Free Webinar: Getting the Most Out of MarketClub 3-Part Series

Thank you for joining us for last week’s “Getting the Most Out of MarketClub” Part 1 webinar. If you weren’t able to join us, you’re in luck as we’ve just put the finishing touches on the edited version for all of our MarketClub members and Trader’s Blog readers.

Viewing tip: Click the far right icon on the bottom right corner to view full screen. We hope that you enjoy our most recent webinar video and that you’ll be able to join us next time!

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17 thoughts on “Free Webinar: Getting the Most Out of MarketClub 3-Part Series

  1. Hi Adam,
    You have recommended using the "short term trading strategy" for gold (futures). Should I be using this if I want to trade in GLD (ETF). Or should I be using the mid/longer term strategy with the ETF. Same question with Silver and SLV.

    1. Nikesh,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I suggest using the mid to longer term strategy for GLD ETF. I have no comment on SLV.

      All the best,

  2. Darrell,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I would focus on one or two markets. Be prepared to take several loses but be consistent.

    All the best,

  3. I trade mainly forex. I don't have a huge amount of money in my trade platform. Should I remain a short term trader using weekly and daily triangles until I can build the amount up to where I feel I can use a larger stop loss to trade the forex as a monthly & weekly longer term trade?

  4. Thanks for the video. Gave me extra insight into using Market Club.Like the idea of using different colors for triangles of different time periods.

  5. Hi Adam!

    I think Trade Triangles are proprietary. But is there any chance you could confirm my following understanding as to what triggers a Monthly and Weekly Trade Triangle?

    Monthly Trade Triangle: New 3 month high (Green) or new 3 month low (Red)
    Weekly Trade Triangle: New 3 week high (Green) or new 3 week low (Red)

    I understand that the logic could be complicated than this. For e.g. if the last weekly trade triangle triggered was green, and the stock kept going high and high, it would not trigger a new green weekly trade triangle since the current weekly signal is already green.

    All I wanted to know is whether my hypothesis above correlates well with the triggering logic of trade triangles.


  6. Just watched my 1st video - it was clear, concise, and helpful to understanding the approaches taken by Market Club.

    Thanks... and well done!

  7. The video is not working. When I click the play button nothing happens and the time for the video shows 00:00. Just thought I'd let you know. All of the other videos on your blog work fine for me except this one.

  8. I am just getting familar w/ what you are doing.
    I am fairly bearish at present and am expecting the start of a significant correction at any point.( Although I have been wrong for about 6 weeks.)

    With your weeky and monthly triangles can you catch a fast correction?


    1. Jim,

      I have to say that the Trade Triangles can catch fast moves, however, large sustained moves offer up bigger profits.


  9. Thank you for posting the edited version of Part 1 of "Getting The Most Out of MarketClub".
    Will you being posting Part 2 and 3, for viewing at a later date?

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