Trader's Blog Contest For November (Shortened to 2 weeks)

“What trade are you thankful for this year?”

This month's contest is shortened to two weeks as we have our 'Holiday Give Away' starting mid-November.

This months contest is super simple.  Just write a brief note about a trade that you are thankful for this year. Did you get in Apple (NASDAQ_AAPL) @ $137, in Gold (FOREX_XAUUSDO) @ 950, or did you made a killing off of EURUSD (FOREX_EURUSD)?

Just leave a comment on this post telling us about a trade that you are thankful for this year. There is no wrong or right answer. The winner will be chosen randomly. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CONTEST.

Prize Winner will receive...

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2 Complimentary Months of MarketClub


How To Enter:

Comment on this post telling us about a trade you are thankful for this year. You may add a little bit of commentary or analysis if you would like to... just keep it clean and remember that there is only one entry per person. All multiple entries will be deleted without notification.



1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM (Eastern) on November 15th, 2009.

2. No wrong answers. Any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

4. Winner will be picked by random integer software.

5. Monthly Prize Winner will be contacted on Monday, November 16th, 2009 via email.

Good luck!


WINNER - Picked @ 10:15 AM (EST), 11/16/09

The winner of this shortened drawing is Avinash. Avinash was our 23rd comment where the response was "Way lucky to buy Gold around $980."

I will be contacting this winner via email to your address of where I can send you prize.

Thank you all for entering and please don't forget to sign-up for our big Holiday Giveaway, where we will be giving around over $5,000 in trading products throughout the month of December.


The MarketClub Team

45 thoughts on “Trader's Blog Contest For November (Shortened to 2 weeks)

  1. Interestingly enough, the several trades I am most thankful for this year are.....the ones I didn't make! One of the values in the triangles is that they can also "warn you away" from making a trade. On several occasions, some indicators would indicate entry; but the triangles would tell me to stay on the sidelines. I stayed off the field of play, and avoided some losses. Tis a good thing!


  2. I am glad that I entered a market order in Gold at 1070 which triggered on the news of the India Gold purchases - and held this through 1020, and sold on the apparent weakness on Friday 13th at 1103.

    Al Silverstein

  3. My best trade for this year is when I LONG USDCAD
    on 20 Oct,from 1.0280 to 1.0557, make a total of 287 pips

    Hope to repeat such setup and result.

  4. My best trade in 2009 was BMNM. Browsing Web in the end of January, I spotted unusual volume of BMNM (the real estate trust Bimini Capital ). I had that stock before at the price $4.50 to $5.50 couple years ago but it was down to $0.03. BMNM jumped from $0.03 to $0.08 in February and then dropped to $0.04. I bought 10000 shares at $0.05 in the beginning of March. Volume was low but it were all white soldiers. I was glad that I did it. BMNM moved up and I sold part (3000) shares at $0.48 on November 10, 2009. I am holding other shares as BMNM declared dividends to the shareholders on record on November 16, 2009. I paid $160 (including commissions) for 3000 shares and got $1430 (including commissions). That is 800% of the profit. And I have the potential profit in ahead. I made 30 to 80% of the profits from several single trades before but never above 100%.
    Alex Polyakov

  5. BCB was great for me. In at $1.09 and sold at $9.80. I'm finishing off the year with MB. I'm up over 80% right now with this toy company.
    Good Trading

  6. HI

    I bought the AUD/USD pair in May 2009 at 0.7250 with 10X leverage.And I have continued to stay long the pair.Its only now that I have tightened my trailing stop to 301 pips in case the USD goes ballistic.



  7. I bought AUD/USD pair with 10X leverage in May 2009 at 0.7250 and have stayed long the trade since.

    I am extremely thankful for staying true to fundamentals.And its only now that I have applied a 350 pip trailing Stop in case the US Dollar goes ballistic.


  8. Bought HYFXF in Aug @ 1.09 -- just about a double now and got a nice 2 cent dividend to boot. Also put away a bunch of phys gold between '02 & '05 at an average of $535 -- Happy? duh!

  9. I have 2 I am equally thankful for - GE @ $8.56 and HRP @ $3.24. I am also thankful for learning about covered calls, where I've picked up a few dollars on the side.

  10. My best purchase was Oilexco when it was $12.90. It eventually went to just about 'zero', as I watched it go down. The lesson learned was a good one. If I would have had MarketClub at the time I doubt if I would have had the total loss, for I would have sold out probably with just a small loss...

  11. I have 2 nice trade this year, buying AAPL at $109 after finishe the tripple bottom and break the resisteance... still keep it at 191 today

    The second nice trade was BT (British elecom)...buying at $12.65 after braking resistance around this days at $22

  12. Contrary to my better judgement, I did a no-no in equity investing and on a whim bought 100,000 XMDC.PK, a micro-penny stock on or about Oct 1, 2009 for .007 a share. It now trades at between .06 and .10. Have since sold some at .095 for interim profit enough to get my original investment back and now letting the rest ride. I am thankful because the four other micro-penny stocks I bought at the same time have all gone south. Someone once told me you only need one!

