Holiday Giveaway Update

There are still 5 prizes to be given away in the month of December from our Trader's Blog Holiday Giveaway. If you haven't yet entered the drawing, you can still signup for a chance to win the remaining prizes.

We will be selecting the winners tomorrow (December 16th), Friday the 18th, Monday the 21st, Wednesday the 23rd, and Friday the 25th. You will be notified via phone/email and will have 48 hours to respond with your prize selection. The winner will select their choice of prize from the list below. Once a prize as been selected, it will be crossed off and the remaining prizes will be up for grabs for the next winner.

Remaining Prizes


Bougearel's - Riding The Storm Out (book) & Free Yearly Subscription to Structural Logic Newsletter

Technical Analysis: Using Multiple Timeframes - Hardback Book

Technical Analysis: Using Multiple Timeframes - Hardback Book

NASDAQ Profits - Free E-book with over 30 years of NASDAQ statistics

DecisionBar Trading - 3 Free Months of Software

Power Investor - 1 Free Year Newsletter Subscription


Enter the Trader's Blog Holiday Giveaway today!

To read about the remaining prizes, please visit the original post here.

Good luck and Happy Holidays,

The Trader's Blog Team

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway Update

  1. Hi everyone. Mr Hewison, you ARE THE BEST!!!! After loosing half my 401K last year I swore that I would learn to trade and not face such disaster ever again. Not being able to afford to sign up for caurses I begun a search of freebies offered on internet. I did not find anything remotely close to what you are offering. The few minute treasures is what I would call them. All one needs in a nutshell. I did sighn up for INO and learend, learned and went on. I look forward to recieving your MARKET CLUB TRADERS BLOG ALERT.
    So this is a THANK YOU SIR.

  2. G'Day Folks ... A quick comment to congratulate all those who produce your Mkt video clips. Unique and most informative . Thanks, keep up
    your wonderful work . Cheers F

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