The hottest stock in the world

It would seem that investors and traders cannot get enough of this stock. Yesterday it came as no surprise that Apple announced huge earnings, over three billion dollars, just about the same as Goldman Sachs. Now who could have predicted that just a few years ago?

So is this the beginning or the end Apple's record earnings?

In this very short video, I will show you what our targets are for Apple and how our "Trade Triangle" technology absolutely nailed this move. No matter what happened to this stock, our "Trade Triangle" technology has a winning edge that you can watch in my new video.

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Enjoy the video.

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Adam Hewison
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8 thoughts on “The hottest stock in the world

  1. i have:
    1 JAN 21 '11 180.0 Call Option (buy 2/26) im up 5120
    2 JAN 21 '11 260.0 Call Option (buy yesterday) im up 1104
    1 JAN 21 '11 270.0 Call Option (buy today) im down 35.

    i think aapl touch 300 or 350 before call expiration.

    but i put stop limit to lock earnings.

    what price target you estimated?
    i dont see the video because my english is basic

  2. Doesn't this analysis contradict your earlier warning about the S&P and the DOW hitting their 61.8% Fib levels Adam? I mean if these indexes take a fall, even Apple will drop too. So wouldn't it be better to wait for a pullback - maybe to close the big gap on Tuesday back to the $244 level?

    1. Keith,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      A scenario that could play out is the two indexes you outline could stay at the 61.8% retracement level for several months while Apple continues on it's merry way.

      All the best,

      1. Dear Adam,

        Thanks a lot for your videos. They are so helpfull.
        I would kindly ask you to send me a link of one of your previous videos where you outlined warning of possebility decline whole economy for 5-10 years. I partially remember this video but would like to have a closer look again.(I can not find it in my emails).

        Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Yes I think your analysis is reasonable, I agree with it because it has to do with apple and in light of its reports just yesterday, unfortunatly the stock is somewhat expensive for my budget.
    with my repeated thanks

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