Trader's Blog Contest For July

“Who runs the federal reserve: the banks or the government?”

Just leave a comment stating if you think the banks or the government run the federal reserve. Don't do any research, just shoot from the hip on this one.


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1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM (PST) on July 31st, 2009.

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174 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest For July

  1. Every autonomous body is formed under the enactrment and the rules framed thereunder, and same is the case of Fed Reseerve, which is also an automonous body. So, it is neither the Govt. nor the banks have any direct control over the Fed Reserve. But at the same time,Fed has to take into account the requirements of banks and the polotical WILL of the ruling Govt to fulfil the aspirations of the people.

  2. It is run by the government, they called the shots when we were in crisis. The 10 largest banks couldn't even refuse the money when they first started the bailout.
    Technically it's an independant board with it's chairman Big Ben Bernenke but in realty it is definately the government!!!

    FINAL ANSWER: The Government

  3. The question was "Who runs the federal reserve: the banks or the government?”

    Not who owns the Federal Reserve but who runs it.

    It is self run by its independant board of 12 led by it's Chairman who currently is Big Ben Bernanke.

    However that board has 7 of it's members hand picked by the president so there's a certain connection there although technically the president is not supposed to influence their daily affiars.

    The banks are governed by the Fed not the other way around.
    The banks do not have any power compared to the fed.

    During the bailout the 10 big banks were't even allowed to not take the money at first, the government absolutely ran the Federal Reserve and also told the banks what to do!! So it's definately not run by the banks.

    In Reality The Fed Chairman runs the federal reserve but with advisement and influence from Secretary of the Treasury Geithner and of course President Obama.

    In theory it is supposed to be an independant board but when we are in crises it is the government who steps up and calls the shots!

    FINAL ANSWER: technically an independant board, in realty the government.

  4. Neither, it's run by the 'godfather' of course. He's the man in charge and it's Warren Buffet, who tells everyone what to do, including Bernake. And his right-hand man is none other than Bill Gates. They run the entire global financial system and keep everyone as debt slaves, via secret brain washing waves transmitted via Microsoft software, installed on 95% of all global computers. I wear a aluminum triangle shaped hat made from heavy-duty aluminum foil so they can't brainwash me. HA!

  5. It is owned or run by none. It's a separate entity like a supreme court. Although, as it plays a major part in the economy it is answerable to the public or it's representative that is the congress.

  6. The federal reserve is owned by private shareholders...wealthy families (old money) not necessarily in the US but accross Europe. There is a debate about who really runs it. It is not federal nor is it run by the government. It is more likely to be influenced by bankers. Ron Paul wants the the federal reserve audited. I like Ron Paul.

    It's counerpart is the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England. Apparently they are owned by the governments of these respective country. Who knows? We need a Ron Paul.

  7. Who runs the Federal Reserve?

    I believe dualism is alive and well, nowhere more so than in the US Govt. There is a public version and a private version of everything and it is permeating through our entire society.

    I truly believe that the President, whoever that happens to be at the time, and his team, "influence" all aspects of government and law.

    So, essentially, I believe that it is the current President and his team who are running the Fed.

    Read that and weep.

  8. We all know that the fed is independent. Who is reaping the benefits?
    People hide behind the FED to make the money. Who are they?

  9. Under the law, it is the government, who runs the FED RESERVE. though the banks have good influence in decision making body.

  10. Gov controls fed reserves but banks influnce gov decisions on how to control!!

  11. Below are the words of Woodrow Wilson on the Federal Reserve. The federal reserve is now run by former Goldman Sachs employees. Goldman Sachs is trading considerably higher. The banks, after having lost their entire gambling stake with fancy derivative and suspisious loans were given a new gambling stake by our government,(stimulus package)of which they promply plunked down on stocks and what do you know the market went up. The people didn't get a thing and the bankers got richer.

    Woodrow Wilson,
    "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

  12. Technically, the Fed is run by the government through the Board of Governors, most of whom are appointed by the president.

  13. Well said to most of you. Indeed, the banks. But the truth of the matter is that they control themselves through a consortium of families like, the Bilderbergers, Rothchilds and even the Bush family. Also the main Federal Reserve is not even in this country but in Europe. It has no affiliation with the U.S. Federal Government just because it has Federal in its name. Consider that they have some control over all governments since governments have to operate on a currency and credit or debt. By the use of debt a government can be controlled or even manipulated.
    I would also think that they have some kind of control in the regulation of the price of markets including commodities and futures since all are currency based. If money makes the world go round then it is the Federal Reserve that makes sure money is fluid for movement.
    Of course I could be considered a foolish one or just a radical. 😉
    Cheers and have a beer.

