Attention Members: How Do YOU Use MarketClub?

Many times when MarketClub members call our support team, they share a little of their own strategy. A lot of these tips are then passed on among the support team and then sometimes along to other members. We have also had members call and ask us how others use the service. We love this notion of idea-sharing and want to take it to the next level.

The concept is to have members who have established their own MarketClub approach and would be comfortable sharing, to participate in a webinar attended by other members and participants. Ideally, you would take us through a typical day of using the service. This is a very simple example, but an idea of what we're looking for:

  1. You check your email to see if any new Alerts have been issued in your portfolio and then login to take a look at those charts
  2. Then you may peruse the Recent "Trade Triangle" list or Smart Scan for new potential markets and then look at those charts and using your own criteria (chart studies, trendlines, etc.) to determine if you're interested in trading that market
  3. Login to your trading platform and execute your trades

If you're not comfortable presenting this information, we're still interested in the tips and strategies that you've found work well with MarketClub - perhaps a moving average crossover that works well with our "Trade Triangles" or a way to use the Chart Analysis score that is different from MarketClub's suggested method.

As a bonus for participating, we are offering a one year extension on your MarketClub membership if you agree to present or a quarter extension if we use your "tip" to share during a presentation.

If you're interested, please email ed*******@in*.com with either a description of your MarketClub strategy and/or provide your contact information and I will call you to discuss it.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Every success,

Susan Jackson
Director of MarketClub Education & MarketClub

13 thoughts on “Attention Members: How Do YOU Use MarketClub?

  1. I too am looking for a place to make comments, suggestions or questions.
    I sometimes see videos that state --- if xyz gets to 123 then Weekly will go negative ... I don't understand how triangle changes can be anticipated. If I knew in advance, I'd know where to put my stops. With alerts I find myself reacting, vs anticipating.

    I liked how it was easy to scroll through my portfolio charts with a next or prev button. Can't do that with the newest charts.

  2. I setup weekly and monthly trade triangle alerts on the major indices and sector ETF's. I also add these symbols to my portfolio so that I can easily track trend strength and reversals each sunday night. By using Marketclub, Trade Triangles,, 12/26 MACD (buy signal confirmation), and 13/39 MACD (sell signal confirmation), I can get a view on the overall market in under 30 minutes.

  3. For day trading what time frame (5,15 or 60 min) are you using with bb(12) and macd (6,13,5)?

  4. no, the fast line doesn't need to be above the zero line. Just check to see that the upper bollinger band is headed upward and that price is moving up with it.

  5. this is for frank aiman about his post on mar 03.
    i am new to market club frank, would you please talk a little bit about the last line on your post (i enter when the fast line turns up ect.)does this line need to be at or above the zero line (macd) or does it matter?
    thanks again for the info on your style!

  6. I appreciate the spirit this in terms of sharing tips from users for everyone's benefit. But I'd also suggest making a similar effort to get feedback from users on what doesn't work or that could be improved.

    My biggest frustration with MarketClub is the email alerts on triangles, which inundated me with so many irrelevant emails that I had to reluctantly stop using the service.

    The problem is detailed here:

    Supposedly this was going to be fixed, but there was never any follow-up - at least in terms of posts or emails advising.

    MarketClub is a great foundation, but it feels like a 1.0 version of a site - a great burst of creativity, but that could be so easily improved in many areas to take it to the next level.

    I have no shortage of comments and ideas, as I bet other users would too.

  7. As sound as some indicators might seem, when everything on the charts looks positive I still find myself screening the stock for some positive fundamental base before entering the trade 😉

    And Adam, make a damn messageboard!! 😉
    Blogging sucks, its not fast and searching blogs is annoying.


  8. Thanks Adam, lol, of course I'm already a member and think your service is awesome! I was hoping you might point specifically to one of the sources within Trade School.
    Again, many thanks for the wonderful service Market Club provides!

  9. Richard,

    As a member of there are tons of educational trading videos that you have access to on a 24/7 basis.

    All the best,

  10. Hello Adam,
    I would be interested in learning more about chart patterns, and clues within, that may signal buy or sell trades. Is there a comprehensive tool within Market Club that one can turn to?
    Many thanks,

  11. First I look to see if your triangles are showing a trend or trend change. Then i use the bollenger bands to determine oversold or overbought. Then I use the MACD to determine entry or sell.For day trading I use the 12 setting on the Bollenger bands. 20 on longer trades. On the MACD I use (6,13,5) for day trading. (12,26,9) for longer trades. I enter when the fast line turns up and exit when it turns down.

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