  13. Earlier this year I had realized that energy prices are very likely to soar, given the inflation projections and the ongoing discussions about peak oil. As a long term investor I was looking for a security that will pay dividends on top of capital growth. The dividends are not only for profit, but they provide some assurance about the stock price and how low it can fall when the entire market ebbs. All of these factors led me to invest in various Canadian Oil Trusts, namely Penn-West, Pengrowth, Peyto, Provident. In the past quarter alone these stocks climbed 30%-40% on top of the ~12% annual dividend they pay on a monthly basis.
    These trusts were extremely over sold on March 09 and I believe they will continue to outperform the markets as oil prices climb.

  14. My best trade of the year was CAAS. Got in initially in May and added to position a month or so later.

  15. A search on new monthly trade triangles signalled a buy of RTK on Aug 6. Bought shares the next day, as an experiment really, at $.76. They shot up to $2.90 in two weeks and I sold at $2.18. If only it was always that easy!

  16. Shorting the USD/CAD at $1.13 a while ago. It seems the value of the Canadian loonie is dependent to some extent on the economy. Wish it were that way for the fiat reserve of the world.

  17. Most thankful for riding the EURUSD from 1.42 levels up to 1.47.
    Budden through careless trading lost all the profits again. haha.
    Thankful for the lessons too though.

  18. I got into Microsoft before a very nice recent gap-up. Also, because of your emphasis on Gold & recommendation to wait for a pull-back to less than $103, I'm in here too & waiting.
    I'm new to trading, so as you say Adam, my best trade was from a Free Trail to a subscription in MarketClub.

  19. I am thankful that on my very first (self designed) option trade I made $5,100 in 15 days. What made it outstanding is that I sold a Put for $5,500 and bought a call for $2,500 so I was in the trade for a net credit of $3,000. This was a JNJ combination in Jul09.

  20. TGB at 1.18. I got out today for 2.98. I think it's about to go much higher, but I had my sell order in and it took off on good news while I wasn't looking.
    It was a piece of good fortune though, as I had been watching some big gains slip away. The stock got up to 3.20 last week, and hit a low of 2.57 today. Good luck for me!!!

  21. I'm thankful for buying AINV @ 4.26 in March of 2009. AUY @ 5.702 and NXG @ 0.61 in Nov 2008. Most of all PUDA @ 0.20 (1.40 post reverse split) in March 2009, and my 100 free trades per account at Wellsfargo, and $13 trades @ E*Trade for my penny stocks. I have some loser too, but overall I've regained 90% of my July 2007 peak value in my IRA's. I hope I can hang on to it and build it up this time. CS

  22. I averaged in to a small biotech - THLD from march to june and averaged out with good profits in aug and sept.

    It's fun when the prices go your way!

  23. My best trade was selling naked puts on BAC when financials were taking off like a rocket. I also bought Gold at around $980... a little late in the game, but still made some nice profits. I got stopped out of it recently when it dipped to $100.90 and took off again without me.

    Thank you very much Universe.

    1. Correction, of course Gold didn't dip to $100.90... I was trading GLD in case anyone is curious. Got in at around $92, when I believe Gold was around $980...

  24. My best trade for which I am thankful was the purchase of 2 Dec. Gold futures contracts @ $972.20, after the $968.60 breakout on the Gold chart that I keep. I am still holding on to this trade (as long as possible) & plan on rolling into the March Gold option if my target of 1250 (approx.) has not been reached.

  25. Using a mutual fund family that had funds that mirrored the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq, I bought them on March 10th (just off the last market bottom) and sold them all last week for over 100% profit each.

  26. Bought FGP for $12. Pays a nice dividend, too. Of course, just about any stock bought in March-April was a good buy.

  27. I started learning about trading few months ago.I am trading e-mini futures(S&P 500)and my first trade on a live account gave me $12.50.Im thankful for that trade as it was the point I worked for 4 months day&night alongside with my full time job,I strongly believe that that trade was a start point a new begining.

  28. My only stock option trade this year was buying 4 Apache January 85 calls when the stock was in the low 80's. It went over 100. I didn't get out at the top but I made a good profit.

  29. A super trade was buying two CALL options on the YEN earlier on this year. Bought right after a retracement so the entry point was perfect and I rode the move up for a while. Made around $15,000 on each options. Got out after what I thought was some distribution and a little while after, the market retraced substantially. Great trade for the money but the real pleasure came from getting in and out "perfectly." As it is said, when the timing is right, the price is right !!


    Loic de Cupper

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