Trade Triangles make sense and money trading Apple

Apple has had a stellar few years and has proven to be a company that can be "fruitful" throughout sticky economic times.

Today I'll be taking a look back at the year to date to see how our "Trade Triangle" technology has performed for NASDAQ_AAPL.

I'll give you the "members only view" of our market-proven signals. You'll see where throughout the year we were long, where we were short and where we were sitting on the sidelines.

There is no need to register for this video. Just click and watch to see how you would have done had you been a MarketClub member utilizing the "Trade Triangle" technology.

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Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

14 thoughts on “Trade Triangles make sense and money trading Apple

  1. Sat,

    The Trade Triangle technology we use for MarketClub is based on previous data as are most technical indicators.

    Triangles appear on the charts because of price action.

    When I made the S&P video the weekly triangle was pointed down and the monthly triangle was pointed up. What I personally expected to happed did not take place. Later the price action signaled a green weekly triangle meaning that both the weekly and monthly triangle were in sync. When this happened we indicated to blog viewers and members that the market was headed higher.

    It is all on the blog.

    Thanks for your input.


  2. Your trade triangle appears after the fact not before a move.

    I have been observing your trade triangle arguments. For example, you said S&P is going down but after it went against your prediction all of a sudden your Triangle appeared, as if it was a magic. You never showed your triangle when you were talking about S&P going down few months ago, after it moved up, triangle appeared as if it was predicting.

    All the indicators are calculating based on previous data, so how can you say it is predicting.

  3. Dear Skip,

    You are absolutely correct that the reason the "Chart Analysis Score" changed from a +90 to +100 was that the video was done during the trading day. When the price changed from 164.15 to 164.339, the price crossed over the 5-hour moving average flipping the weighed score of 10 from a negative to a positive, therefore altering the score from a +90 to a +100.

    Please see this link for more information about the "Chart Analysis Score," and please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team if you have any further questions.


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  4. I am still trying to get my mind around your triangle methedology. I understand exactly what the triangles are doing. You say we can make money by just using the triangles without thinking or reading any reports.

    What I deduced from this AAPL video is:

    Monthly triangles (which aren't really monthly) tell us whether the trend is up or down.

    Weekly Triangles (not really weekly) are entry and exit points.

    Daily Triangles (not really daily) are belated entry and exit points.

    If the Trend is Down then a Red (wkly) Triangle is a short entry signal and a Green (wkly) Triangle is a short exit signal.

    If the Trend is Up a Green (wkly) Triangle is a long enter signal and a Red (wkly) Triangle is a long exit signal.

    Let me know if my conclusion is correct or not.

    It appears to me that if we just traded the Monthly Triangles that we would profit as much but with less broker fees than trading the weekly signals. Do you have any back testing to this effect?

    1. Charles,

      Thank you for taking the time to post on our blog. I am not clear when you say the monthly triangles (which aren't really monthly) what that means?

      I think you have a pretty good grasp of the trade triangles and how they work. I would not necessarily disagree with your conclusion that the monthly trade triangles just standalone perhaps could do better than filtering them with the weekly triangles. To answer your question we do not have any back testing on any market.

      Please share with us your conclusions if you have some results you checked out yourself.

      All the best,

      1. What I mean by "the monthly triangles (which aren’t really monthly)" is that the triangles that have an "M" in them do not happen on a monthly cycle. They happen as that particular Market (stock) changes direction in a large enough move to trigger your "M" triangle parameters. This could be once every 3 months or it could happen 3 times a month (although we hope not).

        1. Charles,

          Thanks for for replying and explaining this to me. I couldn't understand it before, but now I do.


        2. From your reply I didn't get a confirmation or denial that the triangle nomenclature of "monthly, weekly and daily" are just for naming convenience and they do not happen on a set cycle of 30, 7,or 1 day.

        3. Charles,

          Thank you for your question. The “monthly, weekly and daily” are for naming convenience.


  5. Hi Adam,

    Was watching the video. Somehow the score on AAPL changed from 90 to 100 around 6:54 into the video. Is it because you did the video when AAPL was still trading and a price jump caused the score to change?

  6. Do you use monthly charts for trend confirmation and weekly for entry?

    How do you use the daily?

    1. Donna,

      For equities our suggested methodology is to use the Monthly Trade Triangles to determine trend direction and possible initial entry and Weekly Trade Triangles to determine your entry and exit points. If you are a shorter term trader you are able to use the same trend/timing technique with Daily & Weekly Trade Triangles. Although this is not the suggested technique, it has worked well for many customers and you may want to back-test the results of specific markets you track.

      Give our customer service team a call at 1-800-538-7424 if you have any further questions.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  7. Interesting about AAPL but the camtasia screen is distorted. Pinched in from side to side to about 2/3 normal size. Height is normal. Windoz XP on P4.

    1. Mike,

      Give it another shot the problem is on your end I'm afraid. You may just want to reboot your machine or maybe a memory problem that you're having with your computer.

      Thank you for posting to the blog we appreciate it.

      All the best,

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