    1. Jean, you've made some compelling, thoughtful comment(s). Are you poli/sci?


  15. My gun is loaded, My friends understand, I've worked for Gov. and seen so much waste... We the people... Buy Gold and Silver, grow your own foods, stay informed read up on Rothschild ie. Ohms Law and it's formula related to banking finance. Don't take this shi< anymore, The banks run it all borrowing fron it self (FED Reserve)only to charge us interest and put us in debt. Thats what it's about, creating a cash flow for their gain, Just like the BS wars on terror, it's all about OIL again. Oh yea and the Drugs so they can control the distribution routes, This has been done many times over and over again. I have taken a stand Fuk EM... I'd rather die then be a slave, thats all we are anymore slaves to an economy full of corruption. Yes you are the machine...Hurry up get up and get to work, or else they fail. Hey tell your neighbor Thats funny you don't know them, your allready on your own...This country's gone to hell and the fire just started.

    1. Love your passion and your sentiments are well placed, jus' relax and read these comments. Most people realize there is a problem and the banks run the show. If as a nation we voted (and prayed) we could unravel this.

  16. It's simple.

    The Federal Reserve BANKS are independent privately owned and locally controlled corporations without even an iota of day to day control from the federal government. They are federally "chartered" but not controlled.

    The Federal Reserve SYSTEM is a congressionally-chartered AGENCY. The Board of Governors of the FRS are all appointed by the president and confirmed by congress and it is overseen by congress.

  17. Nothing happens in the Federal Reserve without the involvment or advice of Goldman Sachs. Ex employees of Goldman Sachs are in place in goverments and goverment finance institutions all over the world.Nothing happens in the financial markets without there knowledge.I happen to belive they are the biggest threat to the financial system in pursuit of huge returns regardless to whom it is going to hurt.This is multiplied by other institutions trying to emulate them.

  18. It is actually a combination of both. The Federal Reserve Chairman is appointed by the Government to oversee the Reserve, therefore the Government does have its hand in the Reserves matters. The banks give their insights into current economic situations and help to carve out the policies in effect at that time.

  19. The Government runs the Federal Reserve. Thats why interest rates to banks are near or at zero. Thats also why the Government stepped in to save the banks and dictated who merged with who. If this so called recession gets any worse you and I will have a stake in even more banks than we do now. Our Free Country just changed overnite!

  20. In practice, we find that it is the Banks, that runs the Federal Reserve, despite of any law contrary to this fact, if any.


  21. The Federal reserve is a cartel of banks most of which are outside USA. It is a complex system in which the it says they are answerable only to a congressional committee and even the President of United States cannot interfere into its operations. The BOD are said to be elected and nominated by the members of the cartel.

    The major criticism for the fed is also about their transparency. The entry and exit criteria to be part of cartel is never revealed. People say that the original 9 or 12 banks that pushed for the Fed reserve act of 1913 were never out of the Fed system which fuels the doubts people have. None of the original 9-12 Banks were US based banks, all were International (read European) banks. The Fed does at time to time publish its member banks list.

    The Creature of Jekyll island is a good book to start as it exposes and explores the secrecy behind the formation of the Fed.



  22. The FED is controlled by the banks.

    A good book to read is "Secrets of the Temple - How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country" by William Greider.

  23. Most of what I see here about the Federal Reserve System ownership reads like it originated with the public relations office of the Fed, (with several noteworthy exceptions). Do you really believe all of this confusion? The US Federal Reserve System is not US owned, it is not federal (or even government) owned or controlled, and it has no reserves! The name is only a crafty play on words in order to mislead us. Even their paper money that we have to pay the Fed to use, is called a Federal Reserve Note. According to Black's Law Dictionary a "note" is debt, and without any doubt so is the US Dollar. Today, we own nothing and we owe trillions of dollars to foreigners, yet we still believe we are rich? (Remember, back in time when the Fed was formed America still believed in God and we trusted that our leaders were moral people.) Even President Woodrow Wilson who approved and ratified this central bank legislation sadly admitted before he died that he had been hoodwinked. Look up his famous remarks! The Federal Reserve System is not NASA, the USFS, the ICC, or some quasi-government agency because if that was so, the US Congress would hold real authority over it. In 96 years, it has never been audited because Congress has no authority over the Federal Reserve System, and Rep. Ron Paul as currently seen on YOU TUBE is proving to you who Fed Chairmen Bernanke and Greenspan really are! Would you believe there were others before today who have unsuccessfully tried to audit the Fed in its 96 years? Its track record now tells us that it was instituted to create inflation, deflation, and economic depression, primarily to benefit its secret owners. It has performed well. George W. Bush and President Obama have shown us that we have lost control of our representative government, but to whom did we lose it to? In a low key soft-core-porn sort of approach, Obama has said he wants to turn our government and all its related agencies over to the Federal Reserve
    System. Mr. Bernanke would become our unelected defacto dictator "uber alles" (over all). (Adolph Hitler was appointed and was not elected as the Chancellor of Germany, if you will check the facts.) Read up on the Congressional founding documents for the Federal Reserve System in 1913. This is your wealth they are taking and the US Constitution is "gone".

