Trade Gold? Two Compelling Reasons To Consider It

Here's a great trading quote you may not have heard:

"It is better to trade two complementary strategies that make less, than one strategy that makes more"

Yes, it is almost always true. Traders can make more profits (over the long term) by trading two conservative, complementary strategies that have lower, combined profit potential than trading one aggressive strategy that has a higher profit potential. Continue reading "Trade Gold? Two Compelling Reasons To Consider It"

Gold Chart of The Week

Each Week will be providing us a chart of the week as analyzed by a member of their team. We hope that you enjoy and learn from this new feature.

We are on the heels of a week full of important economic reports from the United States, Europe and England. The overnight session was kick-started with news from China that while mixed, was read as bullish for the board. As I write this, US stock indexes are trying to recover from the late week selloff, which was driven by a string of misses in the last few days of the week.

The lineup includes today’s ISM report, Wednesdays Beige Book, and Non Farm Payrolls to finish the week. Additionally, we expect several FED Members to stir the QE pot in interviews throughout the week.

Europe and England both will report Interest Rate decisions this week, which will impact global Currencies and global markets overall. Weeks like these give very good opportunities for day and swing trades, which we plan to take part in. As each day and overnight bring important economic numbers to the trade, it will be important to make adjustments to mitigate risk and capture profit. Continue reading "Gold Chart of The Week"

Portfolio Manager Greg Orrell: 'My Belief in Gold Has Not Wavered'

The Gold Report: How has your bullish view on the gold sector evolved as a series of crises has jolted both the international stock market and the price of gold?

Greg Orrell: First off, my belief in gold as a monetary asset has not wavered. Japan basically admitted that it is bankrupt with its intention to aggressively debase its currency. Normally such actions would invoke, and may still, a race to the bottom as each country engages in economic warfare to deal with its debt issues. At this juncture the fear of global deflation among the G7 crowd remains its worst nightmare, especially as additional stimulus by the Federal Reserve is showing diminishing returns. With high debt levels in both the private and public sectors around the world, stimulating economic growth is proving elusive. These alarming events are setting the stage for the next leg up in the dollar gold price, in my opinion. The fiscal and monetary crisis is ongoing and underscores the necessity of owning gold assets.

Though agonizing, the past 18 months have been nothing more than a consolidation for gold from the September 2011 highs of $1,900/ounce ($1,900/oz). The recent decline in gold prices below $1,500/oz is not the end of the bull market in gold, despite the barrage of negative commentary by those wanting to dance on gold's grave. The destruction of currencies is in full bloom, but it is not a straight line. The problem for many gold investors is that they can see the endgame. Gold prices rise in a straight line at the end of a monetary system, but we are not there yet. It takes some patience to hold the course while the establishment fights tooth and nail to keep the dollar system from failing. Continue reading "Portfolio Manager Greg Orrell: 'My Belief in Gold Has Not Wavered'"

Gold Chart of The Week

Each Week will be providing us a chart of the week as analyzed by a member of their team. We hope that you enjoy and learn from this new feature.

Weekly Gold Report (March 18th through March 22nd)

And so it begins. The first wave of profit taking came on a Sunday night thanks to reports from Cyprus that banks may begin taking money from accounts to help satisfy debt. While the final vote on its implementation has been postponed until later today, the news alone of banks seizing money from account holders at will was enough to have not only European investors concerned, the worry carried over to markets globally. Continue reading "Gold Chart of The Week"

Gold Alert Tonight

Short-term traders exited long position on a RED Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,496.00 this evening and remain neutral for now. This short-term trade produced a Profit of $20.37 an ounce.

Intermediate and long-term traders hold long positions.

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