Dip in the dow? Euro dives? Gold leaps? You tell us.

These days we're seeing a lot of high and low levels being met and surpassed across the marketplace. Today we've picked a few and want to know which of these market situations that you think could be possible this month.

Don't forget to let us know why you think they will - or won't - be happening in June or maybe at all.

47 thoughts on “Dip in the dow? Euro dives? Gold leaps? You tell us.

  1. The bear market resumes...and it will continue is usual erratic pattern of a step up with 2 or 3 steps down. Typically, one step could be several days in the market. Gold is consolidating. It will resume its upward treck shortly after mid year. 1:1 of the euro and the dollar is probable but not certain. The dollar if very concerning. It just depends on when John Q. figures it out...hard to say.

  2. I live on the Gulf coast, and the amount of oil in the gulf is underreported by the media. I flew over the gulf last week near Tampa Bay, and oils slicks on the waters of the gulf were visible from the plane, not far from the coast.
    Although BP is a huge company, I think that much of the cost of cleaning up the spill will be paid by the already in debt US governement.
    I run a tourist oriented business, and I am revamping my business right now to deal with no tourists for the next several years.
    I think the oil spill will drive the US economy- just barely into recovery- into much deeper debt, higher taxes, & more government regulation of business. Not a pro business environment.
    My end of June predictions:
    Dow under 9000.
    Oil range bound, but inevitibly higher.
    Natural Gas will be in favor politically.
    Gold- I don't know, more debt, and more investor buying, but gold in volitile, and it's usually at it's lows in the middle of the summer.
    It's hard to tell with the Euro, it just depends on the frequency of intervention. Trend is down, but the market is managed. Could reach par with USD by the end of summer.

  3. Sell Gold??? We may have seen the top on Gold this week. Everyone's buying gold even your friendly dentist and charts showing a reversal candlestick & weak RSI indicating short term drop. long term trend still up & I'll wait for more confirmation before selling Gold.

  4. I too think all 3 will happen. I picked the dow because it can move faster in one direction in a shorter period of time. Gold could spike but its already at an all time high. Currency never moves like this but these are strange times indeed.

  5. Dow will rebound and close at 10 650 by mid July. Dollar will have a major drop beginning in July. We hold the cash crash lows. Gold will continue to trade in it's current range until mid year.

  6. @Funmi

    The week preceding the 26th June should be presaged by anxiety and uncertainty, which the markets dislike, coming to a head with the full moon on the 26th itself.

    Furthermore, after the 2 weeks of the 5th to the 16th July which promise a little upswing, or at least a pause from downward slides, something more serious might take place. Pluto in Capricorn comes into a square with Jupiter in Aries in the last week of July. Since Aries is ruled by Mars this makes the likelihood of war more prescient. Mars also leaves Virgo and enters Libra, the sign of the UN, and in the firsts week of August forms both an opposition to Uranus and Jupiter and a square to Pluto. A great cross will form.

    Since Capricorn harbors the energies of management generally, on the geo-political level one interpretation would be that the world government - the UN security council - provides the trigger for Jupiter, traditionally a symbol for the US, to act against a dangerous country harboring weapons of mass destruction.

    There are a few candidates for the dangerous countries in such a scenario - Iran, North Korea, are two examples. Since Uranus is not far from Jupiter, Uranium could be an issue, and the spat between Iran and the UN comes to mind.

    My secondary interpretation would be that since Pluto also rules money - and thus also financial corporations as you have mentioned - the UN or perhaps the G20 gets involved with trying to coerce the US into accepting internationally binding financial or environmental regulation. Perhaps derivatives or some other issue becomes of international concern. The credit markets are freezing up again, so perhaps this comes to a head then.

    Or there could be a Type E event - something building up under the surface of things which is suddenly unleashed. That could be anything from an earthquake, tsunami, volcano, to a revolution, perhaps in response to austerity measures in a country in Europe. A nuclear accident involving either uranium or plutonium is also a possibility.

    Much further ahead, a serious date to worry about is the 28th March 2011, when Jupiter opposes Saturn. Nancy Reagan planned her husband's meetings with the Soviet President Gorbachev in consultation with her astrologer. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met on 19th November 1985 when Jupiter, symbol for the free world's foremost protaganist, the US, and Saturn, the symbol for the Soviet Union, the world's foremost totalitarian power, were in exact harmonious angles to each other - a perfect trine. The pleasant confluence of harmonious energies enabled the constructive dialogue which finally resulted in the Soviet Empire throwing in the towel just two years later.