    The Chairman of the Fed is appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate. The 7 Board Members of the Federal Reserve System have no authority, whatsoever, though we have been made to believe they do. The Consumer Advisory Council, the Federal Advisory Council, the Thrift Institutions Advisory Council and other government alphabet soup are mere "window dressing" for the taxpaying voters, so we will believe we have a say in all of this. LOL! It is time to get a life. When you witness top ranking Federal Reserve staff REFUSING to answer official Congressional questions about the missing trillions of dollars that you and I will be made to pay, and nobody is arrested for trial and they are allowed to go home at night, don't you get it?! A standing president can be impeached and removed from office but not so with a recalcitrant Federal Reserve Chairman. President John F. Kennedy announced he was going to change the Federal Reserve banking system and he died for it, shortly thereafter. In an unrelated but similar incident, Jesus Christ chased the money changers out of the Temple in Jerusalem and he was dead within 24 hours. The 12 regional Presidents of each Federal Reserve district run the Federal Reserve banks rather than the Federal Reserve Board. It is a board of directors
    in name only, mainly for its public posture. Why else would our nation's central bank shore up so many failed financial institutions with your tax money like Goldman Sachs and AIG unless Goldman and AIG held the power? Ben Bernanke is hardly believeable as a capitalist, but as a socialist.

    The Federal Reserve member banks hold one(1) vote each from their Class C shareholder positions but why not investigate to learn when they have ever been asked to vote on anything? The class A Fed shareholders can outvote them at any time they wish, and they have. The authority at the Federal Reserve is held by the unidentified Class A shareholders of this unique corporation. If we would hope to witness this structure in action, when the US government forced the Ford family (Ford Motor Company) to sell some of its privately held operation to the American public over 60 years ago, the new common shares that the public bought in the stock offering had one(1) vote each, while the Ford family retained voting stock which authorized 10 votes per share. That feature meant that control of Ford Motor Co. did not change, nor does your own bank owning one share of the Fed change anything, either.

    What we have witnessed Chairmen Greenspan and Ben Bernanke doing to take this nation down has been all within the law. It was done legally by consensus and there is no conspiracy. This program of theirs will continue right on schedule as Congress has no willpower to take its Constitutionally granted authority back from the Fed, because the Federal Reserve System controls the printing presses and our drone-like Congressional leadership believes paper money is worth much more to them than principles and integrity. The German Wiemar Republic 1921-23, is coming here to America. World history shows that paper assets and paper money always collapse and Wiemar Germany was no different, nor are we. Instead of four(4) gold backed, German Marks to One(1) US Dollar (circa 1916), the official exchange rate went to one(1) trillion paper-backed German Marks to the US Dollar by 1923! Stay tuned...we're just getting started. And turn off your @#$%& television so you can educate yourself!

    1. Wow MR. Johnson, a citizen paying attention AND is concerned. I too am concerned and it is television viewing that has captured our collective thoughts. Please, keep it up!

    2. WooHoo!!! Someone knows the truth! I've always said a country can be taken over without firing a single shot and we may well be on our way to being taken over! I've been trying to wake the people up for years on this. Watch for more to come soon! It boggles my mind how our government can ask us to pay tax when all we have is debt notes to use. How can you really pay anything with a note? Just think. Every time you go to a store and select your items and pass these notes of debt for them, you are actually stealing! Something for nothing! LOL

  24. Well, I'll go with a pilfered/plagiarized answer:

    "The Federal Reserve System is a congressionally-chartered agency like the USPS and NASA. It is organized with a 100% government agency at the top (the Board of Governors), and branches beneath them that resemble corporations."

    E.g see here:

    Next: "The Board of Governors are all appointed for 14-year terms by the president and confirmed by congress. It operates per it's charter and laws set by congress. it is overseen by congress. There is no structure or mechanism for private ownership at this level; it is a government agency. Board members are forbidden by law to have any economic interest in a private bank. (Ref: Title 12 chapter 3 of the U.S. Legal Code). The Board determines monetary policy and provides high level oversight of the branches."

