The MarketClub Minute - Lesson 5

Adam reiterates one of his most important tips in today’s MarketClub Minute video. You only need to click here to find out what it is and implement it in your own trading strategy if you haven’t already.

Start watching now and leave a comment to tell us how you use this tool.


Adam and The MarketClub Team

6 thoughts on “The MarketClub Minute - Lesson 5

  1. Hi,
    Haven't seen that I already know about and sometimes fret over. While balance sheets can be helpful as in fundamentals the graph, (techinal analysis) usually brings to the front important timing and entry and exit p;oints.

  2. I like a stock to come to me. I use a popular charting service to scan for stocks meeting criteria I set for price, volume, and one or two indicators. I then run whatever looks most promising past the appropriate sector index and review the weekly and monthly charts.

    I don't go after long shots or look for the exception to a bearish sector and I'm not tempted by day trades-

    I want to see a trend and strength. I aim for 80% success with trades and I credit MarketClub with attaining and sustaining that goal.

  3. Adam,
    Once you know, according to your gameplan if something didn't work per your expectation, do you sell rightaway or you wait for any other indicator to confirm? What stoploss limit are you personally using 10, 15 or any? Because it's very hard to make decision to selll, then I get beaten. Once I sell that stock keep on going up. If you can shed some light on this topic.
    Thank You for your time.
    Hitesh Patel

    1. Hitesh,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      To answer your question if you have a game plan and the market is not going according to your game plan then your wrong plain and simple. It is much better to take a small loss rather than a large loss. Having a game plan will help you achieve those goals.

      All the best,

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