Trader's Blog Contest For June

“GOLD - Up 11% in May...

where is the top for this market for 2009?”

Just answer any price (specific opinions optional) to be entered in a drawing for the prize below.


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How To Enter:

Comment on this post telling us what price you think gold will top-out for 2009. Just write a price (i.e. $1,000), but feel free to voice your opinion… just keep it clean and remember that there is only one entry per person.


1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM (PST) on June 30th, 2009.

2. No wrong answers, any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

4. Winner will be picked by random integer software.

5. Winner will be contacted on Monday July 1st, 2009 via email.

Good luck!

285 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest For June

  1. I find it hard to believe that Adam, who never advocates picking tops and bottoms, is backing a contest where the objective is to pick a top. Of course I never try to pick tops and bottoms. I just try to pick when they will occur 😉

    My prediction: Gold will for a double top with the first occurring during the first half of August and the second occuring during the middle of November.

    What's that quote about picking a top and losing your bottom? Anyways... Happy Trading to all!

  2. $1189.00 How? I looked at all the entries and comments ( thanks for the comments it really is interesting how people think. Skeptic Tank read my mind ) and guessed. So, here is my guess. Gee I hope I win. It's obvious by this post I REALLY need some education and practice. Yup, I'm new to this. Hope it's not too offensive to those of you that have put the time and effort to learn allready.

  3. $1350. Gold has spent over a year consolidating at the $700-$1000 level so is ready for another rise with good fundamentals behind it. SPX will continue its run-up but at some point later in year will have a major hiccup.

  4. from all the financial news, markets, the vix and the dow, when enter these tell tales with dates and history of course into the vanguy and the inducer-kite system along with the price of silver and a few other metals it computs as of 12/31/09 that gold will be at $1187.97.
    of course i have check this with the ftrs along with the bcubic and i even did the guling 7 hour of collecting the needed material research for the ibm fisher transdolix and all came within a few cents.
    good luck and happy tradering

  5. I Guess GOLD will stay under $1000 a troy oz.for 2009.MY guess is it will reach 992.59.

  6. Gold has already top as June. It will down to 700 to 800 support level at the end of year.

  7. Spot Gold may reach 1,300.00 if able to break recent high as Gold makes a Inverted H&S Pattern to me. 🙂

  8. Spot Gold may rise to 1,300.00 if break the recent high which is a Inverted H&S Pattern to me. 🙂

  9. gold will go down to 870 by year end, because the dollar will go up. Saving rate will touch 15%

  10. IMHO gold will go back down to 870 at end of 2009 because the dollar will go up. Americans savings rate will go up to 15%.Inflation will not happen so soon, but maybe 2 years from now.

  11. looking @ 1385......for top 2009........then downto test fib levels......then back up.....

  12. $1007.70
    I believe the top has been posted for this year, pending no horrendous world event from now to January 1.

  13. $1175 USD, the real jump will be in 2010 not 2009. My prediction is over $3000 USD in 2010 as inflation really gets going.

  14. Wow, maybe I should carefully read the fine print before answering these little contests. I stopped and answered when I thought you meant at the END of 2009 what would be the final gold price. Really, never occured to me that you would limit a contest to end of this month. Great gotcha... Yep, those of you that said the high is locked, enjoy your freebees.

  15. my guess is 1600 but then again you must factor in the manipulation thing because for decades the central banks and big players have artificially suppressed the price of gold by simply buying and selling back and forth to each other between london and america.

    "london fixed" is simply the boss of britland picking a number for the day and that is the london fixed price of gold for that day. (stupid if you ask me)

    also, a foot of measurement use to be the length of the kings foot just a few hundred years ago. (standard measurement - stupid again which is why metric is superior)


  16. Gold has already topped out for 2009.
    The gold price will bottom at $705
    later this year .

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