Going down under ... the U.S. Dollar vs the Australian Dollar

We are taking a trip down under today.

It has been sometime since we last looked at the relationship between the US dollar (USD) and the Australian dollar (USD/AUD). Today seemed like an opportune time to look at this cross and to figure out where it is headed using our "Trade Triangle" technology.

We're also using MarketClub's Fibonacci tool. If you have not seen this tool in action, I strongly recommend that you watch today's video.

You can watch this video with my compliments and there is no registration requirements. I would love to get your feedback about this video on our blog.

All the best,

Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub

13 thoughts on “Going down under ... the U.S. Dollar vs the Australian Dollar

  1. I don't have the facilities to watch your videos (computer too slow), sadly. I have a cheque from US in US dollars for SUS12,000. I want to change it into Australian dollars.

    My question is:

    Is the drop in exports, twnety per cent, going to make the Australian dollar in the near term?

    If not, what will?

    I am waiting for a plunge, and if not a plunge, an easing at least under .80. Not very expert on these matters.

    I would so appreciate any advice of what I should watch for and is there likely be some change soon?

    Pat R

    1. Pat,

      The best advice to you is just cash the check don't worry about the fluctuations and try to play it like it's a currency trade.

      All the best,

  2. G'Day Will , V , no disprespect , but its a big world out there and not all about what happens on the S&P etc !

    As a trader keeping an eye on this blog , i am very interested in the Aussie , as this is where i live and the relationship with the US dollar , impacts our lives every day as far as being a consumer and with our jobs .
    You may not be aware but we do have a few commodities down here as well, that end up being sold based on market prices , which are quoted and set on exchanges over your way so we are interested in what goes on everyhwere.

    As Jagc mentions , a product that is trending well , and giving the right signals is worth studying further for potential trades.

    I am keen to see any new videos by Adam and his team , as this ( backtesting by video reference ) , is what i will base my decision on for signing up to Marketclub , A bit more education. It cant hurt !

    Good Luck , Paul D

  3. on a different topic... your datafeed for Euro/Yen does not look right for about two weeks now... can you check your sources
    Thanks for all your work

    1. Hi JR,

      I'm having someone look into the data. I can't confirm right now that there are any issues, but I also can't confirm that there aren't. If there is an issue we will get it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks again.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development
      INO.com & MarketClub

  4. Why do you show this pair as USD/AUD when the international banking
    standard quote and all platforms I know of show it as AUD/USD?
    It made the video somewhat confusing as the numbers had to be converted.

  5. Might the overwhelming percentage of investors be more interested in your great, and much appreciated, chart videos if there was more information on updating the S&P 500, oil, sectors, gold-silver and precious metals, commodities,etc.? The kinds of things that have an every day impact on a majority of investors? Although the dollar's direction-value is of significant importance as a subject for presentation, is it's value against the Australian currency significant enough to highlight? Thank you for your work and video chart explanations. We do look forward to seeing them. You do a great job at presenting information.

    1. I don't agree with you, will V. I think that if the australian dollar represents a good oportunity of investment at this moment then the video chart is very very interesting. Congratulations for your excellents videos, Adam.

  6. Adam...I did a post in my blog featuring the video you did on the Gold Head and Shoulders formation. Doesn't this projected move in the US/Ozzie sort of cancel that out?

    Thx, Brad

    1. Brad,

      Thank you for your feedback. I try not to over think the markets. I like to look at individual markets on their own merit based on their market action.

      Sometimes you see two markets couple together for a while and then decouple for whatever reason.

      The same goes for news. At times you will see certain key government reports that traders will lock onto for your time, then, all of a sudden the correlation is gone.

      I like to say to myself they'll don't pay you any more for making the complicated. Keeping it simple has kept me out of trouble over the years.

      All the best,

  7. Hi Adam,

    Good and very informative video for USDAUD.
    I want to buy this pair in my trading account with FXCM or ThinkorSwim....but both don't have selection for it.
    They have revese selection AUDUSD !!!

    How can I proceed this?

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