    However, "The 12 branches, however, are organized to involve member banks in the day-to-day operation. Member banks are required to buy shares in their branch. Each bank has one vote. The shares get a standard 6% dividend. They can vote for 6 of their 9 board members. All 'profit' from the Federal Reserve branches are turned over to the Treasury at the end of the year."

  25. Banks, the members who make up the Federal Reserve "privately" held banks. Elizabeth Coleman, Office of Inspector General for Federal Reserve, just testified before the House Subcommittee (Rep. Ron Paul,TX 14thDist. Senior member) and was asked directly, (3) times, "where did 9trill. dollars go?"(TARP) AND she chose to be UNresponsive. Rep. R. Paul has been historically consistent & refreshing, in his quest to get the FRS to explain "who runs the FRS?" to no avail. Most recently, Bernake & Geithner appeared before same comm. and didn't answer the question put to them by Rep. Paul, "who runs the FRS?" The answer was UNresponsive. Follow the money, banks have it in the form of massive corporations: banks are the FRS members who make up the FRS. The government officials, who over see the FRS, get their "pay check" from political contirbutions, directly or through PAC's, and there it is "quid pro quo".

  26. The Federal Reserve is the Central Banking System of the United States, originally created by Congress as a-not-for-profit system. It is both
    something in some ways, but not exactly the same as "Public", and something in some ways, but not exactly the same as "Private" - the 12 Central Banks (government entity with private components) work as agents of the Treasury Department of the Federal government and the members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the President:
    therefore, it is both but not exactly either.

  27. The Fed is run by a group of banker families as are ALL Central Banks. When you look at the derivatives industry and see perhaps a quadrillion dollars in equity it becomes apparent that there are actually trillionaire families-- makes Gates and Buffet look small time. Same folks running ALL the central banks and same folks buying control of corrupt government officials (most). It's Jefferson vs. Hamilton and 200+ years later Hamilton wins!

    Answer: The banks who also control the government.

  28. The FED is private, not part of the government, and is run by The Federal Reserve Banks, which are also private. However; at this point in history, it is becoming obvious that the government is also run by the banking system; regardless of the electoral system and the people we elected to run the government. This can clearly be seen by the recent bailouts of Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc., the transfers of taxpayer cash to, and between these entities, and the ongoing appointment and re-appointment of Goldman Sachs alumni to key positions in our Treasury.

  29. You don't control the fed, it controls you. There is no oversight, no governing body, no loyalties to any national government including the USA, nothing. They hold complete and total tyrannical power over the largest and most valuable resource on the planet, the US Dollar.

  30. I think you have it backward - the banks via the Federal Reserve run the government. Don't worry about it - pretty simple mix up. 🙂 If the trillions in bailout didn't prove that, I don't know what will.

  31. Banks (7 of them) run the Fed...ofcourse with some active collaboration with the political powers in command of the country at any point of time. And if political class goes haywire, Banks (read Fed) knows how to manage that too.....It is BANKS BANKS BANKS all the way..

  32. The Federal Reserve System is considered to be an independent central bank because its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive branch of government. The System is, however, subject to oversight by the U.S. Congress. The Federal Reserve must work within the framework of the overall objectives of economic and financial policy established by the government; therefore, the description of the System as

    is more accurate.
    Congress designed the structure of the Federal Reserve System to give it a broad perspective on the economy and on economic activity in all parts of the nation. It is a federal system, composed of a central, governmental agency—the Board of Governors—in Washington, D.C., and twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks.

  33. The government or should I say Dictator Obama, as he is determined to run everything.

  34. Banks. Fed is a private cartel not unlike OPEC. A counterfeiting monopoly

    Semi-shameless plug. US citizens consider contacting senators in support of S604, Reps in support of HR1207. Cockroaches prefer darkness.

  35. Fed is a seperate enity......although works w/ gov....and regulate cash flow ...interest rates......

  36. The Government; because the Fed is staffed by public servants, and the banks clearly don't have any public servants on their payroll.

  37. Neither banks or govt .....

    Banks, Fed and Govt are simply puppets for the real power brokers of the world such as Rockefllers, Rothschild, Kissinger etc.

    And big hi from NZ to everyone!