    But a Saturn-Jupiter opposition is not propitious. China, with its recalcitrant satellites Iran and North Korea, would probably be the power that would fit the totalitarian description today. If a change in House Reps and Senators in November results in a hard-core fundamentalist US government, then egged on by the economist-turned-belligerent Paul Krugman, the US could threaten to take out the baseball bat on China unless it revalued its currency.

    Only time will tell. Astrology is just like Economics. There are certain indices at any point in time, but a thousand factors that could play out. Predictions for the long term become very difficult since the exact outcome of that play is anyone's guess. It is all too easy to marshall any number of indices to predict anything. However, some people have a wonderful bent for predicting events, and find all the right indices. Therefore there is very good reason to discuss and exchange ideas.

    History also provides great clues to understanding what might happen in the future. The human capacity for hindsight is a marvellous faculty. But it is also why some people have, perhaps a little unfairly, called Economics and Astrology the backward-looking sciences.

  7. The cat is dead, but it can still be made to bounce. China economy trend change is foretold technically before end of July. Make hay in the relief rally (dead cat bounce) and prepare to run for cover.
    Dollar to the moon. Silver and Gold will tag along. Until that dead cat is made to bounce again. Then repeat.

  8. ...... Morning Watchers, From the European backbenches the first thing I noticed after the pretty extensive amount of strikers in Spain yesterday, was the revelation that the Government monitored disruption within the civil service or public service as you say, to gauge the level of lay off's that could be made without the loss of service, and that at these staffing levels before lay-off's a reduction of £45.00 a month per worker in their present wages would save the equivalent of 2% of all jobs expected to go, so in some ways this is not benevolence on behalf of the employer it is just reduction in manning levels without wage increase and without redundancy pay, and it hedges against the cut backs not being required for more time than needed, which saves on recruitment costs.
    In some ways it is all well thought out, lowering the barrier in degrees of necessity, lets just hope it does not go on too long, but it does show they have had these austerity measures in place for some time this is no 'off the cuff' deceleration.
    Any one else spotted the price of 'Tin' now that's an odd on, it hasn't moved for years and now its on the slide. I'm going to buy more not less tinned goods? ...strange indicator that one!!

  9. Most likely none of the above.
    Time frame too short.
    But if forced to pick, would say Dow going below 9000 by July, due to extraneous circumstances as visible from my star charts 🙂

  10. US$/Euro:1.06 // Au(gold):will hit 1400 by June 30th // Dow will dip below 9,000 before June 30th but will rally up to 10,250 level by June 30th ...probably will return to a zone of 8,800 to 10,500 for the summer.

  11. I have almost a psychic sensitvity to the market at times.I sensed
    the market would get hit in June,starting in late May.I was late by
    only a couple of weeks.This Gulf Stream could be the greatest ecological catastrophe in recorded history.We dont know when it stops.Its remnants will still be around for the grandchildren of those born in 2000.We are beings of over 90%water,fueled by the sun.We can rebuild after hurricanes,tornadoes,even tidal waves.This
    is causing a toxic change in the souteast USA atmosphere causing a
    toxic hypoxia killing off small animals,and causing profound illness in fishermen.Man is destroying the planet,and the stockmarket will crumble.

  12. These three scenarios sound a little far fetched to me (as least in a June time frame, but if you're going to twist my arm then I choose the Dow dipping below 9,000.

    The Dow is currently sitting on significant support at 9,800, which has held firmly the last 8 months. If this level gives way, we could see a major drop that could easily lead price back to 9,000 for a test...

  13. major indeces and euro lower / gold higher than now probably by sept - oct and then reverse and take off over the following 9 months, most likely for indeces and gold, euro not sure what is going to do but probably improve by year 's end. BUT for now there is a short rally in the works to finalize that Left Shoulder of what seems another HS pattern this summer so then on to the big drop in indeces and rally in gold by fall

  14. Gold will rise to $1450.00 USD by the end of 2010. The DOW average will break 8,500 by June's end and the S&P down towards 850. The Euro will be at parity with the USD by the end of June as the UK gets a downgrade and take the Eurozone down too. Trichet has no ability to manage the ECB and the the $1TRIL bailout was definitely not to save the Euro but was to save all of the European banks and the U.S. banks to as they all hold CDOs and each others TruPS. BASEL accords are moving to ban TruPS which will force banks to raise their capital levels and there will be no lending. A major collapse across all markets will be absolutely abrupt and shocking. The banks again and no regulation. Do not beleive a word that any central bank states or spins. A major collapse is inevitable and imminent.

  15. Dollar starts to drop, euro to rise, gold to go up. Gold to $1600 by end of year, DOW hits 8000, and euro goes back to its all time high.
    Why? Because, dollar has no chance of being the main currency with its
    obligations, while euro will tighten its belt, and gold will start looking like a currency.

