for all member portfolio pages. We are very excited about this project and look forward to sharing it with you.

      All the best,

  22. Agree with Golden Fortunes. Excellent points from many posters. Great job Adam and good luck all.

  23. What a difference a day makes!
    The survey showed mostly bullish views
    I think the high for the year is in but we shall see. This trade is just too crowded for me.
    I trade 38 different contracts and they all seem correlated at the moment. This is dangerous and I am reducing positions now.
    Divergence on the equities showing short term top as well...
    Thanks everyone for the input and happy trading

  24. Very constructive dialogue going on here. I just became a member in the last week, so I'm not sure if this sort of back & forth on positions usually finds its way onto the blog.

    But if not, I would love to see these sorts of postings more often.

    Keep up the good work, Adam.

  25. I build my own model and my own trade triangle system and it still shows green all the line for gold. My first red light would only come at 946.

    1. Chris,

      ThHank you for your feedback. I can't comment on your system as I do not know the rules and after all it is your system.

      Our signal today in gold was an exit signal. It did not alter the longer-term positive trend for gold.

      It is possible after a few days we may see a green triangle and we will once a gain trade gold from the long-side.

      All the best,

  26. I got clobbered today on my silver stocks. I've been buying along the way up with money as I saved it. Yesterday I added to my Hecla Mining shares and today it tanked over 10% I sold it all @ $3.08 and took a very big loss. Should I close my other silver positions or wait it out? I "assume" silver is going to go the same way that gold does.

    Thanks Adam, I love your site.

    1. Tom,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Both silver and gold remain positive based on our weekly Trade Triangles. Having said that, the daily Trade Triangles for both silver and gold are saying your should be out of the market.

      Before I re-enter the market I want to see our daily Trade Triangles flashing green. Patience and discipline are key to all these markets.

      Every success,


  27. Hi,
    I am a long term gold bug, but I must agree. Gold is in a trading range, so if you are playing in the paper market for gold, it maybe a good time to get out of your trade and take some profits. Entering back into the trade at more favorable prices is a smart thing to do. Especially since the Commitment of Traders report shows a huge gold short position by the commercials. They will cover their shorts and that is when you want to buy back in.

    As for the physical gold holdings, never trade that and hold on to it. That's what I am doing and I will add to my position on any major pullback in price. I am looking to add my long position at $900 and more at $850 if we get there. Good luck to all.

    Golden Fortunes

  28. Hi:

    There have been many trade triagles to sell or buy both gold and oil. Is there something special about today versus other sell signals? Are you expecting a more violent or prolonged correction then usual?



    1. John,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      The signal we had today was an exit long gold positions. It was not a short gold signal. We remain positive on gold based on our longer-term weekly Triangles.


  29. Hello Adam,

    I just got this alert @ 8:18 PM Eastern Time.

    What time did this signal occur? I feel like I missed an opportunity during the trading session to do something about it.

    I have 4 positions in gold and silver and feel like I didn't get the alert fast enough for it to be really timely for me.

    My positions are relatively large at an average of six figures in each one.

    Any help you could give me to get these signals faster would be of great help. I feel like all the signals I get are late.

    Thanks, Mark

    1. Mark,

      This signal occurred around noon today. One thing you can do is set up personal alerts on any market that MarketClub tracks. including gold. Go to our help section to see how easy it is to do. You can also call us at 800-538-7424 and our tech support staff can show you how to do this.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  30. Nice site Adam. I've been reading/posting tidbits from INO for a few years now, but 1st time posting here.

    As I posted a few times the last few weeks the US Congress is working on a plan to allow the IMF to sell their ole worn out piece of a map to Curly's Gold. That's most likely what's hitting your signals.

    Regardless the reason I'm post is that all should know that when trading Gold or anything gold/pm related never ever sell when the price is declining. Sell into the upticks if you must or can't afford to hold your positions. Gold/PMs you buy the weakness, sell strength.

    But the real question you might should be asking yourself in today’s time is with the US gov/US economy in as sorry of shape as it ever may have been, (approx 1.3 quadrillion dollars in worthless derivatives exposure), is now really the time you wish to sell your insurance?