  38. The core of this question is not who legally and or in accordance to the U.S.A. Constitution has the power or not, to manage the Federal Reserve…. The question here is: who is behind this mandate, and if the power the Citizens of U.S.A. that delegated in their representatives is being fulfilled. This is not a matter of legalism; it is a matter of ethics. Therefore, for more it might hurt, to those whom in first instance, granted their trust in the proposals and honesty of their delegates, ended up betrayed by them. From the power anything can be done. In a capitalist system who really has the power is the power of money; as in a communist system, who really has the power, is not the proletariat dictatorship, but those who control the political party. But neither of the two systems can function without a coalition between the political power , which in the Capitalist system is represented by those whose money-power controls it from within, and or those who control the power through the exercised of coercion in a communist system .

  39. JFKenndy was going to resend the control it gave to the Fed reserve, but was shot to death before he could. The banks control it not the goverment.

  40. The Federal Reserve was created by Congress to be the US' central bank . It is responsible for issuing currency, regulating and supervising banks.The Fed functions to make economic policy that is separated from the immediate political interests of Congress. But the chairman of the Fed is regularly called to testify the Congress. Fed report to Congress at least 2 times a year on its monetary policies.

  41. The Federal Reserve is run by the banks. The US is not allowed to Audit the Fed. This is unique in the world.

  42. Banks.It is owned by 300 of the wealthiest families in the world.They are trying to achieve a new world order and will succeed.

  43. Banks control the FED. End of story.

    Bankers after all make money out of thin air from the foolish fractal system of ratios.

    Boom and busts are all due to the bankers. Their crooked ways will only be stopped when fiat currency is backed by metal, be it gold, silver, copper..preferably silver.

    One world currecny will happen, Euro was the first test....and when one world currency does come about, I do not know what gold, silver or commodities will be in price (Gold $ 50,000 and silver $10,000 on CME).

    Don't fool will happen and it has nothing to do with End times or the coming of Christ.

    All trading knowledge is in the "Good books" and "Great Men." Pity all of these were before 1955 and especially before 1900.

    Yes the Bible is a great book a lot of wisdom ( old and new testament) and you don't need to be religious to appreciate it. As a matter of fact the less religious you are you can seel the light.

    Jesus was a rebel and called the bankers/money changers...scum. Jesus was a rebel........However NONE of the 99% of American folk get this...they still bellieve the bankers and the gov't.

    If you are fervently religious..then you should be a rebel...but none of the Republicans are....they are reading Jesus COMPLETLEY WRONG !!!

    Jesus was a wise man, so was daniel, moses, shakespeare, socrates, newton, Tom Sawyer, Waldo on and on. Shakespeare made his wealth from Real Estate not his plays !!!

    Fed = evil

  44. It certainly isn't the government. Any attempt to gain accountability or audit is rebuffed with comments like it is an affront to the independence of the Fed. 3 trillion dollars later we still don't know where the money went. When Bernanke threatens to fire Ken Lewis if he backs out of the deal, you know they have run amok. To insure Jamie Diamon's losses in the merger when Diamon would have suffered greatly if Bear went under was obscene. The cozy, clandestine relationship with the banking industry is what it is about. But the real question is who is pulling the strings behind the scenes and what is their agenda. It looks to me like they are killing the middle class, killing the dollar and weakening America for a greater goal.

  45. The Fed is independent of the Government, but joined at the hip. The Fed controls the money and the Banks control the Fed. With all of the new spending and debt to China, the dollar is done and so is our country as we know it. Best thing we could do is default and start over..then the rest of the world could really blame us for all of the problems of the world as they do now!

  46. The Banks, the first loyalty is to its shareholders, the banks, at the same time these are the Fed's sole business partners and comrades in arms and colleagues implementing the Fed's covert market orders.

  47. The banks "officially", 52% of the shares are owned between Citigroup and J P (Captain) Morgan Chase. For the rest...Government Sachs are in there somewhere (of course) with Rothchilds, Barclays and some other more obscure western banks and financial instituitions. Who actually pulls the strings is only known by those who do and a few that are directly on their payroll.

  48. The federal reserve is not run by the US government. If you try to get any information about the Federl Reserve, you will just run into a brick wall.
    To the best of my kowledge, its run mostly if not all by international bankers. There have been rumors for years that the Rothchild family is involved. There may be some very wealthy families, bankers in this country involved, such as J P Morgan, etc.
    Rather sad that they don't make this information available to the US citzens?


  49. The Fed is effectively controlled by the banks that own it and influence its operation.
    Neither Congress nor the President has "effective control" of the FED. It is "effective control" and not "nominal" control that is the critical issue here.

