Trader's Blog Contest Winner For October

The winner of the October Trader's Blog contest, where we asked "At what price will the DOW close fo the last day of 2009?" is random comment number 117. We had 203 responses, but only 187 eligible comments.

The random winner is...

Dan G. of Manassas, Virginia


We will be contacting you shortly via email address to obtain your postal address so we can send your prize pack.

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The MarketClub Team

3 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest Winner For October

  1. Adam,

    Is it possible to see a summary or quick analysis of our guesses please?
    I certainly would be very interested in how the Market Club community feels that we will finish 2009.


    1. Karen,

      Here is the results recap that you requested...

      Median 9,950
      Mode 10,500
      Range 5,000 - 12,780

      Contest Results

      It looks as if the majority of visitors feel as if the DOW will close 2009 somewhere between 10,000 and 10,999.

      Hope this is what you were looking for. Please give us a shout if there is anything else you need.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

      1. That is awesome Lindsay!


        I guess we would have expected some sort of Bell curve centered near the current price. It is interesting to see a generally bearish stance (more than 50% of guesses were below current prices AND below the most common guess).

        The extreme range is the greatest surprise!
        We seem to have all bases covered!

        I appreciate the analysis.


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