    Anyway, we'll see what happens next.


  31. Can you explain the differences in the Trade Triangle parameters you use for Gold versus the Dollar? That would probably help people understand today's move better.

    A video would be even better 🙂

    1. Snake,

      I will try and get a video out. In the meantime here are the parameters you requested.

      Gold: Weekly triangles for TREND. Daily Triangles for entry and exit points.

      Dollar Index: Monthly triangles for TREND. Weekly Triangles for entry and exit points.

      Hope this helps.


  32. Adam,

    Was it the monthly trade triangle that showed an exit signal?

    Btw, keep up the good work.


    1. Ian,

      Thanks for your comment. In gold trading we use the weekly Triangle for trend and the daily Triangle for exiting or entering a gold position.

      So to answer your question we exited on a daily triangle and not a monthly triangle.


  33. What about oil and silver? Do they not usually follow gold? Another group I follow also got stopped out of gold today as their charts broke below a well established trend line.

  34. Adam,

    When I look at the SPOT Gold chart (XAUUSDO), I do not see a RED triangle for today's date 6/3/2009.

    I do however see the Traingle Score Chart and it indicates a daily of Red triangle at 969.20. However I don't see this daily RED triangle on the chart itself.

    The other question I have is why is this DAILY RED triangle an indication that the LONG position must be exited. If it is really a major trend reversal - shouldn't it be a MONTHLY RED triangle instead of the DAILY ?

    I know my questions may be a bit simple - however it is my first month of membership so I am just trying to understand the rationale and the Trade Triangles better.

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Rajat,

      Take a look at the 6 month view. You can clearly see the red triangles there. You may have spotted a bug in our program.

      The daily red triangle in the case of gold is a signal that long positions should be exited. That is the formula we use that has been so successful in the past.

      The weekly triangle is the trend indicator for gold using our methodology.

      Thanks for your feedback and your business.


  35. Adam, thanks for sharing these alerts. In most cases when a trade triangle alert comes it's possible to see some rationale why, at least in part; for example, a previous high or low is taken out. In the current examples of Gold and Oil that doesn't seem to be the case, especially after such strong recent trends. Can you give us some insight as to why we are getting such a strong signal on both of these?

    1. Evergreen,

      That's a good question. The simple answer is we had a Trade Triangle signal to exit and we did.

      We try not to over analyze or get to married to positions.

      All the best,


      1. Let me clarify the question I have: I understood that the monthly triangle calls the trend and weekly calls the timing, so the idea is to enter when both (or even all three) lights are green. But then don't you exit on a red weekly? Why the decision to exit on a red daily?

      2. Cant we predict Gold prices based on DMA and also understand the
        Supply Demand cycle through a trend chart.

        As per me, when investor get bored with equities and the best
        asset class is Gold , they take a safe position to book decent profits either by ETFs or Exchange Traded Gold funds.

        Can the same Trade Triangle predict an Entry point when Gold tanks
        to signal a buy and gets ready for next Run Up?

        Kasi Viswanathan , Chennai,India.

        1. Kasi,

          Thank you for your feedback. I believe that the trade triangles do a far better job than most anything else that's out there.

          MarketClub's trade triangle technology is an unemotional way to time the market both in exit strategies which we've just seen and in new buy signals.

          Longer-term the trend for gold remains positive and we are waiting for a signal to once again enter the market from the long side.

          All the best,

  36. Hi Adam,
    Thank you for posting the gold and oil alerts. This is exactly the kind of real-time info I appreciate in a service like your so that I can assess the value of its for-pay products. Same-day alerts on real positions for which only time will tell. Truthful and very helpful to me in deciding whether to purchase the site's trading services.

    Thank you!

  37. Adam:

    Excellent work! Since both oil and gold are topping doesn't it imply that markets are topping too? What's the correlation of the gold exit call to the SPX?

  38. Kunga you are either an idiot or under 45. Ralph wife was "Alice" not "Gladys". And i dont know what gold is going to do but Ralph always calmed down before the end of the show and never did send Alice to the moon.