  16. dow below 9,000 in June. the european soveriegn debt problem will continue to keep dow in down trend, and who knows how low it will go when the rest of world accepts that u.s. debt load is worst than europes.

  17. Short gold on every rise
    Bet on high volatility
    big inflation in China
    Yen drops like a stone
    Israeli shekel falls before recovery late in June
    CAD +++
    And keep your powder dry.

  18. I recently read a resource news article about some bars sold as gold to a London bank turned out to be salted with tungsten which is the exact same mass as gold, indistinguishable without an assay (presumably x-ray). The perps were caught, but the story gets very scary from there. This is HUGELY chilling news for the GLD fund holders, and any other major gold account holders if there is another discovery of fraud like this surfaces in the major media. Check this out:


    If the GLD fund is reported to have salted bars, the whole gold bullion market will be extremely unstable until all the stuff is cleared out, whenever that may be.

  19. I agree with all will happen but think we are all a bit too often bullish in what my inexperienced mind sees as a bear market not just a correction. I could stand to be corrected!

  20. None of that will happen ,The xlf will take off because there is so much put open intrest.

  21. 2 will happen, but not in Juin. Euro will stop later to sink, before 1/1.

  22. A deflationary depression is baked into the cake. Cash - the USD - and short postions will be king but I'm not so sure about gold, maybe for a little longer. Shame, because it's the only real money by every definition of the word.

    The argument that QE will create hyperinflation is either a very long way off or will never happen. The bubble is deflating and will overwelm any further attempts to reinflate. Assuming public pressure allows it to happen, social mood has changed from optimism to pessimism. Japan has been QEing for 20 years and never succeeded. At the same time it had a world outside it's border on a debt fuelled boom to export to.

    The age of austerity is upon us, embrace it, run with it and profit from it, red trade triangles are coming to a portfolio near you.

    Good luck and good trading to all.

  23. 6 year deflation DOWN to ??....caused by piling massive debt on top of massive debt. You won't believe how low the DOW will go...bottoming in 2016.

  24. According to Prechter (whom I find more accurate than anyone), we are in the 3rd wave down to possibly 8500, followed by a continuous DEFLATION (caused by enormous, compounding world DEBT) with a market decline that won't end until 2016...at a MUCH lower level.

  25. I think all of them will occur, just the matter of time...Euro will be first down to 1 and then Dow down to 900 then Gold price will come to 14 or 5 by the end of 2010...I think the answer is just there...no need to VOTE!!! you have told us the answer...haven't you?

  26. none of them will happen (rash szenarios), DJ above 10`000, Eur 1.15 .. 1.20, Gold 1220 .. 1180 or shortterm even lower

  27. all 3 of them will happen dont matter the time ,this will happen i knew it since december...if you need some type for any currency please ask me ....

  28. dear Funmi

    pls share more astrological details.
    will the gold also fall sharply and suddenly.

  29. I don't know if these three events will happen in June, but I think all three forecasts will happen sometime before year end: Dow below 9000, Gold above $1,400 and the Euro at $1.00.

  30. The infailable entrails of a goat point towards major turmoil in commodity and equity markets . . so what carefully where you step.

  31. Gold and the DOW and S&P 500 seem to be at major resistance points. Any consensus on a breakout for gold or a breakdown of the major markets?


  33. Since the dive in the DOW for the most part the only thing that has given it any up days has been some reports from the government. Then it seems the majority of those reports are corrected a few days later. If it was not for the munipulation of the market I believe we would already be close to 9000.

  34. As a long time astrologer I must state, that the coming Fullmoon Eclipse of 26th June will be extremley close to Pluto planet ruling big financial cooperations(both 4 degrees of Capricorn )and in an adverse position to the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Aries.

    This foretells of sudden out of the blue events that are likely to make markets around the world fall sharply and suddenly.

    I'm watching with bated breath, lets see what happens.

    1. coz, the Feb will raise interests rate on the next FOMC meeting which is around 24 to 25 and then the report will be announced on 26, so...everybody got scared, market crash!!!

  35. none of the above. just a 'whiff' of selling intentions by CB's will stampede the speculaters out of the herd and slaughter the newly born calves.

  36. will happen in June if indeed at all. the Central Banks hold all the trump cards. Just a 'whiff' of CB selling will stampede speculators out of their positions and slaughter newly born calves!

    1. Gold went up because people something needed to go up. Now that its up, there is no reason for it to stay up. People will buy as it drops thinking they have found its bottom and then the bottom will really fall out.

    2. well...after getting stung on GLD options yesterday, Lee may be right about gold. With such weak tangibles, i.e. jobs, housing, food essentials....interest in speculative substances such as gold may not have the impact being touted.

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