Monday Market Recap

I dropped the ball yesterday and forgot to wish all those fathers out there a wonderful Father's Day. So... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Adam is out of town on vacation for a couple of days at his house in Maine, so I'm filling in some gaps until he returns. Below are just some Trade Triangles and Chart Analysis Scores for a large group of markets that we looked at this morning. These aren't recommendations, but for those of you who aren't MarketClub members... consider it a freebie set of signals from MarketClub. If there are any other symbols out there that are putting off good Chart Analysis Scores, or Trade Triangles please comment on this post and share with others.

*Adam just sent me this picture from his summer house... how beautiful*


FOREX_XAUUSDO - Weekly & Daily Red (Short Position) : -70 score

NYMEX_CL.Q09.E - Weekly Green & Daily Red (Sidelines Position): +55 score

INDEX_DJI - Weekly Green & Daily Red (Sidelines Position): +65 score

CME_INX - Weekly Green & Daily Red (Sidelines Position): +65 score

NASDAQ_AAPL - Monthly & Weekly Green (Long Position): +100 score

NYSE_WWE - Monthly & Weekly Green (Long Position): +55 score

FOREX_XAGUSDO - Weekly & Daily Red (Short Position): -70 score

PACF_GLD = Weekly Green & Daily Red (Sidelines Position): -55 score

PACF_DIG = Weekly & Daily Red (Short Position): -70 score


These are not suggested positions, but instead just a recap of general markets. Please consult your MarketClub charts and portfolio to determine the current Trade Triangle and Chart Analysis Score status of these markets as market conditions could change quickly.

Have a wonderful Monday,

Lindsay Thompson
Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

6 thoughts on “Monday Market Recap

  1. Whoa. I thought the world is scheduled to end in 2012! Who advanced the timetable? But I agree. The bear market rally has come to an end, no matter what happens today.

  2. off the subject a bit, can anyone explain how richard donchians weekly rule works???

    1. Dear Ken,

      I'm not quite sure what the Donchain weekly rule is, but I am going to approve this message in case other visitors can offer you some assistance.

      Here is the information provided by the MarketClub about button on the Donchain Channels, "Developed by Richard Donchian, this indicator plots the highest high and the lowest lower of "n" periods. You can set the number of periods by using the slider on the Donchian Channel settings.

      Intended Usage: When the price breaks above the top channel line, it is suggested to take a long position or cover short positions. When the price drops below the bottom channel line, consider a short position, or exit all long positions.

      This indicator works well with trending motions, but is less successful during sideways movements."

      I hope someone can provide more information than I about the Donchain weekly rule.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  3. Good sell call on gold last week 🙂 For Newbie's. Or is it Noobies? try DGZ DB GOLD SHORT ETN (NYSE).
    My UNG United States Natural Gas Fund volume is down, Still in upturn mode, stop at $12 or 13.
    I don’t care how many dollars Ben Bernanke prints, What keeps me awake at night is the track record of the person who appointed him 🙁
    The status of the US recovery financially, domestically and internationally= We are still in the opening phases of what has been called the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

    Cheers ~The judgmental Therapist~

    your comments will be taken seriously

  4. Red triangles are popping up everywhere. Watch out, things are about to get very ugly again

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