  39. With all due respect you guys are waaaay too critical.

    The market reversed.

    Markets reverse all the time.

    MC did not say go SHORT.


    A perfectly sensible thing to do in the circumstamces.

    The dollar reversed today too.

    It is thewrefore logical that gold would and that one should stand aside.

    MC reads market action.

    It cannot predict with perfection.

    Nor can anyone else.

    The long term position is still long based on Monthly and Weekly triangles.

    But that too could change.

    That's life guys.

    Adam can't say that so I will say it for him...with respect.

    1. Yusuf,

      I can't say for sure as the trend in the pound is still positive.

      A move below 1.6181 will cause us to exit our long positions for now. Thursday is going to be an important day for Sterling.



  40. Adam,
    Is this correction just another head-fake!!!
    You projected a weaker dollar a few days back...
    Gold should trend up - Please explain your alert...

    1. Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback. It's too early to say in my opinion, but we did have a exit long gold position signal bases on our Trade Triangle technology today. I've always found it is better to pay attention to these signals than to try and guess if it is a head fake or not.

      All the best,

      PS I am still negative on the dollar.

  41. I thought yesterday (before the dollars 1.5% rally today) you said the dollar was doomed and going much lower.

    If that is the case, then why sell gold?

    Do you think the dollar is going lower along with gold? Anything is possible in this crazy market, but I was curious if todays big rally in the dollar changed your opinion on it and that is why you believe you should sell gold now.

    1. TC,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      We are still negative on the dollar which we trade with a different set of Trade Triangle parameters than gold. Our gold Trade Triangles today signaled an exit position and we must respect that.

      All the best,

      1. You say that you trade the dollar with a different set of trade triangle parameters than gold.
        I don't trade either gold or currency at the present, but I'm interested in your comment concerning different parameters. I'm new to MC and experimenting with the effectiveness of the trade triangle method (I have read and watched the various tutorials explaining it). It's clearly a bit more complicated than just, for example, 'wait for the monthly and then trade on the weekly.'
        What else should I know about different trade triangle parameters for different situations?
        Thanks for your help.

        1. Lou,

          Thanks for your feedback.

          In Gold trading we use the weekly triangles for the trend and the daily triangles for timing entry and exit points. That is it in a nutshell.

          The key is not to keep it simple and not over think or over analyze a position and to go with the triangles.

          If you need additional help give our support staff a call at 800-538-7424.

      2. Do you mean profit booking as the gold value has peaked
        from 919 to 970 and now retracing to highs of April. I am a Kotal World Gold Fund investor with returns of 6500 INR.

        Do I hold onto my position to book profits by selling Units as equivalent to my profit. Also do i start buying again as I get more No.of Units right now.

        What would be gold spot price in a month perspective.

  42. It appears MC has also exited all long NY crude positions based on triangle technology.

    By the way, you guys are doing a fabulous job.

    1. Patrick,

      Much appreciated.

      The crude oil alert is also posted.

      These are trading markets for right now. That could change in the future but we have to deal with the here and now.

      All the best,


  43. Serious students of precious metals and the shares understand from major financial news sources worldwide how the 'Gold Cartel' suppresses the prices occasionally via physical dumping and naked short-selling. Illegal -- but not enforced. The cartel gets leverage when program trading threshholds are triggered and when individual investors are panicked out of their positions. It stands to reason that the Cartel would install bloggers and industry "experts" to assist with the panicking and mis-informing.

    1. John,

      Thank you for your feedback. We edited the link out of your comments not because we did not think it was appropriate that but this is not a forum for linking to other sites.

      We are teaching an approach that works not only in gold but in other markets to.

      Our Trade Triangle approach to gold has been very successful in the past and I expect it will be successful in the future.

      All the best to you,

  44. Thanks, Adam,
    I got out of some yesterday.
    Hopefully 🙂 this leg down will be the bottom of the 8.5 year cycle.
    Go as low as $850???
    Then 'to the moon, Gladys'
    Don't touch the core holdings.
    We love you, Marty Armstrong.

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