  50. Right now the banks. With all that is going on, watch the government try to take over some of the action.

  51. There is no rocket science in figuring out who runs the FED, it's THE BANKS. The majority of the board members are bank officials. So the banks' interests are always at the top of the agenda.

  52. The banks run the Fed but I understand that colleges teach that the
    government run the Fed. Are the college professors that stupid or are they brainwashed? Of course, most colleges are run by liberals and ther are indoctrinating the students with their obvious liberal goblegook.

  53. oh? simple...

    of course the bankSTERS like gangsters.

    they are a pack of white collar criminals so be careful in your trading everyone.

  54. The Federal Reserve, a private institution, is controlled by a group of world-wide bankers whose end goal is world control (New World Order). If anyone would care to research this they will find that this is fact, not fiction. No conspiracy theories. Not only does the Gov't not control the Fed, the Fed controls the Gov't through "behind the scenes" machinations.
    Any of our "elected officials" who don't play along with the Fed will find that they will suffer the consequences. Why do you think there were trillions of dollars available to "save" the banks and next to nothing to help mortgage holders. Who do you think will benefit from the hastily passed "Cap and Trade" bill? If the Senate passes this bill too, it will be a complete transfer of our economy from Main St. to Wall St. When Bernanke recently told Congress that the Fed is above the law and can't be told what to do, he let the cat out of the bag for anyone who was paying attention.
    Economic expansions, credit bubbles, recessions and depressions don't just happen as a natural course of events; they are orchestrated by the Fed as part of a greater plan for ever more control.
    Do you own due-diligence. Our future and your childrens' futures hang in the balance.

  55. To paraphrase M.A. Rothschild-Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes the laws. All roads lead back to the House of Rothchild.

  56. Although the government hires the personal of the Fed and operate independent of the government or the banks. They have a mandate to monitor the US economy and keep things going - hopefully avoiding over heating of growth or a major downturns.

    Typically the Fed will monitor inflation (which is key) and other major economic factors to keep things in check, though the Fed is monitored by the Congress and the Senate.

  57. This is not a new comment. I just want to correct my spelling :I wrote: Banks in coalition with the government. The results we all know whe the principle laissez faire/ laissez passer has no limits to act, and the economic power impossed the policies.
    Fernando Guzmán Cavero

    I shall have written: Banks in coalition with the government. The results we all know them -when- the principle laissez faire/ laissez passer has no limits to act, and the economic power -imposed- the policies.
    Fernando Guzmán Cavero

  58. It is supposed to be run by Bankers independent of government influence. This is highly suspect.

  59. The Government choose the executive of director but The Fed is independent in making decision

  60. Banks in coalition with the government. The results we all know whe the principle laissez faire/ laissez passer has no limits to act, and the economic power impossed the policies.
    Fernando Guzmán Cavero

  61. The banks do. They control our currency and therefore, the entire nation. Thomas Jefferson warned against this. Too bad our grandparents were ignorant of history, or they would have never allowed this to happen.

    1. The bill of rights and the constitution antiscipated the weakness of man,s ability to control government and provided for the ability to change the documents as it become'necessary
      It was antiscipated that oversite and regulation would be neccesary for all documents related to government . The concept of the federal reserve is included .If written by mankind change must be provided for . That is not a bad thing , thats a good thing Don,t fear the concept embrace it . The government has influence but the banks have more .The banks run it .

  62. The banks appear to be in control, although many suspect a worldwide conspiracy linked to the "one World Order".

  63. Neither one of these. The Federal Reserve Bank branches are never found in the blue government pages of your telephone book. It is privately owned and is found next to Federal Express in the white pages of any phone book. It is neither Federal (root word is feudal) nor is it owned by the member banks like we have been told. Member banks hold shares in the Federal Reserve but these are Class C non-voting shares that give the owners of that stock no authority whatsoever, in contrast to the accountabily issues we see with ordinary corporate America's shareholder meetings. The Fed has two subsidiaries, the IRS and the FBI, who make sure that the money that is due the Fed is collected for the Fed system. Where's the proof of that? These two imagined government agencies which are taxpayer funded, have no authority in any Federal Reserve Bank, nor does Congress, the President, or the US Treasury Department! The Fed is run by the 12 regional Federal Reserve Presidents and Chairman Bernanke, but for whom they work we are never to know.

