Mastering MarketClub Webinars: We need your input!

So far your response to the MarketClub webinars has been great, but we want to make sure that we are accommodating as many of our readers as possible. Please let us know what day and time of day works best with your schedule.

*Keep in mind that we are located on the eastern seaboard of the US, so you may need to add or subtract from our time zone.

Vote below and let us know what you think!


Susan Jackson
Webinar Administrator & MarketClub

58 thoughts on “Mastering MarketClub Webinars: We need your input!

  1. Please create a section called 'Webinars'. All past and upcoming sessions should be communicated here. Since education is the key, this section deserves visibility on your main page.

    In this new section, webinars should be titled to indicate content, this will enable the user to select what they want to view.

    Sessions should be held after the market has finished for the
    day and then immediately made available for those who could not attend.

  2. As I live in Bahrian (+3hrs GMT), my best option is to watch recorded webinars. Please have the recordings available for review within 24 hours, in order to stay current...

  3. In the webinair Adam refers to the "Perfect Portfolio" in the blog. I performed a search to no avail. Please supply the location of this item.



  4. I'd like to chime in for doing it when most people want but know that I will almost always use the recording. Make it easier to find the recordings though. I have to search high and low and then find it accidentally!

    1. Hi Allen,

      It's never too late to rejoin, especially with improvements coming down the pipeline very soon! Give our customer support team a call at 1-800-538-7424 and we would be happy to get you started.


      Susan Jackson
      Webinar Administrator & MarketClub

  5. Morning or mid afternoon for us in the UK, but please make them available for any who could not attend.

  6. Hi Susan - as I live on the west coast of Oz we have a twelve hour one day difference therefore your 9am becomes my 9pm the others have me up all nite

  7. Since I live in South Africa which is 6 hours ahead of EST it is important that the seminars occur early in the mornings EST.

  8. Evenings on Monday or Tuesday with webcast available for review would be best. Please do the webcast after market hours.

  9. I'm retired so you just let me know when they are and I'll try and be there unless I've got a golf date. If I've got a golf date, I've gotta go.........I've got to keep my priorities straight!!!

  10. The actual broadcasting time and date for live doesn't bother me as long as I can view it later on. Please post it on the email later.

    Best wishes!

  11. For me, 6, 7, or 8 PM EST is best (I'm on east coast). Monday or Friday is best for me. Recorded would be a great backup option.


  12. I am just along from Paul, in Malaysia. A 9pm est becomes 10am here so ideal. I cannot manage any of the other suggested times.
    Day is immaterial.
    I have not voted, the choices are too restrictive.

    A recording solves all the problems.

  13. I would love to attend them but work M-F and am home at 6:30pm each night. At least recordings would be great.

  14. As a new subscriber to your service, this was very instructive and helpful. I look forward to either participating or viewing future webinars.

    One area of which I am not very clear from watching the current one is in the area of "stops". I realize that all traders/investors are different and I appreciate your recommendation to find your own level of comfort, however, I can tell from your comments that you have, at least, a general view on how to best use the trend/trade methodology depending on the security being traded. Of particular interest to me personally is the more long-term aspect of the investment process.

    For example, on trading with a currency, you seem to suggest that the monthly trigger alone works well. This makes great sense to me.

    In this case, do you place stops at all and if so where (understanding of course that these are individually-based decisions). The same goes for the Monthly Trend/Weekly Trade process. I guess what I'm looking for are suggestions, or your thoughts on how best to employ stops on the more long-term trading/investing using your system.

    Thank you in advance for your response to these questions.

  15. I see that evenings aren't a choice on the survey. Working people, like myself, are probably the ones that need these seminars more than the people who can afford to not work and be at home all day long. If you care to really make these available to the people that need it, please consider doing webinars in the evening or on weekends when everyone, not just a few, can join in.

    Thank you.

  16. As I live in Australia, usualy recorded webinars are preferable for me.
    But if I had to choose I would choose Monday so I would actually get it on Tuesday.
    Time frames would equate as;
    9-11am.EST = 1-3am.AEST (ZZZZZZZZZZZ)
    12-2pm.EST = 4-6am.AEST (ZZZZZZZZZZZ,Yawn & Stretch)
    3-5pm.EST = 7-9am.AEST (Coffee hasn't kicked in yet)
    Others have suggested 9pm EST that would work for me as that would be 1pm AEST.

  17. As I live in Australia it is hard to attend webinars when they are timed to most USA daytime hours so the recording of them is more important to me.
    12-2pm.EST = 4-6am.AEST (ZZZZZZZZZZZ)
    3-5pm.EST = 7-9am.AEST (coffee hasn't kicked in yet)
    9-11am EST = 1-2pm.AEST (lunchtime, perfect)

  18. I live in New Zealand so the timezone difference is importand to me, 12hr ahead. Because I trade full time i think morning here is ok as the USA markets are closing.

  19. For those of us that are retired mornings work better. However, I am sympathetic to those that are employed and have children at home. Regardless of the time of day I prefer Monday.

  20. Day time works best, Eve. at 9PM others are suggesting is 6:00pm pacific that is right in middle of dinner, getting home from work for those with day time jobs or taking care of kids. Please keep them in the day time.

  21. I agree, Evening seminars with recording for later viewing if your not able to attend.

    Happy Holidays

  22. 9:00pm at night would be the ideal time for your seminars
    day is done, kids taken care of for the evening

  23. Ideally I think the webinars should be held in the evenings and with the recordings available for review or for those that cannot attend.

      1. I agree too. Those of us on the West coast are at work during most of these. Set times that we can make, too.

    1. I haven't been able to watch any due to circumstances PLEASE RECORD them so I can view them when possible!!!!

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