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We received a message from a new member yesterday and I thought I would pass it along to Trader's Blog visitors. We love hearing stories like this...


"I think MarketClub is a wonderful tool, and I'm looking forward to learning how to use it to help me make better trading decisions than I would otherwise make if I didn't have the benefit of MarketClub's analysis.

In fact, it's already made me money (or, rather, saved me from losing money)!  Let me explain.  Like I said, I'm a very new customer of yours, having only had the product since last week Thursday.  I entered my entire Portfolio and studied the resulting Charts with Trade Triangles and Scores that evening. I didn't like what I saw when it came to MELA. So Friday morning I sold my 420 shares of MELA at $9.61. Today, Monday, MELA is now at $8.36. That's a difference of $1.25 which, when multiplied by my 420 shares = $525.00! So, having avoided that loss, it's like getting over a full year of MarketClub service for free! Imagine how happy I am to have made the decision to subscribe to MarketClub!"

Mike M.
Detroit, Michigan

18 thoughts on “Quick Note From A New Member

  1. Go the Aussie!

    Aussie markets would be a big plus but I'd say there would be a couple in line ahead of us. If we Aussie's are trading cfd's the possibilities are endless in what you trade. I say drop the Aussie stocks and get on some bigger markets.

    I'm about to set up the super fund. If you can't trade derivatives in this or foreign exchanges there is still a number of etf's that you can get access to on the ASX that Market Club follow. I'm just compiling a small list of securities I can trade and going from there. I think if we trade equities a lot of markets move in similar directions so it doesn't matter what you trade as long as you get results.

  2. do you have any company to invest for in India.

    India is fast emerging country development and gdp wise.

    please advise me.

    i have been watching your videos since long, i could not take benefit only because i had lost $33 k a little before since i am in your contact.

    Now i would like to go long for wheat but i have zero knowledge about its seasonal change in price etc. if you can throw some light and what is a right price to enter, in your opinion?

    I am eager to be a member, but you must focus little faster on investment concept in developing countries which promise a huge return.

    I am very much obliged to you for free information and videos you have provided until now.


    1. narendrakuma,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I agree with you there are probably lots of opportunities in the markets in India. At the present time we do not have any data on this market. I expect that sometime in the future this will change.

      All the best,

  3. Hi, I would also "encourage" you to get the ASX market on Market Club! I would sign up pronto!

  4. Hi,
    I'm a new member of club.
    I really fell satisfy by Marketclub although I didn not understand clearly eveything what I saw, learned.
    I wish ourclub will be successful and helpful for everybody.



  5. Hey, wait a minute! First come first served!

    South Africa is first in the queue. We asked for the JSE to be covered a year ago. The European markets and Asia wouldn't be a bad idea either, now that everyone is diversifying their portfolios out of US dollars.

  6. I took the trial and was impressed by the tools. But then, I opted out of it.
    I still use the site to get my self little bit more educated. I thank you for it. I wish you would improve on the charting tools:
    a) I should be able to chart on a full page
    b) A simple sorting of the tickers is not available. Nor finding the symbol by hitting the first letter. Things of that sort. If I a portfolio / watch of list of 50 or more stocks, it becomes rather uncomfortable to find the symbol you want to chart.
    I believe you are working on the above.
    I shall wait
    Thanks for the opportunity to see Market Club upclose
    Did I benefit - make money ?

  7. Jan,

    We are working on it. We want to bring MarketClub to Australia. Help spread the word to all your trading friends.


    1. I would love to join up when you have Australian Charts. When in the future do you think that might be?

  8. I'm In Australia. I'd like market club to have the all ords as well as the top stocks for Australia on it- I guess everyone would like this for their own countries as well 🙂 Much more work though. I don't know how to do tax etc as a smller investor if I invest overseas. As a trader I don't fancy staying awake at nights to trade overseas markets. But if I live in the US i would definitely be using this tool!

  9. Hindsight is always better than foresight, of course, but Tuesday's action in the stock shows a bullish hammer candlestick, which filled the gap up from late August. So it's just a question of what to do now going forward.

  10. The chart on MELA did start to look pretty bad, but remember that a loss is only a loss when you sell it. MELA is speculative, but if there cancer detection machine get early approval this winter the stock could be a big winner.

    I am a hard core market club believer and have done very well using the tools, but I do feel they tend to work better on larger broadly traded stock with earnings.

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