Saturday Success Story - Liz, Great Britain

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Here's great news from a member...

"Two weeks with Market Club and 422 pips up is good news for me! This stuff can be very addictive." ~ Liz B., Great Britain

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Liz, Great Britain

  1. If you do go to real time streaming charts, then having the availability to use tick charts would be quite useful (100 tick / 250 tick / etc. - some pacakges have what they call tick charts but are really only second by second charts) . Having that option, plus all the other benefits of Marketclub would make a subscription a no-brainer. Right now having to subscribe to a charting package makes marketclub a luxury rather than a neccesity. Thanks

  2. Yes it would be good if Adam would add some UK shares so that I can track some of the ones I own in my Markt Club porfolio. If not all FTSE 350 shares, just the FTSE 100 would be a good bonus for most UK based traders. Maybe if enough of us request it then it may be possible?

    1. Agreed, I'd love to see the FTSE given the same treatment as US markets. I personally use IG index to trade and a lot of the American stocks are not quoted so I feel I'm missing out on a number of potential trades.
      How about it Adam? A project for the future perhaps?

  3. Liz, well done great to see a fellow Brit is achieving good results from this site. Have been watching many of Adam's videos and comments from up in Scotland, they are really helpful albeit I perceived the core club "stuff" would be understandably more applicatable to USA stocks than footsie 350.
    Keep going and enjoy your trades.

    1. Thanks. I do enjoy trading, although I only use a small 'bank' as, like most I have had my fingers well and truly burned in the past! However, there are always lessons to be learned and I am a lot more disciplined in my approach these days.

  4. i just try yours triangle system since i trade every day of course my concern was w your daily triangle ....fabulous i mean it!

    the only inconvenient 30 minutes to late ...............
    so please update your system to be online to the minute ...only then i will become member

    u definitly have gold in your hand of luck.....claude

    1. This is a good point. The delay can be costly if you rely only on MarketClub charts. I just use them as a starting point then switch to a realtime charting package.

    2. Claude,

      We are working on adding realtime quotes. I do not have an exact rollout date for this new feature, but I assure you that we are working on it.

      Stick with us cause I'm just as excited as everyone else.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

      1. Like Claude, I find the delay in alerts an issue. From my watch list, I get numerous alerts, but the time delay can be hours from the time the triangle has formed. I think a 5 min delay or less would benefit a lot of people from making more profitable trades. The triangles are great in telling us what to do. We just need to tighten up the alerts to bring more value to an amazing product.

        Best....... Kar

  5. Nice to read these comments - BUT - we could help each other a lot more by going into some detail as to how we use Market Club. In my case, I maintain a 100 stock watchlist and track the strength of the stocks in Market Club. I own 5 of them at any given time. They will have +100 rating and sold and repaced when dropping to +90. Here's my question - has anyone (Hewison, members, etc.) established through some methodolgy which rating has the greatest chance of going to +100?
    Is taking a position in a +85 stock offer a greater chance of return than picking a stock already at +100, when I need to replace a stock in my portfolio. Assuming that the stocks on my list are all fundamenatlly good stocks to begin with. Hope I've made myself clear. Now, go easy on me - I'm fairly new at this.

    1. I'm still experimenting, but find new monthly trade triangles a good starting point. I'll then look for a'best fit' moving average to help find a suitable stoploss and although I use fib levels as potential target areas I have a habit of settling for a 100 pip profit rather than wait for a pullback. I have found that the monthly trade triangles can move pretty quickly and I can be in and out in a short period of time. It then goes into my watch list and I'll track it for a while to find another suitable entry point using whichever indicator is flavour of the month. Currently studying candlechart analysis which is fascinating!

    2. I appreciate your response. I have thought as you...if I purchase a stock that is at +85 does it have a better chance. Sometimes... I use the MACD and Moving Averages, ADX to see the direction of a stock. I also see this market rebounding quickly. Thus I am not that keen on selling a stock if it goes down. I may add to the position and then wait until it resumes. I am most comfortable doing this with stocks that I have watched and make money on. I keep to you.

      Plus volume...

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