How to trade the euro, regardless of what happens to Greece

Things have been bad in Europe recently. Between the travel restrictions due to the volcano and ash, as well as Greece not wanting to conform to strict fiscal policies, problems are adding up and adding weight onto the euro.

It is interesting to note that in the beginning of 2010, everyone was bearish on the dollar. Looking at the market action alone we could see that the dollar has done very well vis-à-vis the euro. This is where technical analysis shines as it is an unbiased viewpoint of the collective wisdom of all market participants.

In this new video I show you how you can trade the euro/USD cross using our "Trade Triangle" technology and come out of winner no matter what happens to Greece, Portugal, or Spain.

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Enjoy the video.

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Adam Hewison
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10 thoughts on “How to trade the euro, regardless of what happens to Greece

  1. Hey lou, what are you on?

    Adam, the other traders and I want to chat and discuss trading, not listen to your gitty-girl nonsense ego.

    Get a life somewhere else please!

    Go on a long trip to look for the Golden Fleece in Greece!

  2. see how they smile in their pictures above even though they're wrong ? and then one of them even tells me im not happy hahahha trying to play head games with me hahaha .... these guys smiling in their pictures above.... even though they are wrong.... damn ! these guys would make some really good politicians ! lol !

  3. gold currently up plus 11.70 cents today ! yes $ 1178 per ounce !!!! dollar is DOWN today ! so happy sham sooooooo happy ! yessssssssssssssssssssss hahahahahahaha

  4. oh sham whats makes you think im not happy....usa dollar has met resistance and is currently down... when gold is currently up $ 8.80 more 4-30-10 7:16 am RIGHT NOW and adam says no new highs for gold this year.... ha i wouldnt be laughing if i wasnt happy ! all the best............. live and learn sham and adam .. live and learn

  5. Sham,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The classic way to trade the currencies is on the daily/weekly triangles. However there are members who are not not short term oriented and that is why we show the monthly triangle approach. That is the same approach we use in our Perfect Portfolio.

    Hope this helps and we appreciate your business and trust in our company.

    All the best,

  6. Adam

    I was under the impression that to trade currencies you look at the weekly and daily triangles. If one was to follow that would the pips have added to 5,000+ ?

    Its very confusing what combination one has to follow on the triangles. Sometimes it is the Monthly/Weekly, sometimes the Weekly/Daily and in your video above only the Monthly. Why not only the weekly or dailies. There should be proper guidelines otherwise we're wasting our money subscribing to you (I have for 2 years now)

  7. Maybe you have said it Adam, and maybe not. How do we short the euro, that is WHAT do we buy, what index or what...? EURUSD is not on my menu at the IRA,and neither is shorting.

  8. Lou,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Two items:

    In the video we are talking about the EURO vs the USD not a bank stock. I prefer to stick with our Trade Triangle Technology as this strategy has proven to be a big winner over the past eight years in this cross.

    Gold, take a look at our Trade Triangle technology that is long gold and has been for some time.

    Personally as a trader I have no bias either way on a market. I only want the market to move and trend. That is were the big money is made.

    All the best and every success.

  9. trade the euro hahahahaahahha ive got one better ! read this ! the european union will never let the bank of greece go under AND ! THE problem with shorting the stock i am about to reveal is that GREECE STOPPED ALL SHORTING UNTIL JUNE 28 TH ! what does this mean ? well look at stock national bank of greece SYMBOL NBG up 9 % today 4-29-10 and yesterday up substantially also ! no video ,no trade triangle,no selling euro - by the way what is the symbol for the euro anyway ? hell if i know to trade it on my scottrade site....ill spell it out for you a good stock that already has made me some serious cash symbol for national bank of greece is NBG ......NO PIPS JUST SERIOUS MONEY ! by the way the usa dollar has hit resistance and HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO BREAK 83 CENTS ! adam talks about the usa dollar so strong but the truth is the dollar gets close to 83 and starts to sell off...MEAN WHILE LOOK AT GOLD ! continues to break resistance and i bet adam is secretly getting a little worried about golds strong uptrend and remember want a good bank stock that in its country all the stocks cant be shorted until june 28th ? nbg already over 15 % gain in two days! the european union will not let this bank go under just like the usa bailed out their banks so they would not go under ! if you want to make some serious cash you have nothing else to say ... no smarty pants remarks except thank you and for the smarty pants who will try to prove me wrong ... my comment will be I TOLD YOU SO !

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