Traders Toolbox: Forward to Gann Theory Revisited...

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"To TRULY be a success at almost any profession takes commitment — the type of commitment which comes from the heart, not the mind. Most successful people I know have a dedication towards their chosen path which was forged through hunger. Hunger for knowledge, hunger for power, hunger for wealth, and, in many instances, the hunger associated with survival. It’s hard to be “rich” if you haven’t been “poor”; “happy” if you haven’t been “sad”; or “satisfied” if you haven’t been “hungry”.I believe Gann’s biggest secret consisted of hard work and common sense. Hard work follows a true commitment and a desire to learn. Common sense is sharpened by the process of learning from experience. In my opinion, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK AND AN OPEN MIND.

In trading commodities, a critically important..."

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