We interview Mark Cook

In this interview with veteran trader, Mark Cook, he points out how your personality can help determine what type of trader you are, as well as how to deal with a losing trade. Also, and perhaps more importantly, he explains how winning trades can set you up for potential losses and how he avoids this trading pitfall.

We hope you'll take 5 minutes to listen to this interesting video, and leave your comments or share your experiences below.

11 thoughts on “We interview Mark Cook

  1. There is no open caption or subtitle for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to understand what Mark is about.

  2. I liked that old video where Mark is in overalls and is a bitter bastard. This interview with mark is way to light he does not come out and say that the vast majority of people can not trade for profit. I like that old interview from the trading wizards where one of the Richies says most people can not do this and I hope they get a good job doing something else. If you want to bust down personality profiles the vast majority of the human population can not and will not be able to trade profitably. I don't know why it's like that it just is.

  3. Essentially, I think he's talking about how prone you are to be guided by your emotions rather than your disciplined, proven strategy. If emotion drives your decisions, you're in some serious trouble. If you stick to a proven, disciplined strategy, you're more likely to experience consistent success... no matter how small. After all, a small win is better than any loss!

  4. A damn good video.

    Right from the way he handles the questions, to his confident demeanor, his whole 'personality' - or what can be judged of it here - shows how collected he is all the time. With well thought out worst case scenarios and the sort of experience he has, no wonder he is so successful as a trader.

    Double thumbs-up for the video.

    Thanks a lot, please keep more coming.


    1. Hi Jacques,

      Sorry about the delay, but we were able to get a transcript put together of this interview which I will email to you.

      If anyone else is interested in the transcript, please email [email protected] and I will be happy to send it.


      Susan Jackson
      Director of MarketClub Education
      INO.com and MarketClub

  5. Thanks Mark, Taking time off seems like a great idea when you have been successful, especially since you did well. I hope to get to that level. Right now I am still learning... thanks for the video..

  6. Very well said! I have been trading since August 2008 when my investment firm could not tell me what was behind my funds and could not give guidance. Although I was paying my money managers $6000 a year to manage my money with THEM not knowing what to do. Therefore I gathered my ducks in a corner-analized what I wanted to do and gain out of my knowledge-worked 6am to 11pm on and off-watched all markets-and made back my 130% that was lost by SB. Now it is another game. This one I am not sure of yet but I will succeed. I will gain control out of this (another) tail spin.
    One thing I will never do again-is give my investments to a firm-because they watch so many other accounts how in the heck will they put the time into mine like I do? I eat, sleep & drink my investments and it has made it worth while.
    I love this video.....a real comfort! Thank You Adam and Mark....:)

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