    Our US Constitution allows the citizenry to print and use our own money as we wish at any time, provided there is no fraud involved, but whenever someone attempts this the FBI will "lay siege" and charge with forgery, anyone who might try to do so. The hapless "freemen" from the State of Montana attempted to try this some years ago and the leadership are still in Federal prison on forgery charges. There is no parole board and no parole given by US Federal prisons. The US Federal Courts enjoy a 99.7% conviction rate, the same as in China. The US Constitution has been made null and void but America just has not been told yet. Dubya Bush and Mr Obama have been trying to tell us all of this, but nobody is listening! The skeptics will finally realize that Bush and Obama have been telling us the truth when the Federal Reserve System and Obama's many questionable appointed "Czars" finally close Congress and officially hand the government over to Ben Benanke and his billionaire associates. What we see happening in America today is no accident. It is all according to a consensus of a small minority who have taken control through issuing paper money through our central bank. There is no illegal conspiracy as some have suggested. What is happening to America is all completely legal. Just look around you!

    Our paper money says on each bill that it is owned by the Federal Reserve with the owner's name emblazoned at the top, "Federal Reserve Note", and a note is debt. The taxpayers of America are charged an annual fee or interest rate to rent the Fed's money, so the more the Fed has printed and created into existence, the more the taxpayers will eventually owe, particularly when the Fed sets the interests rates! The Federal Reserve Banks pay no income taxes. The Federal Reserve System is busily looting America on behalf of it's secretive Class A shareholders and Ron Paul and others have a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything about it because Congress has no authority to intervene in Federal Reserve activities. Check the records for yourself. Besides, when you control the printing presses you can print all the green paper you need to buy off most of the elected, and also "purchase" 100% of the faceless bureaucrats. "Do you want a bundle of hundreds or will a briefcase take care of you?" Andrew Jackson got it right the first time.

    1. Mr. Johnson is totally correct and when added to his facts, the near total autonomy of the US Federal Judical selection process, one must ask, even if the Congress finds the "crooks" in the Fed Reserve System, who would prosecute them and, before which unbiased judge to be found where!

  64. The government runs the Federal Reserve.Who do you think controls the interest rates between banks or helps out a bank when they get into trouble?The Government.That is why the "gov" has to tighten up on the regulations to prevent banks from getting too deep into trouble!!!

  65. The big banks seem to run the fed. I can't see how small banks do. But the Gon't certainly doesn't run it. It is totally seperate from the gov't, being a private corporated entity. It was bought in the back door by 3 politicians in 1913, when on that December, when they parliment was thought to be 'closed' for the season, was left 'open', and these 3 guys voted in that the 'privately owned' Federal Reserve Bank would be the only bank that regulated the funds of the United States of America. It was passed that night, in the wee hours of the morning. Just the same if this was done today, it may have the name..'Chase manhatten Bank' instead of the 'FRB'. Allan

  66. Officially, the banks run the Fed, but who runs the banks? Shareholders, Lenders and Borrowers, in other words, "the market"; therefore, the answer would be, "the market" runs the Fed.



  67. Definately the banks. The bill was passed early in the 1900. The government basically borrows money from the Fed which is made up of a group of bankers.

  68. The government definitely runs the federal reserve. They appoint the chairman through the senate, the treasury works hand in hand with them. Which is another arm of federal government.

  69. Who's the boss? Who's the servant? The father thinks he is the boss but actually he is serving the family. The people run the government, the people run the Fed who has to be very careful not to go against the people. If the people are asleep at the wheel then the vehicle runs off the road. It is a government by the people, for the people and of the people. If the people are uneducated they will elect unqualified reps in government and graft and corruption will ensue. And because of the nature of money, greed and foul play will run rampant in the banking system (recent mortgage fiasco). So education of the people is determining the level of competency of the government. Moral character and integrity are the subjects to be taught. The reason? There is something more than simple hedonism. Ah but then we get into the realm of spiritual energy. How did we get here? Who are we. What is the goal of life. Is there a Supreme reality. Is there a Supreme Boss. If so we would have to say this Supreme Boss is running everything. And we are servants. Failure to acknowledge the Supreme Boss is really the only deviation. So who is running the Federal Reserve? Who built New York City and keeps it running? Good question.

    1. Good job Myrna Baron. The founding fathers agree with you. They called that supreme being God. If anyone cares to and it is edifying, read the Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Constitution, Declaration of Independence. The nature of man was understood by the found. fathers. Checks and balances, accountability etc. flowed from this. If we don't know what freedom or liberty is, how will we know when it's gone? This nation is no different than any other nation run by people, and we're already locked in an economic box, from which we and the next generation(s), will not soon escape, if ever.

  70. It is the government runs the federal reserve(dicision maker about interest rate), all the banks are running accordingly to the instruction.

