Saturday Success Story - Ronald, California

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Here is one of our member's story...

"I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to tell how MarketClub has changed my trading. I started following MarketClub about a year now, and I’m following the Trade Triangles with great success to say the least. I noticed that if I get a signal from the daily and enter on either a stop order or on the market open on the next day and stayed with the trade till the daily triangle signal tells me to exit the trade, most of trades have been winning trades. My profits range between $5,000 dollars (lowest month) to $13,000 dollars (best month). Also they added a new Alert feature, and it’s outstanding, giving traders a hands on alert to when a profit target or stop placement have been hit (not having to wait until end of day to find out.) In closing, I would like to say that I’m very happy to be a member of MarketClub and look forward to many years of profitable trading with Trade Triangles." ~ Ronald H., California

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Ronald, California

  1. I've read of people having success with trade triangles but never how to do it,I've back tracked and find especially with the dailies one can get whipped pretty bad.The monthlys seem to show merit but by the time you get them most of the profits are gone. I usaly try back thre days and what I seem to get is old news

  2. Agreed... the trading triangles are beneficial for the most part. I'm quite impressed with the system as I've reviewed it. However, as many point out (especially Bill N), stories of success without details of methodology does not really teach anyone how to trade better.

  3. However, he did it in a bull marlet-nearly everything went up. I'm curious how the triangles do in a sideways market-which is what the next year will probably be.

  4. Good morning,
    Is it possible to incorporate the trade triangles into our Singapore stocks. I could actually e-mail my software subcribe link for daily download and then your software could take over from there.
    Presently I am not trading any USA stocks and therefore I may not benefit anything from it even if I signed up.
    I am also trading future indexes of the Hang Seng, FTSE and sometimes Dow Jones and Nasdaq.

    Best regards,


    1. Winston,

      Our service can't be used with another quote service. In the future we will look to expand our quote offerings.

      Stick with us and hopefully we can be worked into your trading plan in the future.


      Lindsay Thompson & MarketClub

  5. I am always ready to read a success story, but HOW IT WAS ACHIEVED is never followed.. which becomes a teacing method. Without it, it is not convincing ..

  6. Whenever someone puts in profit figures, I think it's also important to add the initial capital. $5000 profit on an initial investment of $5000 is outstanding. On $5,000,000, it's less impressive.

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