  71. Well you know the old saying, he who has the most GOLD wins! It has been the BANKS for years on end and will be until we cut them down! Just like the market, the government won't let it go down, but have to ask the help of Goldman and likes to stabelize it. My guess is thats why this market does not run true to form (sideways & up) and henseforth our investment losess. But it appears the Chinese government is now showing their hand, or at least another card and the dollar may not continue its lofty life without their monetary support. When the new list of multi-billionaires comes out, we shall see who is on the winning (gold) side! Don't we alreay know? Don Pedro

  72. the government tell the fed what thay want the economic looklike. Fed list their posiibility stategy to gov, one of that will work or not. that why we have so mush debt, every president do not like worst economics meltdown. Loan more and more keep the money flow, make us looklike we are ok.

  73. I say that the government runs the federal reserve as it allows the banks to run it without ability to monitor. So who runs the government is the ultimate question?

  74. If you owe me money do I own you? No. But I certainly influence you if you owe me so much and you have a hard time paying me back and what I do has an effect on your ability to pay me. So the old boys club may have just got a new member! A member who is sharp at Math and manipulation. So if the Federal Reserve owes the Chinese the most amount of money do the Chinese then, in reality, run the Federal reserve.

  75. The banks run BOTH - The Federal Reserve (they created it...duh!), and look at the Goldman Sachs pipeline to the White House, with Paulson being the worst of them. The banks have run the world, largely, since the 1700's...

  76. It is an independent body comprising of board members nominated by the Government and the directors and other members formed by the participation of major banks.

  77. Depends who you ask.Some say that its Private, for profit bank run by a cartel of bankers from US and international banks that control
    the world.They print money out of thin air, then lend it to the US government with interest.
    Actually It is run by Federal Reserve board that is advised by The Consumer Advisory Council, Federal Advisory Council, and the Thrift Institutions Advisory Council.The Board of Governors consists of seven members that are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. The Board of Governors holds the most responsibility.
    The Federal Adivisory Council is a twelve member committee that represents the banking industry.The Thrift Institutions Advisory Council supports the interests of thrift institutions like credit unions, savings and loan institutions, and mutual savings banks.
    The Consumer Advisory Council supports the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and is responsible for representing communities, consumers, and finance services on the Federal Reserve Board.

  78. Well, if the federal reserve board of governors is appointed by the president and the head of the fed goes to the senate to seek more power with failing non-bank institutions and the website is federalreserve.GOV... I'm pretty much thinking the government runs and controls the people who run and control the fed. Ipso facto... The G.

  79. The "inner circle" big banks, particularily Lloyd Blankfein and the ever beloved Jamie Dimon.

  80. The Federal Reserve is the central system of banking of the United States. It is owned both publicly and privately, and is comprised of a number of different branches, which work together to control the supply of money in the American economy and to set fiscal policy

  81. Defnitely the banks are running it, meaning the largest banks, .i.e. a consortium of banks using the FED to do whatever they please.

    Read the following book: THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND; A SECOND LOOK AT THE FEDERAL RESERVE by G. Edward Griffin ... Excellent book. After that reading, you will know it all on the Fed since its inception.

    Salut et a bientot,


  82. Neither. The Fed does whatever,whenever it wishes without regard. They may tilt toward being controlled by the government, but will only do what they themselves wish to do.

  83. "... we conclude that the [Federal] Reserve Banks are not federal ...
    but are independent privately owned and locally controlled corporations... without day to day direction from the federal government."

    Lewis vs United States, June 24, 1982, 9th U.S. Circuit Court

    "Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves."

    President Andrew Jackson upon rescinding the charter of the Second Bank of the United States in 1832.

    1. Jay Hendon just drilled the answer dead center. If "we" do not get this as a country it is over. Forget about freedom, liberty, justice, we are back where we started, hence "The Road to Serfdom". Thnak you Jay.

    2. Elizabeth Coleman, Office of Inspector General Federal Reserve, just testified before a House Subcommittee, and was asked, (3) times, directly where the trillions in TARP had gone and she wouldn't answer. Rep. Ron Paul, TX14th Dist., has for years tried to get questions about the workings of and who does FRS answer to, resolved without success. Recently, Bernake & Geithner were together in front of the House Banking committee and Rep. Paul asked them the same genre of questions again without success. This is sworn testimony, a matter of public record, and is treated like and inconvenience not a serious matter by Bernake & Geithner to the very elected officials whom are charged with oversight.

  84. The Federal Reserve was inaugurated in 1917 by President Wilson and is run (and controlled) by the Banks.
    This financial system is unique in the World in that no other country operates in this manner.
    The US Government can't even audit the Fed at this point in time according to my sources.

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